Big Boob Fans Shoot at Flying Rabbits

Just another favour for a friend today (despite the curious title which evokes some disturbingly dream-like visual imagery much in the manner of Eats, Shoots & Leaves), as I received an e-mail and some lovely photos from my mate Martin Solo at FlyingRabbits asking if I’d help him to organise and promote a big boob fan shoot he’s planning for Vegas later this Spring. Rather than attempting to run through all of the laborious details myself, I’ve decided to let Martin tell the story in his own words…

Hello to all big boob fans out there!

I’m Martin Solo, producer at the big boob production company Flying Rabbits Video in the UK.
At this moment, I’m busy organizing a big boob fanshoot for about 4 days in Las Vegas this Spring.
We already have a number of world famous big boob models who are willing to come to our shoot:
Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Emily Cartwright, Mellie D., Michelle Monaghan and Lisa Anne from the UK, Miss Deja, Busty Miss Panther and Lisa Sparxxx from the US.
I’m also trying to get hold of several big boob models from Japan.
One of them is Fuko, aka Love.
I’m aiming to get 20 models and 200 fans for the shoot.
I’m also looking for some companies who are willing to host and sponsor this event so I can keep the costs for the fans as low as possible.
So, if you would like to come to our fanshoot, have any questions, suggestions about good shooting locations in and around Las Vegas or know any potential sponsors, please contact me at:
Or leave your comments on this website!
The crew and models are all counting on you to come to Las Vegas and make this unique event a big success!
We are all looking forward to meeting you there!



…so, please, let’s try to help Martin out if we can because, if we don’t, I sincerely expect he’ll send fruit-packing F-cup mammary menace Michelle Monaghan around to hold us up at banana-point until this gets sorted. ;~)

Lorna Morgan at    Lorna Morgan at    Lorna Morgan at

Lorna Morgan & Kerry Marie at    Lorna Morgan & Kerry Marie at    Lorna Morgan & Kerry Marie at

Kerry Marie at    Kerry Marie at    Kerry Marie at

Lisa Anne at    Lisa Anne at    Lisa Anne at

Michelle Monaghan at    Michelle Monaghan at    Michelle Monaghan at


15 thoughts on “Big Boob Fans Shoot at Flying Rabbits”

  1. HA! Michelle Monaghan can hold me up at banana-point anytime she likes! :) Wish I was near Vegas or heading there around that time, I’d be in like Flynn. Sigh. Meeting Lorna Morgan in person would be amazing. Good luck with the shoot – looking forward to seeing pics of the ladies… and big boob fans!

  2. Lorna Morgan is perfect- simple! They are just the most perfectly formed breasts. And just for style points she is beautiful- with or without makeup.

    Michelle Monaghan is someone who I haven’t seen much of but, I think that she is definitely slim, stacked and doing it for the faithful!

    Reese you don’t post Lorna enough- we need Lorna!


    P.s. I’d love to go out there on holiday with the talent but I’m not sure what I’d say to the Mrs. I could ask her to go with us but she might not join in with the spirit of the event. Shame really as she’s packing 34HH at the moment, she’d fit in real nice! Not sure if I could share her with the you guys though.

    Skee ya

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