Reyna Reigns

Reyna Mae reigns at having conflicting boob measurements.

I have seen her listed as an F-cup, a G-cup and a JJ-cup.

As I know y’all like to check out cup sizes so have a look-see at Reyna and let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to “Reyna Reigns”

  1. don Says:

    i think that reyna mae could have almost no chest and i would be as enthusiastic as i am because 1.) she has has overt sexual presence
    2.) has ridiculous skills, with a specialty in oral
    3.) plus.. — extra credit nurturing.
    fOck. watch this full-grown woman in action.

  2. James Says:


  3. reyna mae Says:

    My breast size is 36JJ. That’s official straight from me ;)

  4. Vix Says:

    Thank you, gorgeous.

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