Alicia 36JJ & Pam Parker – Sisters?!

I was just perusing DivineBreasts again, as I often do, and was suddenly struck by the remarkable similarities between Alicia 36JJ & Pam Parker – so much so that they could be sisters! They’re both semi-voluptuous in build, share a similar facial structure, have the same dark eyes and complexion, and the list goes on. Of course, they’re both endowed with amazingly big tits, too! Now, I’m not suggesting that they actually are related; I just find it odd that two models would crop up within months of each other, on the same site, and have so many physical characteristics in common.

Granted, Alicia seems the more innocent of the two pseudo-siblings, although she does border on erotic when she sucks her own milk from those JJ-cup breasts. Apart from that, she just comes across as just your average home-grown girl-next-door type (albeit one grown to profound proportions in the boobs department), someone you could just sit down with over a cup of tea and have a nice conversation (if you could keep from staring at her chest, that is). If it weren’t for the fact that she was lactating, I’d venture a guess that she’d never encountered a penis in her life!

For the sake of comparison, here are a few photos of our heavenly picture of innocence; lovely Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

…now Pam Parker, on the other hand, strikes me as someone who just exudes raw sensuality. Confident and assertive, you could almost imagine her out on the prowl, in search of cock, to satisfy her sexual cravings. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, though. In fact, I love a woman who keeps on top of things when it comes to sex. ;~) If Pam & Alicia indeed were sisters, I’d expect Pam to be the slightly older, more worldly of the two; the one I’d want to date whilst the other remained but a distant fantasy (most likely in some manner of sordid, incestuous threesome arrangement, truth be told).

I realise it’s highly unlikely, despite their near-simultaneous arrival on the big boobs porn scene, that these stunning girls share any sort of close genetic link. However, I just can’t escape the marked similarity (especially in the second vidcap below). So take a look at these video clips of the moderately Alicia-like Pam Parker from and see if you feel the same:

Pam Parker Videos from    Pam Parker Videos from

Pam Parker Videos from    Pam Parker Videos from



15 thoughts on “Alicia 36JJ & Pam Parker – Sisters?!”

  1. I do agree with you reese that these 2 show some similarities, but I wouldn’t say that they could be sisters though.

    They’re both very nice though :D

  2. Reese, it seems that you still haven’t recovered from jet lag. Besides, I believe Pam parker and Alicia are at least a thousand miles apart.

    But then, we all can have our fantasies..

  3. Similarities: Caucasian, dark hair, huge chest, similar chin and jaw, similar body/weight/proportional thing going on

    Differences: lips, nose, eyes, distance between eyes, brow

    Dude, you are REALLY trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. But that’s why I blog here. There’s some new observation everytime I tune in. Like the one about the ultimate titfuck: Chessie Moore. LOL. So true and I think you are the first one to suggest an award for such a thing. Now If they can get an all natural like Pam Parker to ‘one up’ Chessie in that area. :D

  4. By the way, if you are looking for Alicia’s doppelganger, look no further than or I’ve said it before I think: Alicia and breast goddess Isis look a LOT alike. I like Isis very much and I’ve even had the good luck to meet her. Extremely sweet. I am not able to post photos, but if you could put a photo of Isis along side one of Alicia I’m sure you will agree.

  5. Actually I just came up with a more likely revelation about another DB model: Ann. Her new pic set is up and it’s definitely better than the first. But something struck me as odd I couldn’t place until it clicked. Her hair doesn’t look quite right. Then I noticed in pic after pic that it’s darker underneath in a specific way. This made me realise her eyebrows aren’t really quite blonde. They look like they’ve been powdered or something to look lighter.

    In short, Ann is most likely a natural Brunette. Her blonde hair is a wig. No big deal really. Maybe she wants to retain anonymity. It doesn’t matter, her tits are spectacular and she’s a cutie.

    I’m reminded of Christy Pillows, who used to model for THA under the name Suzanne. Her earliest pics are as a brunette under the name Susan at SiliconeFree. Totally hot in a natural way, flaws and all, she found the need to don a far worse blonde wig which clashed with her dark eyebrows and different skin tones.

    Just a minor revelation that in no way diminishes her unique hotness. Although I bet her natural look (without the china doll makeup and wig) is even more stunning. Wish I could see that, but I doubt we ever will.

  6. It’s curious that you find another Divinebreasts’ model similar to the wonderful Alicia. I say this because I myself have thought the same, but the curious fact is that I was not thinking about Pam Parker. Instead, I was thinking about Jessica! In a few of her photos, the similarities with Alicia are considerable!

    Anyway, Alicia is still absolutely unique! :D

  7. If you want to compare Alicia with another big boobed model, then compare her to Alessandra Derya ( They are similar enough to be sisters in many features, especially those gigantic JJ cup boobs. That’d be my ultimate fantasy, having both of those big boobed girls at the same time: one pair to suck, and one pair to tittyfuck!

    At first I believed that Alicia and a German(?) model named Antje were the same person, if not sisters. I based my observation on a single pic of Antje. So I started looking around for more pics of Antje, and after seeing a few more pics, I changed my mind; they’re not that much alike. But Antje reminds me of what Alicia may have looked like pre-preggo – big boobs and mousy blonde hair. I’ll have to send Reese a comparison pic to see if he agrees. But I really would like to see more of Antje.

  8. they could be sisters but alicia is the best . alicia has by far the best tits ,better looking , better smile ,and best ass .alicia is a one off stuning sexy babe, no one on earth has what she has.alicia is the top busty girl ever. sorry pam ,if you were sisters you would be just a ugly sister up to the stuning alicia

  9. I haven’t noticed anyone marveling (as I have) at the similarities between Alicia and Bianca Bloom! Although Bianca’s olive complexion and very dark eyebrows, lashes, and hair are distinctive, her body size and proportions are amazingly similar to Ms.Loren’s! And big up front! Her heavy globes take a back seat to no one, size-wise. Curiously these two models AND Pam have one strange thing in
    common: The relative bust-sizes of all three are not as dramatically oversize as one might expect. (oversize? I lost my head momentarily. Sorry!)

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