(No) Lady In Red

I’ll be 44, this year. It’s all beginning to go pear-shaped for me.

Crows-feet (wrinkles) and laughter-lines (wrinkles) are forming. As are jowls and a generally ropey-looking neck. Moving down, my tits are saggy, my belly is baggy and my legs are looking like they might erupt in varicose veins at any moment.

Damn it, I’ve even got a few liver-spots starting to appear.

Amber Lynn Bach is not really showing any signs of any of these ageing symptoms. She will be 42 later this year.

Forty fuckin’ two!

Like mine, Amber Lynn’s boobs have been augmented. Unlike mine, her tits must have been encased in the devils doing that is a bra, more often than not.
That’s why mine are floppy and saggy and Amber’s are still perched, like a girls’, a few ribs up than they normally are on women of our age.

Enough of my comparison to- and jealousy of- 32F Amber Lynn Bach, from Pennsylvania, US.

Here, Amber is showing us that although she is the Lady In Red, she is certainly no lady.
Amber Lynns trimmed but hairy, large labia-bound pussy gets stuffed by a very big, black dildo.

She pushes the whole phallus up her cunt then squeezes a black ball, that turns out to be a pump for the enlargement of the fuck-stick.

A school-boys’ dream, MILF Amber Lynn is as lithe-looking as a woman almost half her age.

I hate* her.
*Love. :)

Amber Lynn Bach at Scoreland.com

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3 Responses to “(No) Lady In Red”

  1. Funny Stuff Says:

    Don’t sweat it. I turned 44 this year too. I feel better than ever, even with a couple gray hairs. I talk to women all day in my line of work, and I see ones that are in their 50s that are super sexy. I mean really really attractive.

    Just keep taking care of yourself; keep exercising, eat right, get some sleep and don’t party or debauch yourself too heavily, and you will be great for years to come.

  2. ca united kingdom Says:

    ha ha don’t sweat guys I was 59 a few days ago,, its just a number…

  3. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Liver-spots? Ouch. I didn’t think anyone under 60 got those.

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