Terri Jane Full-Frontal Not Quite Nudity

Just a big tit quickie since I’ve already done one boob blog today, but it’s time to pay another voluptuous visit to 34JJ Terri Jane because I’ve just received an e-mail that she got her gorgeous JJ-cup juggs out in a full frontal gallery at the Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com site!…

Busty Terri Jane 34JJ not quite nude full frontal photo from Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com

…and, while it’s not really busty 34JJ Terri Jane naked in full frontal nudity as we know it, I feel this photo is a promising portent of more pussy tease to come. We’ll get to the full frontal gallery in just a mammary minute, but first I wanted to show you this somewhat vexing gallery of beautiful big tits Terri Jane & Robyn Alexandra together (the latter of whom I’ve boob blogged before as well). I mean, what’s supposed to be going on here? We’ve got two sexy girls with big boobs and a tin of squirty cream to hand, but they both keep their clothes on without a topless shot in the lot! Now, I’m all for seeing busty girls with big tits in tight clothing, but they’re supposed to get ‘em out, right? Meh, maybe they do bare their boobs later on in the series rather than just eating strawberries and threatening to squirt cream in cleavage, I don’t know (but if anyone does, I’d be curious to find out). Anyway, here are clothed big boobs bosom buddies Terri Jane & Robyn Alexandra at Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com

Terri Jane & Robyn Alexandra together as big bosom buddies at Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com

…right, then. Back to busty Terri Jane in her full frontal photos. While she’s not showing us her pleasingly plump pussy just yet, we do get to snatch a sneaky peek at part of her voluptuous vulva shaved in that last photo below. Again, I’ll just take this as a pussy promise from big tits tease Terri her topless modelling career is turning toward more revealing visual erotica and, besides, at least she gets those beautiful JJ-cup breasts out in this one! And so, once again, here’s the lovely 34JJ busty Terri Jane at Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com:

Terri Jane full frontal photos from Brooke-Lee-Playmates.com



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13 Responses to “Terri Jane Full-Frontal Not Quite Nudity”

  1. Nick Says:

    100% real and spectacular, but the trade-off is a rather thick waist and chubbiness. Hopefylly she will hit the gym to try to achieve a more “hourglass” figure.

  2. Nick Says:

    Huge, firm tits like hers are always great, but not enough. See Ashley Ellison, Terri does not want to end up like that remarkably un-exciting tub of lard!

  3. Sashmiel Says:

    Nick, that is way to Harsh. She looks great to me regardless of your opinion.

  4. John Says:

    Word of warning, Brooke Lee Playmates webmaster is threatening affiliates and having terri use false claims so people won’t promote bustyterri.com , pretty low for this girl but shes still hot.

  5. Steve Says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  6. Nick Says:

    Nick, that is way to Harsh. She looks great to me regardless of your opinion.

    You mean “too” harsh. No, it’s not. It’s called “Emphasis”. Hopefully she reads this and decides to IMPROVE herself and her body!

  7. Andy Says:

    Nick you’re an idiot full of your own self importance! Picking on minor grammatical errors or typos and labelling everyone who doesn’t live up to your ridiculous ideals

    The thick waist and slight chubbiness is what makes Terri Jane so appealing; a nice healthy looking woman who doesn’t look like every other glamour model or porn star.

    As for Ashley being a tub of lard that is just ridiculous.

    I hope these girls don’t read your comments. You are rude and disrespectful. The girls are perfect just the way they are.

  8. razorjules Says:

    Terri Jane is probablly my favorite newcomer.
    Total package: huge tits, really cute face, voluptuous all over…
    If she ever does hardcore, i’ll lose my mind!

  9. chubby lover Says:

    Nick Says:
    November 12th, 2010 at 7:29 am
    100% real and spectacular, but the trade-off is a rather thick waist and chubbiness. Hopefylly she will hit the gym to try to achieve a more “hourglass” figure.

    dudes… this is a “boob” site. if you want stick thin girls with a perfect “hourglass” figure, go elsewhere. Terri is WAY too hot for you… I’m sure you don’t work out ALL the time either. She is a gorgeous young pretty girl. Grow up and get a life…. we appreciate REAl women here…

  10. chubby lover Says:

    ….and…. there is NOTHING wrong with her body. she is truly gorgeous. that’s all i have for now… don’t view a big boob site and talk about fitness. you are ridiculous. big boobs don’t come from bench presses… no matter how much you do. you are in the wrong arena here guy. we like big BOOBS. take your comments elsewhere. Terri is gorgeous. end of story.

  11. BrookeLawsonFan Says:

    Terri is really hot!
    Big natural tits and a great body
    I love chubby girls and she is one of the best!

  12. gerson Says:

    favor enviarme las mejores fotos de esta belleza terry jane

  13. gerson Says:

    enviarme fotos de terry jane

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