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Many thanks to MyBoobSite reader Jonathan for inspiring this particular boob blog entry when he wrote…

Hey Reese,

You may be interested to know that the gorgeous Sapphire has three pic sets and two videos on the site Silicone Free. I could not see any trace of these on your blogs, so I thought I would write in case you were unaware for them. I hate for you to miss them!

Best wishes,

…as, indeed, I’d had no idea she was there! And so, motivated by Jonathan’s much-appreciated mention of her massive mammaries made manifest on yet another site to provide a fresh breast perspective on Sapphire’s pendulous pulchritude, I sauntered over to SiliconeFree to fetch a few photos…

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at

…to be perfectly honest, the reason I was unaware of Sapphire’s presence there was that the last time I’d blogged the site was way back in 2006 when I created an A-Z of SiliconeFree (my bad for being naughty and neglectful), having originally taken a perverse interest in them on the mammary merits of yet another busty redhead – 36HHH Zina. And, having been away from that bountiful banquet of big boobs for so long, I was surprised to see a lot of familiar tits (oh, and faces) had appeared there in my absence! Although I’m still working my way through the site to find more enduring favourites as well as new big tits talent (as it’s difficult finding the familiar ones since SF has that annoying habit of changing busty models’ names), I’ll give you the sparse (considering that there’s 139 exceptionally well-endowed women featured on the site) yet heavy handful of huge hooters honeys I’ve found so far. Thus, here are (note the monicker anomalies) Ginger aka Ana, Samantha38G as Sam, Simone Fox as SimoneFox, Wonder Monique as Moniq, Kerrie Marie as KerrieMarie and Kiki Kakuchi as Kiki all coming courtesy of

Ginger as Ana at    Ginger as Ana at    Ginger as Ana at

Samantha38G as Sam at    Samantha38G as Sam at    Samantha38G as Sam at

Simone Fox as SimoneFox at    Simone Fox as SimoneFox at    Simone Fox as SimoneFox at

Busty Monique as Moniq at    Busty Monique as Moniq at    Busty Monique as Moniq at

Kerrie Marie as KerrieMarie at    Kerrie Marie as KerrieMarie at    Kerrie Marie as KerrieMarie at

Kiki Kakuchi as Kiki at    Kiki Kakuchi as Kiki at    Kiki Kakuchi as Kiki at

…and, since we started this blog with sexy Sapphire, I thought it only prudent to revisit her massive breasts in today’s video supplement. And so, here’s lovely 38L Sapphire flopping her huge tits out of her big bra, oiling up for a pendulous breast massage, fingering her nipples and stroking her pussy in these Sapphire videos from

Sapphire videos at    Sapphire videos at

Sapphire videos at    Sapphire videos at


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10 Responses to “Sapphire at SiliconeFree + More”

  1. Tony Says:

    very nice sapphire

  2. Tony Says:

    just went back and watched the videos – I don’t know about you other fellows but besides Sapphire being turned off by the guy behind the camera and his *rolls eyes* comments, i can only politely say there needs to be no-more talking on his part to the women. Believe me fella, it ain’t helping.

  3. Charles Says:

    Ahhhh Monique. How sweet it is I haven’t seen her pics in a while I used to be a huge fan. She’s bigger than I remember! I’d like to see Monique and Anorie Collins get together for a little tete-a-tete.

  4. Joseph Says:

    Mm, Sapphire and Anorei in a threesome…

  5. Joseph Says:

    Or better yet, Ginger, Sapphire and Anorei…

  6. simon Says:

    Love the Sapphire pics sexy as hell as usual. Especially love the ones with her laying on her side and her tits hanging off the edge. There are some weird shadows on some of the pics. The one of Sam taken from the breast worship position looks like something is hanging out of her pussy. And the one of Ginger on her back has some odd shadows. maybe it domething to do with the fact that I am looking at these pics from my BB. Regardless, I love the pic of Ginger when she is on her back. Her tits look huge in that one. I always love Kerrie Marie to she is so fuh huh hucking sexy.

  7. Charles Says:

    Ginger, Sapphire, Anorei, and Monique, of course … all at my house! LOL.

  8. Dan_Sky Says:

    Oh man.. Ginger is there =) she is my new love XD hehe.. my impossible love! hehe.. well.. I dont have words.. THANK you reese for the pics! she is just perfect and beautiful… you should make a new post only with Ginger!
    Also Samantha is really hot.. like always! =) perfect and beautiful!

  9. jakemeister Says:

    Breast reduction for SAPPHIRE would be a SIN and crime against friggin nature.How could someone so magnificant choose to MUTILATE herself in such a way.She has countless men lusting over her all over the world,teasing and enticing us all with her”NATURAL” gifts. Unless she has cancer why in gods name would she choose to become some lameass stepford wife.I’m sorry if you read this SAPPHIRE ,but what your proposing to do is drive a stake thru the hearts of man.I only wish you would have quietly disappeared if this was your intention.Now looking at your videos and photos makes one feel used/foolish.THE THRILL IS GONE BABY,THE THRILL IS GONE FOR GOOD and now all I can do is just wish you well.

  10. jakemeister Says:

    SORRY,SORRY,SORRY,lemme just live my life in denial.BUT HONESTLY would you draw a mustache on the “MONA LISA”

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