Sapphire needs your help!!

Calling all webmasters, photographers, models, bloggers, promoters and big boob lovers in general: Lovely voluptuous redhead Sapphire is urgently in need of our assistance! She’s looking to start her own website with loads of new & improved content as well as a personal blog and other fun stuff. She’s also looking for other models with whom to exchange content and possibly work with her. In order to fund such an ambitious undertaking, our gorgeous ginger goddess is looking to model for other websites (hint, hint: I would love to see Saph on Big Tits Glamour, as I believe Jessica there could shoot her best content ever!). So please, guys & gals, spread the word to all of the big breast lovers you know, especially those in the adult industry, as I’d love nothing more than to see her get this project off the ground and wish her the greatest success! In order to assist you all in promoting her plight – not to mention her heavenly HH-cup endowments – here are some sample photos & videos of our stunning 36HH Sapphire’s prior appearances on other sites:

[Wait! Stop the presses!! I just got an e-mail from Sapphire saying that she’s a 38L now, making me want to see her new content all the more!!! :~D]

36HH Sapphire at Big Boob Gem

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at


36HH Sapphire at Divine Breasts

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at

Sapphire videos at    Sapphire videos at


36HH Sapphire at XL Girls

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at


36HH Sapphire at Big Tits Curvy Asses

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at



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23 Responses to “Sapphire needs your help!!”

  1. Jason Says:

    So Big Boob Gem isn’t her site? Also I read somewhere that she was thinking of going in for breast reduction at the end of the year.
    I am an amateur photographer from the US. I have shot sets for a couple of web girls in the past and am always trying to get better and will work for free. So if you feel like it, pass my e-mail along to her.

  2. kinkywebmistress Says:

    If she’s coming to the UK, then the KinkyVoluptuous lens is being polished as I type :-) She did drop us an email earlier in the year so if we do lure her in front of the Kinky Camera you’ll be the first to know xx

  3. josejones Says:

    She needs better male co stars I’ve seen her perform with a guy who worked for BangBros “Jared I think he’s called” wot an absolute waste it was a complete turn off she deserves better .

  4. Keith Says:

    I subscribed to bigboobgem earlier this year, the content was good but too infrequently updated, I’ve looked at it a few times since then but it seemed nothing much was happening there. As above I thought it was her site.

  5. ddr5000 Says:

    This post is interesting. bigboobgem is operated by whomever owns and is no longer updated. I’m pretty sure that site and Sapphire have gone seperate paths a long time ago. There’s no question that plenty of webmasters want to work with her the problem is connecting them. I know wild bill of uddervalleyranch wants to work with her yesterday but how can he contact her? Someone please let him know. His email is right on his site. I’d love to see her on that site. I’d also love to see someone build her own personal site as well.

  6. d Says:

    wow she has huge boobs! i always liked her, ever since she started out wit score
    good luck to you babe

  7. BigRed Says:

    Delicious… I would learn web site development just for her site!
    I can’t wait see more!

  8. Sash Says:

    Wow, an L-cup. Now I kind of understand why she is getting the reduction, though I still wish she wouldn’t. She remains one of my favorites, even back when she was a stick of a girl.

  9. Charles Says:

    I’ve been in love with Sapphire since her first V-mag layout. She is now two-time V-mag Plumper of the Year winner. Red hair and Voluptuous greatness. What’s not to love about this Cali Cutie? Anything she does I support 100%!!

  10. Davastav Says:

    I’ve been an admirer ever since I noticed Sapphire at Divine Breasts…..then she started her own website called BigBoobgem which was fab in the beginning but then appeared to suddenly stop with updates so I never really understood what happened over there….she is one of my favorites…I almost feel this post is plea for new members so Sapphire can raise the funds for a reduction…I really dont know what to make of this post….

  11. Mark Says:

    Reese, can you find out whether she’s still getting a breast reduction? If that’s the case, why would she try to start a website? She made it pretty clear in some forums recently that she had decided definitively to have a reduction at the end of 2008.

  12. swayers Says:

    Holy Cow is she amazing! I am all for her starting her own (new) site. Whoever did the administration for bigboobgem wouldn’t let me subscribe. They blacklisted me for bitching that they billed me incorrectly. I wish she would start a new site, with a new administrator. Her work with Divine Breasts, Juggmaster, and Score is just incredible! MORE! MORE!

  13. RBV Says:

    I just want to see her get it on with more girls and guys… I love seeing people interact with her huge tits!

  14. FrankNZ Says:

    Lovely though she is, I also thought that Sapphire was considering a breast reduction for health reasons. Is this an indication that she has decided not to go ahead with it?

  15. Andrew Says:

    Don’t count on Reese to tell the truth about this. I’m sure she is getting a reduction, but we’re supposed to be conned into paying more anyway.

  16. dreyfuzz Says:

    Indeed this sounds a bit confusing. If Sapphire is getting a reduction, then I don’t really see the point in starting a brand-new website? But I’m sure we’ll get to know what is going to happen.

  17. Mark Says:

    Sapphire was entirely explicit that she is tired of the back/neck pain and firmly decided to have her breasts reduced at the end of 2008. They may well have already been ruined (sorry, but it’s true). I suspect this “plea for help” is something along the lines of trying to get a bunch of modeling sessions done all at once right before the reduction. She’s probably just trying to get the last $$$ she can out of those gigantic breasts. I’d love for her to keep them and show them off for years to come, but that’s not what she said she plans to do.

  18. Mad Dog Says:

    Interesting. Didn’t she put out a statement at some point (not too long ago) saying that she would be reducing the size of her breasts soon? In 2009 if I am not mistaken? In fact, I think I may have read that here on this very site.

    Maybe that’s still the plan, but she intends on continuing her porn career?

  19. Sapphire Says:

    yes I plan to get a reduction but not for quite some time (end of 2009). Due to reason out of my control it had to be put off. I am very excited about starting a new website that will feature me for the remainder of the time I still have extremely large breasts. It will also include lots of other models I have plans to work with in the near future. Eventually it will possibly have me after my breast reduction. If not it will certainly be updated with other beautiful curvy women.

    As for $$$….. of course I do it for the money, lol. Isn’t that why everyone works???? My particular career is not one that can be sustained forever so ya I need to make the money before I can’t. At the same time though I do enjoy it. It is a lot of fun and I will miss it when I am the one behind the camera instead of in front of it.

    I appreciate everones support and understanding and look forward to the future. My new site will be for my fans, with blogs and other surprises. I welcome any of your thoughts or suggestions for the site.


  20. Jason Says:

    Would you concider working with an amateur photographer?
    Is there an e-mail addy I can get in touch with you?

  21. ddr5000 Says:

    I hope all this is really true because Sapphire is my absolute favorite! I really hope she has some new stuff coming up soon.

  22. Seven Bates Says:


    I’ve been a fan since I saw (for me) the first set of you in that green shirt, sitting at the desk. Loved it. I’m a professional who shoots adult content in California. Feel free to contact me directly. My information is on my site.

    I’m also a web designer and media coordinator, so I can help you avoid some of the pratfalls associated with getting your site up and functional.

    – 7

  23. fellini3 Says:

    Dear Saph: Have you done interracial HC or are you planning to? I’d love nothing more than to see you getting pounded from behind while having big strong black hands roughly kneading your beautiful, huge lilly white breasts! You’re definitely my dream girl!

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