Anorei Collins aka Lexxxi Luxe at Divine Breasts

Pah, pish & P-cup titty biscuits! I was going to go through a whole “Guess who’s arrived at Divine Breasts?” sort of thing but, having already blogged big tits today, I simply don’t have the time for more boobs at the massive mammary moment. So, suffice it to say to all you formerly Anorei Collins fans of gigantic breasts / enormous norks out there, I just received news that our ever lovely 38P Lexxxi Luxe now appears at

Anorei Collins aka 38P Lexxxi Luxe at


10 thoughts on “Anorei Collins aka Lexxxi Luxe at Divine Breasts”

  1. Please enough of this girl. Stick her updates on the plump blog. She does NOTHING for me. Very trailer. Hope your Halloween was good Reese

  2. wasnt even aware of the bbw page! have to check that out lol hey what does she want us to call her i prefer anorei cuz its natural and unique as opposed to the porn esque handle

  3. Huh? Wha!

    Not only does she have super huge titties, she also seems like someone who wouldn’t bore the shit out of me.

    She is smart and sexy.

  4. I miss the vid where she takes them out and puts them back in her bra!
    It’s not on the web as I can see anywhere,yet.
    Not in your archive,either.
    Not on her site.
    Great boobs,not to be missed.
    Your site is a great entertainment site that SO many will never see.
    Your dedicaction to boobs will never be topped in your life time,Reese.
    Rock on,Dude. I salute you,Sir.
    I’m very entertained by the way you speak in words.You have some excellent verbal skills.
    I’m a Yank and eye appreciate the flavor you give to the site with your way of saying and describing your free videos to all of us,everywhere.

    Hey! We know who you are and we(all) thank you. What a country!
    We love what you have done and what your entertainment value is,here.
    You work a lot on this site because you ARE this site.
    You and Vix are the reason so many people come back so often.(is there a limit to the text,here?)
    I don’t see your site for 5 days and there are NEW boobs!
    You(Reese)cannot possibly do all of the research for the new girls and sites that grace your site,can you? You must have a team of 3 to dig out the best pix and vids that are available,worldwide.

    The sites you have chosen must have been carefully selected because I have never been infected.The one exception was Score Land.
    Eye got SLAMMED with cookies,there.

    It’s such a great site,I go there anyway:great HD photos an vids!
    Comment? Hell, this is testimonial!
    Eye have donated to “Tits out” to show my appreciation to you 2.
    Eye love you both. Dave in Seattle.

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