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Buggery bollox – nothing seems to be working here at the moment! :~( I’m not receiving any of your comments nor is my “reese” e-mail address working any more. Thus, I am doomed to a life of quiet isolation until all of these new server farm issues get sorted. The only shining light amidst the mayhem is that I’m still able to blog, and so I’m not forced to keep all of these big tits to myself (more’s the pity). I do so miss getting your feedback, though, so I’m keeping all of my appendages crossed in the hope that all this gets sorted out soon.

In the meanwhile, today’s post was inspired by a comment that the lovely Samantha38g had posted on her birthday blog (oh, how I miss receiving comments) within which she’d thanked us all for the kind birthday wishes before addressing one specific opinion from “b8ck5″ that she belonged on my BBW site rather than here. Sam rightfully replied that she belonged on both, citing her appearances on Big Naturals & Big Tits Round Asses within the big breast niche as well as Hot Sexy Plumpers & XL Girls in the BBW niche as evidence of her broad appeal in both categories, followed up by the fact that she’d been featured here on MyBoobSite long before MyBBWSite even existed!

And I couldn’t agree with her more. Samantha, indeed, definitely has what it takes to satisfy everyone (why, even “b8ck5″ admitted a fondness for her in his cheeky comment) and, in addition to fitting in perfectly with both the big boobs & BBW niches, she’s simply a beautiful woman all around! So apologies, Sam, for feeling you had to defend your place on MyBoobSite or even take the time to consider that decidedly injudicious remark! I assure you, as long as I remain in charge of the content on MyBoobSite, you’ll always have a secure and appreciative home here.

Speaking of porn niche crossovers, it seems that our Sam is now working her way through the MILF porn niche as well! In that same reply Sam had left on her birthday blog, she added, almost as a postscript, “If ya’ll want to see a funny trailer, check out My scene was a hoot.” So, having never so much as heard of the site before and instantly bemused by the name (you can but imagine the various recipes that were running through my head for a nice, hot cuppa MILF soup), I decided to check it out!

While the trailer to which Sam referred was exceptionally funny and the site itself proved to me a remarkable repository of hardcore MILF porn, what I found even more exceptional were her photos there. Honestly, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Sam look more stunning! In order to show you what I’m talking about, here are a few examples from her staggering series of 682 photos before things get down & dirty, courtesy of

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

…ah, but on with the naughty bits! Although we’ve already seen her trailer, I thought I’d pick out a few more choice video clips from the MILF-centric, mammary-laden movie which accompanies this huge photo series (because, frankly, I felt that we could all do with a little more blowjobs and tit-fucking – not to mention seeing more of the lovely Sam in hardcore action). So, once again, here’s sexy Samantha 38G in videos from

Samantha 38G hardcore MILF videos at    Samantha 38G hardcore MILF videos at

Samantha 38G hardcore MILF videos at    Samantha 38G hardcore MILF videos at



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12 Responses to “Samantha 38G at MilfSoup”

  1. Vadd Says:

    Love this girl to death! She has never looked better than she does in this series. Just a beautiful, SEXY woman with some of the best tits in the world. Samantha is one of the few (in my opinion) big breast models that is a step above the rest because not only is she hot with big tits, but is really, honestly SEXY as well. Not many truly sexy women in the world (again, in my opinion), lots of HOT women with amazing bodies, but Sam is damn sexy as hell.

    Thanks for the update on her!

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    Sam… I love you.

  3. Samantha38g Says:

    Thank God you are back and able to allow post. Even I was going through withdrawl,
    Thanks to everyone for the b-day wishes.
    Milf soup was a fun shoot. Never had so much dialog and improv acting to do before.
    Vadd and BigBoobfan I love ya’ll too.


  4. Jack Says:

    Samantha — I’m a big fan. You’re lovely, keep up the good work. ;)


  5. roxoff Says:

    Samantha you are a goddess. You’re just so… GOOD. You know exactly how to please a man and you enjoy doing it too. Plus, you’re smart and have a sense of humor. What I wouldn’t give to spend a while with you…

  6. Vadd Says:

    All the rip-off, degrading and fake cum talk aside: These women are HOT! Every one of them.

    I LOVE it when Samantha comes on and just lays things out. Puts it all on the line and spills truth. It’s just so hot. See? SEXY. I tell you guys, she is one of the few TRULY sexy women in the world.

  7. Vadd Says:

    Whoops! I posted my other comment in the wrong entry! Sorry! Still, it applies to just how hot Sam is :P

  8. buntl1 Says:

    Samantha, all I can say is WOWEE!!! Saw you starring in MILF soup and as usual you blew me away (in more ways than one). You really really enjoy sex and it comes through (cums) in your videos!! And your totally stacked bod is just luscious, I’m finiding it hard to express myself (one hand typing is difficult) but the hottest sexiest thing for me to see in MILF soup was your totally nudity!! Everything was off except for the shoes and I got to bask in the glory of your superb heavenly VOLUPTUOUS FULL BLOWN curvy female body!!!

    Fellows, you gotta see Samantha in MILF soup, she’s hotter than the sun and her cock-boob scene is worthy of an Oscar, Emmy, or what ever!! Sam you be the best – keep up the great sexy sensual work or is it all fun :)



  9. henk Says:

    Lovely, all of it.

  10. clocky Says:

    sam is awesome. She is my faversham bbw by far but is it me or does she look like she’s on something in these pix? what i’d give to cosy up with the butt & boob connection those :D

  11. jazzman Says:

    She honestly gets better and better every time I see her. She is incredible.

  12. Chakravarthy Says:

    you are gorgeous. your tits are so cute and make me drip my cum in te nights when ever i think of you. please reply to my email address.

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