A Christmas card from Jana Defi !!

While I was intending to take a few days off in order to spend a nice, quiet Christmas with Vix (ok, perhaps not that quiet, as there’ll no doubt be a copious cacophony of drunken caroling down at the pub tonight), but I’ve since decided to bound back to work for a moment and make one more festive post for the season. This sudden change of heart was inspired by the following holiday greeting from Jana Defi that I’d found gracing my boob-mail in-box this morning… :~D

A Christmas card from Jana Defi

…I just thought it was rather sweet, especially considering that I hadn’t blogged Jana in over two months, and even then it was but a bit part amidst several other models in my “Classy Cleavage” post. Then, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t checked to see if our G-cup glamour queen had done a Christmas shoot this season! :~o

I immediately winged my way over to PinUpGlam – the site upon which the 32G Ms. Defi has been most prolific as of late – and was relieved to find that her Santa-themed Christmas series had just been posted there yesterday (thus making me feel a bit less bad about not having searched for her earlier, but it’s still a good thing I got the gentle reminder)!

So moved was I to see another bigs boobs model showing some Christmas spirit this year – even moreso that it was a superstar like Jana Defi – what meagre creative juices I have left after indulging in holiday festivities began to flow and I penned a little Christmas carol in her honour (set to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree”, if you care to sing along)… ;~)

Ja-na Defi, Ja-na Defi,
Your breasts have me inspired.
Of squeezing / fondling / suckling them
I never could grow tired.

Though some had thought your tits were fake,
Your doctor showed them their mistake.
Ja-na Defi, Ja-na Defi,
No further proof required.

…wishing you all a most Merry Christmas from MyBoobSite and, as a final installment of big festive holiday boobs for this season, here’s 32G Jana Defi all decked out in her Santa gear courtesy of PinUpGlam.com:

Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com    Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com

Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com    Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com    Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com

Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com    Jana Defi 32G from PinUpGlam.com

(note: photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)



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