The definition of Faith…

I realise that this is going to seem somewhat tame after seeing 34G Kiki giving a combination titfuck / blowjob, 38HH Leah-Jayne doing hardcore or even 34HH Eden Mor being man-handled by *gasp* a man; but, apart from the occasional lesbian liaison with her lesser-endowed 34E friend Ashley, our 32G blonde teen goddess Faith Nelson remains relatively pure and chaste by comparison (granted, she did suck chocolate cock in one vid, but that doesn’t really count now, does it?).

Nevertheless, I just received an announcement from her InBedWithFaith site that all of Faith’s new video galleries are being offered in glorious 640×360 HD resolution (which certainly beats the quarter-sized 320×240 preview clips you get from most sites)! Thus, I thought I’d post a selection of her latest high-definition efforts:

Faith Nelson 32G - Baby Oil Video -    Faith Nelson 32G - Baby Oil Video -

Faith Nelson 32G - Washing Up Video -    Faith Nelson 32G - Washing Up Video -

Faith Nelson 32G - Faith & Ashley Video -    Faith Nelson 32G - Faith & Ashley Video -

Faith Nelson 32G - Melon Madness Video -    Faith Nelson 32G - Melon Madness Video -

Faith Nelson 32G - Wet n Nude Video -    Faith Nelson 32G - Wet n Nude Video -



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7 Responses to “The definition of Faith…”

  1. Harald Says:

    To the author of this webside.
    Thank You very much for incredible pictures, clips, text etc to all those beautiful tits.
    But I would like You to put up a “blog” for my all time favourite Jenny Hill.
    I also noticed that There is not much black woman on this site. As we all know these girls have some heavy hooters, Chaka, Sammie, Sierra and Jenny Hill etc. As mentioned before Jenny Hill is in a supersexy girl with everything where it should be. Beautiful ass, sexy legs, soft belly, sexy face with a cute smile and those GORGEOUS HEAVY HANGER TITS.

    So.. would it be possible to put up a JENNY HILL blog?
    Again, thank You for this GREAT www. page….. a MUST for titlovers

  2. gown666 Says:

    I could kiss you! The more Faith the better, I just can’t get enough of her!

  3. Very Free Says:

    No comments — probably because people were getting 404 not found errors Saturday. At least that’s what I was getting. That, and some database errors at the top of the page.

  4. amtrak Says:

    Help! can’t get movies to play! It just goes to a white screen that is labled “done”. Do I need a specific player, or is it a firewall problem? Thank you!

  5. Vadd Says:

    Faith is beautiful, sexy, dirty (not dirty enough for me though!) and has an amazing body in ADDITION to her perfect huge jugs. THAT is a woman! Mmmmm I will sleep well tonight! Thanks!

  6. Nautious Says:

    The only word that comes to mind for this site is nasty. Those are some of the most discusting titties I have ever seen in my entire life. Oversized, fat, sweaty, droopy bags of filth. I don’t think i’ll be able to eat for a weak. I like breasts as much as the next guy but for the love of god set some standards. I’m going to have nightmares about stretch marks.

  7. Mike Says:

    First off Nautious you’re gay. You’re also an asshole, I’m sure that you forced yourself to look at every picture and video , then did a web search for more just to convince yourself…… There are standards and she is gold. Oh and after a week I hope you are weak. The breasts are beautiful if you want disgusting just look at the man tits on your never lover as you are riding the hershey highway.

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