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So, I receive this e-mail yesterday from the good folks at announcing a new model they’ve snagged for their site, to bare her breasts alongside the likes of Jana Defi & Maggie Green, with the following photo attached. The first thing that intrigued me about Brandy Robbins was her bra size: While there are plenty of G-cup gals featured on MyBoobSite, she’s the first 30G I’ve come across.

“She must be so tiny,” I reasoned, only to learn that she’s a strapping 5’8″ tall (most of the additional height being in her neck, no doubt – and look at the length of those arms!). Thus, she’s obviously just one of those long skinny chicks… :~P …but, since she’s got big boobs and is a blonde, I find myself able to somewhat overlook her seriously underweight condition and figured I should share her with you:

Brandy Robbins 30G of


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    1. Do you even understand how breast size works? A 30G is a sister size to a 34E and a 36D. Maybe learn about the relation between band size and cup size before making stupid comments. You sound like the 15 year old boy who thought this girls D cup was an A cup until he got corrected by a senior. Man peoole are stupid.

  1. Real or not, she’s more of a hottie than those ugly chix reese like like faith or “princessa” or those others.

  2. A girl of her slight frame would only need a 38-inch bustline to be a genuine G-cup, so I tend to believe them on the 30G bra size. It’s all a matter of relative perception. I’ve known some big looking C-cups and tiny looking E-cups, so the cup size doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s just a differential measure, really, and can appear dramatically different on different women.

    As to whether they’re real or not, I have no idea at this point. I suppose time will tell… ;~)

  3. Reese has a good point. Since the cup size is a differential measurement, that means a G cup on a smaller band size is smaller than a G cup on a larger band size. So a 40 G cup holds more breast tissue than a 30 G cup.

    Also, smaller breasts tend to be less pendulous, so that they stick out more, are more globular, and their measurement still indicates a G cup. When we get into the RBT territory, with the likes of Monique’s P cups, the breasts are a much larger size, but their weight increases as the cube of the size, so they tend to be pendulous. And when these whoppers are measured, the measurement has to be done with the boobs in a bra, so that the measurements reflect their true size. If they are allowed to droop, the measurement isn’t of a spherical breast, but of a longer, flattened breast. So put ’em in a jugg lugger, and then take the measurements.

    Brandy vaguely reminde me of the Czech blonde, Monika Teruova. Monika’s an E cup but Brandy’s boobs are bigger, so I’d guess that she might really be a G cup. As to whether or not they’re augmented, we have to see them in motion to really see how they look and move. If they aren’t soft and supple, then they’re probably implants.

    As for tall blondes, yeah, don’tcha just love ’em? Tall ones and big ones, too! With Big Tits! Like the Blonde on named Montana. She’s one huge woman! 6ft 1 in (185cm) tall, and over 460 lbs (210kg). No wonder they call her Montana! (mountain in Spanish). Another huge blonde is Nicki of She’s close to 6ft, and she shows her before and after pics: 160 lbs and 401 lbs! She’s one big mama! And gettin’ bigger every day!

    I found a survey of “Favorite Busty Porn Star or Model with NATURAL Boobs” at so you can see how popular some models are. Since it’s a few years old, some of the younger models might not be in there. But I saw Kerry Marie and some others (I think Trinity Loren died a few years ago). I saw Samantha A and Bea Flora in there. So you can get some idea of who people think are the most popular adult entertainers.

  4. They look suspect to me as well. That said, I think she’s hot as hell. I love slim chicks with big tits as you know.

  5. Good points by VF in that the more protruding the breast, the more they will stretch out the measuring tape to push up the cup size without having the mass of rounder breasts. We’ve all seen those high cup point boobs and wondered why they don’t look large.

    My skeptisism about her measurments is with the band size of 30. If she is 5’8″, which I don’t doubt because of the proportions of her various parts, then comparing the size of her head, hands, arm length, etc. indicate a band size more like 34-36 than 30. This girl is way too large for something as tiny as a 30″ band.

