Big Boobs Live!

Sure, it’s fine looking at photos of big breasted babes. Videos are even better. But wouldn’t it be best if you could interact with the models live, 1-on-1 (barring the ability to reach out and touch them, of course!)? Well, webcam sites like iFriends have literally hundreds of buxom beauties on tap, day and night, ready to give you their ample attentions! From just spending quality time with a well-endowed woman to directing your own personal, interactive porn video, it’s all possible via live videochat.

20-year-old Canadian criminology student Taylor Stevens is a good example of what you’ll find: The 46-32-34 G-cup blonde spends her days in school, and her nights on webcam. Taylor works and studies hard during the day, but uses her “cam nights” to totally let loose! She loves role playing and dress up, and gets really turned on knowing that she’s being watched. Here are some shots of Taylor from her live webcam:




The wife has really got into webcamming lately as well, big stylee! I actually walked in on one of Vix’ sessions the other day and she was having a full-on wank with one of her videochat mates. She was reared up on the bed with her fingers plunged deep inside of her, the other hand caressing her breasts. You could hear how wet she was as she finger-fucked herself into a frenzy (leaving a huge puddle on my side of the bed, I might add!), and the room was just reeking of sex! Rather than leave the room, I picked up the nearby video camera and captured the last remaining minutes of the mutual masturbation session she was sharing with her new-found fuck friend:



If you’d like to see even more, click here to visit Vix’ iFriends webcam site (it’s free to join)! If she’s not on-line at the moment, you can still view all of the archived photos and videos on her fan site.



18 thoughts on “Big Boobs Live!”

  1. Hey Taylor!!!
    I just can’t say this but you have some good tits there and i just want to touch them and you look so beutiful and I’am a single guy i have no girfriend at all. So if you want to talk or you can e-mail me at: okay take care Taylor

    LOVE U A TON!!!!!

  2. I want to date a porn star/stripper/prostitute/exotic dancer BBW…so she’d be amazing, *if* somehow I could win her over. Of course I’m just a rather normal mtf tg lesbian. Ah well, still would love to meet her. get to know her.

  3. WOW… my nickname is kadu and I’m from Brazil…here we aren’t used to see tits like your…. so big. By the way you have nice tits… I really would like to touch them.
    You are so beatiful.
    Kisses baby!

  4. hello i am really carazy about boobs i want every time betveen the boobs can u true my wish plz plz thanks

  5. All time record!!! I have never been tia wet in my life. Being bisexual and all I didn’t think it would a female to do this to me, if I only had one night with this beauty. Well I couldn’t help but notice that I have the urge to masturbate eight now so

    Now I really need to find my vibrator ;D well back to what I was saying, I never thought breads could get that big .
    I <3 ( . Y . )

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