More of the K-cup Breasts of Bianca Bloom

Just a quickie for today, as we’re getting ready to head off for a weekend of partying & erotic photography (always a good combination…until the evening wears on and, due to the conspicuous consumption of potent potables, the photos start to get a bit fuzzy). Thus, I shall eschew my customary rambling nature and just get on with the big breasts at hand (oh, how I wish!).

Today’s huge tits are brought to you by the letter K and the number 38 or, more accurately, 38K Bianca Bloom from Divine Breasts. I’m pleased to see that Bianca’s become a regular on the site, having contributed a strikingly coherent series of 57 pictures and four video clips since the sundry melange of photos featured as her introduction at the beginning of this month.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing lots more of Ms. Bloom and her huge pendulous breasts as time rolls on – not only because K-cup tits are a bit of a rare treat but also because Bianca reminds me vaguely of Maria Moore (who, delightfully, also appears on the site). And so, as promised, another taste of 38K Bianca Bloom from her latest series at

Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from

Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from

Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from

Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from

Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from    Bianca Bloom 38K from



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16 Responses to “More of the K-cup Breasts of Bianca Bloom”

  1. rex Says:

    Spuiten! Spuiten! Spuiten!Spuiten Over haar, in haar, over haar, in haar! S P U I T E N !!!

  2. jf Says:


  3. BIGGS Says:

    This WOMAN is the best…u think she’d date a YOUNGER guy!? lol or is she even single??

  4. BoB Says:

    Thanks for the pics, Bianca is one of my favorite models. Her boobs do it for me every time.

  5. fenderman31 Says:

    Oh my God…she is just incredible!!!

  6. Mason Says:

    Partner you definitely know how to leave on a high note.

    Bianca is heavenly!!


  7. Frank Says:

    Ms Bloom’s huge pendulous breasts are just astonishing. I would love to see Bianca in more poses where she is bent over at the waist, with her magnificent K-cup boobs hanging down, swaying even… It is almost too much to contemplate!

  8. Joey Says:

    I would love to see Bianca and Maria Moore do a photoshoot together. That would be EPIC!!

  9. Craig Says:

    Simply fantastic – I’d pay anything to meet her!

  10. livingproof Says:

    It’s curious. Somehow, with Bianca Bloom, the whole is less than the sum of the parts.
    Wonderful, large, pendulous breasts on a well-proportioned body, nice face, hints of a pleasant, compliant personality, and yet she doesn’t really do it for me at all.
    Difficult to explain why – the chemistry just isn’t there I suppose.
    Sorry Bianca.
    Just goes to show, you can’t please ‘em all, I guess.

  11. walter Says:

    you are beatiful ,please milking your mamas,lactating.thank you

  12. Sean Says:

    Bianca is awesome. Really, really beautiful tits!!

  13. Suebustybi Says:

    She is incredible!!! I agree with Joey I’d love to (but would be jealous as all get out) to see her and Maria get those luscious boobs together!

  14. Carlos Says:

    Amazing tits!! huge K cup boobs with very nice areolas, I agree with Walter I’d love to see those monsters tits full of milk, with big nipples to suck it… mmmmm, nice so nice!

  15. Dick Says:

    Would love to suck those tits all night long.

  16. bustybridget Says:

    wonder if i could get paid to do shoots like this so i could pay for my k’s to go back to e’s. If im only 21 i have a long time to put up with these bitches

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