My Big Plump Wedding Video with Samantha38G

STOP THE PRESSES! – In breaking big boobs news of “udder” import for those concerned with matters of massive mammaries in matrimony, I am pleased to report that Score has just released the DVD of Samantha38G’s My Big Plump Wedding video now available at their eBoobStore. Sam’s marriage movie stars Sam herself (of course) and her incomparably beautiful busty bridesmaids Sapphire, Maria Moore, Cassie Blanca & Rose Valentina (wait, isn’t it tradition that the best man gets to titfuck the bridesmaid of his choice? I dare say the colossal cleavage choice between Maria Moore & Sapphire would make my poor head explode!) along with the very well-endowed super busty plumper Wonder Tracy as a special guest! Here’s a brief video trailer the kind folks at Score sent me for a most tantalising taste of the huge tits in attendance at the betrothal of sexy Samantha 38G courtesy of Score’s

My Big Plump Wedding Video with Samantha38G, Maria Moore, Sapphire, Cassie Blanca & Rose Valentina from


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14 Responses to “My Big Plump Wedding Video with Samantha38G”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    Congratulations, Sam. Based on the trailer alone, it, and you, look beautiful!

  2. Juggernaut Says:

    Oh, Baby…..I do!

  3. Bosshog Says:

    Yes samantha you are very sexy these days. But i have to say i’m a bigger fan of sapphire! SAPPHIRE IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEEEAASSE DONT GET A REDUCTION! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT. IT WOULD BE A NEAR CRIME! I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO NOT SEE YOU GET A REDUCTION. I WOULD CRY FOR A LONG TIME. And reese. If you look at one of rachel aldana’s close up pictures you’ll notice that her nipples are very large. No matter the areolas. The nipples are nice and perky an BIG! I love her to. But sapphire will never escape my heart. Much love to

  4. charles Says:

    This is sure to be a World Class, Major Legacy Blockbuster Classic of All Time!! Way to go Samantha!!! All the girls are deserving of endless love!

  5. x Says:

    Sam…you make a gorgeous bride. Can’t wait for the video of the honeymoon !!!!

  6. Hankloveshooters4ever Says:

    Sam! Sam! Gawd! You look Fantastic. You are my Fantasy bride , Baby. You would make a fine wifey. we wood be forever on our honeymoon, My Queen. We could move out to Utah and I’d marry both you Maria Moore. LOL.

  7. Samantha38g Says:

    Score Group did a top notch job on the line up and production…
    It was a fun week.
    A must have dvd for all big boob collectors.
    An honor for me to be apart of it.


  8. Johniker Says:

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a pun about “Here comes the bride.” :-P

  9. G Says:

    Sam and Cassie are hot!!!!

  10. dexter Says:

    I love your ass and your tits

  11. jose luis rojas Says:

    hola como estasn por aya bueno solo quiero decir q sus videos son buenos sigan asiendolo la verdad bueno con unas minas asi quien no queria aserlo jajjaja.. cuidense bay

  12. The Dude Says:

    Did you really get married or was it just a topic for the production?

  13. sonja Says:

    this video made me explode again and again

  14. sonjalikesitbig Says:

    I wish I could have joined that hot party

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