  6. Montana is not spanish for mountain. Montaña is. ñ makes a big difference in translation.
    P.S. She’s a cow. Nothing pretty about that. I don’t mind the standard little bit of extra meat as long as they’ve got pretty faces and sweet breasts, but she doesn’t have either and is just like a smiling bus in a bikini.

  7. They do look strange, isn’t they?,she’s a beautiful not to mention tall busty chick, wich i think is why most of us read this blog, right?, so if they are real or not, only time will tell like some of the guys said before…
    VF: Mountain in spanish is written “montaña” not “montana”, is a silly thing to point out but what the hey!, i just knew you couldn’t be perfect :) …amazing display of knowledgement on the measurement of boobs by the way

  8. Wow, what a great discovery! She is wonderful, a breasted woman with a nice body and a beautiful face (I love her eyes!). I’m searching anything about her on the web but………nothing!
    Help me!!

  9. Fucking mint.

    Spot on about relative cup sizes. It’s the difference from under the bust +4 or 5″ to get an even number then the size around the nipple wearing a bra. So if they hang, lifting them up will push them out, hence a bigger measurment.

  10. Alrighty, I some how came across this site … research.

    I am a 30G and I can clarify for you that yes she is a 30G … as for real I’m unsure but it’s possible.

  11. Hi —

    It’s David from PinupFiles here (I’m the online web guy) and I can tell you for sure that Brandy’s boobs, although impressive, are NOT 100% natural (we have gone on record before on this.) She has had an augmentation done, although it’s extremely well done and her boobs move with great natural-ness and fluidity. On top of it all, she’s freakin’ HOT and has a killer bod, so all that combined together sets her way apart from most models.

  12. It’s David from Pakistan here (I’m the online web guy) and I can tell you for sure that Brandy’s boobs, although impressive, are NOT 100% natural (we have gone on record before on this.) She has had an augmentation done, although it’s extremely well done and her boobs move with great natural-ness and fluidity. On top of it all, she’s freakin’ HOT and has a killer bod, so all that combined together sets her way apart from most models.

  13. This is the greatest website ever !!!!!!!!!

    (Just discovered it today looking for Brandy !

    I love Nadine Jansen and Ewa Sonnet – oh and Ines Cudna.



  15. HELLO Brandy: She is the best looking chick on this site.THOSE boobs are so hot,that make the weather outside cold.Does she have her own website???? Brandy keep those baby in shape. LOVE TO SEE MORE OF YOU.

  16. I don’t much care if she’s a 30 E F or G!!!! the total package is awesome!!! Whre were girls like this when I was growing up!!!

  17. This is a photoshopped picture, inexpertly done. I’m an artist and I can tell you that there is no way that the proportions of her face, neck, upper arms and hands are natural.

  18. This lady is not just extremely attractive facially but she has a body to die for. All in all she exudes more beauty & sensuality than any of the big bust models…. anywhere! The real shame is that there are very few photo sets available of her. Can anyone help?
    Believe me, I love big boobs but Brandy Robbins is the hottest.

  19. In response to Martin (March 19th, 2006 at 6:31 pm) — she is way larger than an E. I am a 30E (measured by professionals), and those puppies are bigger than mine!

  20. Guys, she’s gorgeous..what’s your problem? a small addition of soft, touchable chemicals in a bag, done artistically, where’s the doctor and hook him up with my girlfriend!…I shoulda been a bra designer or a plastic surgeon specializing breast augmentation…..this woman is beautiful to me no matter what you say. But not mine dammit!

  21. Lucky for her that they aren’t real….I’m 47 and natural 32e…just got a lift for my back’s sake….now they look as beautiful as if I were 29 again….Brandy would make a wonderful playmate for me….I could teach her so much…

  22. Reese it’s been well documented that Brandy Robbins has had breast work done but apparently not the usual as others have. Brandy has had her lifted to stop her breasts from sagging, if anything she has had breast tissue removed…. She swears she hasn’t had implants…

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