Breast invaders & cleavage crawlers…

In today’s blog, we shall delve into the bizarre world of breast parasites. This terrifying topic was inspired by an e-mail I received this past weekend from one of MyBoobSite’s regular visitors: Spencer wrote, “Hey Reese! Fantastic site and blog. You are the St Francis Xavier of us poor, lost tit-hounds. A pillar of smoke by day and a column of fire by night — the kind of hero that reduces us grovelling acolytes to mixing our metaphors. However… something disturbs me. I try to avert my eyes, but every day, there it is again. WHAT IS THAT THING IN YOUR HEADER????!!! It freaks me out, man. It’s starting to invade my dreams. Please make it stop. Thanks. Your loyal fan, Spencer”

Attached to Spencer’s e-mail was a photo of the offending “thing” (if you are easily frightened or prone to nightmares, I would most strongly suggest you do not click this link, as I’ve taken the liberty of enlarging and enhancing the creature in question). This mammary menace is commonly known as a “cleavage crawler”, seeking out big boobs and then nestling its cephalothorax between the breasts whilst maintaining a firm grip on the surrounding tit-flesh with scary arachnid appendages. As many of you know, the cleavage in MyBoobSite’s header belongs to my wife, Vix…so imagine my abject horror in knowing that we, ourselves, are infested with these within our very home!

Spencer, as much as I appreciate your kind comments and would like nothing more than to accommodate you and get this denizen of dairy delights banned from MyBoobSite, I fear that this would inspire its hideous wrath upon me. And, as I don’t have breasts of my own, the only other place I can imagine it taking parasitic residence is within my ass cleavage, exerting its death-grip upon my bum cheeks and invading my rectal region with that penis-like protuberance it possesses in place of a head. :~o Thus, I must respectfully decline your request for exclusion and offer my most humble, sincere apologies for the nightmares its presence here has caused you.

But since we’re on the topic of “breast invaders”, I feel it my duty to alert you to the existence of yet another boob-dwelling beasty that I encountered on a recent expedition to DivineBreasts. I was perving my way through their latest photo shoot with the stunning 32G Anya (née Busty Merilyn Sakova) when I suddenly saw a pair of puffy purple parasites with fluffy, festive feathers sucking her nipples! Don’t let their benign appearance and pretty plumage fool you, however, these notorious nipple nibblers are every bit as invasive as the comparatively-creepy cleavage crawler (for one, they needlessly obscure our view of Anya’s aureolas). Here’s a handful of photos from Anya’s most recent release on

Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from

Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from

Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from

Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from    Anya 32G from

…speaking of odd things getting on (or in) your tits, I also found the following video of Anya at DivineBreasts wherein she can be found tit-fucking a floor-mounted dildo! Granted, it’s not an autonomous organism like the other big breast invaders featured today, but it did seem to vaguely fit in with the theme. Erm… I’m reaching here, aren’t I? ;~P Be that as it may, here are a few brief clips from the videos:

Anya 32G Video from    Anya 32G Video from

Anya 32G Video from    Anya 32G Video from



15 thoughts on “Breast invaders & cleavage crawlers…”

  1. I think the only thing that you could do to rectify the situation, Spencer, is show me what you’ve got to push the little critter out with. You have my email.

    (Actually, looking at that pic – how FILTHY are my finger nails! I wonder whatever I could have been doing before that shoot…)


  2. Vix: Good 1 !! and i think i speak for everyone when i say that with your ample “front”, your finger nails are the last things i would ask to show, don’t take it the wrong way please.
    Reese: Good to see you haven’t forgotten Merilyn!!! and woth that dark-red hair, she got right to the top in my list of favorites “non-blondes”…
    By all means,keep up the good work!!

  3. could you imagine this woman crossing into hardcore XXX wow! btw, excellent info on one of my favorite dirty big boobed stars Chessie Moore!

  4. Every time I see Anya’s skinny ass I find her less appealing. I wish she’d gain some weight. You can have her, Gustave! On second thought I’ll trade a couple of her for a Princessa/Jana Defi.

    Whatever happened to Devon Daniels? I think she was my favorite non-blonde. Ah, yess… And then there’s Andrea Fischer AKA Choe Vevrier, another fave. I love her legs.

  5. thats the appeal VF, that she is skinny and yet has those amazing boobs. then again I like them all……Devon was a fav of mine as was chloe. Just loved the first clip, always great to see the hang when unleashed from a bra.

  6. Amazing amount of women in the last few years that are coming out in the porn industry with these HUGE natural breasts!

    AND, top it all off, most of them are very attractive! Always been big natural juggs in porn, but not like this, and not girls this pretty.

    These chicks are freaks of nature. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should be that thin, that pretty, and yet have breasts that ridiculously large!

    Amazing. I envy the men that get to nail these girls.

  7. i’ll just go with what Jack says…the appeal are those enormous tits in that little body…she’s ALL-TIT man!!
    i just love merilyn…

    c ya!

  8. mad dog great point, I noticed the same thing. there were always pretty women with fake boobs around, but it seems now there are orep retty women with natural boobs. Maybe im just more tuned in? but the last 5 years there seems to have been an influx of pretty natural women. All in all this a very good thing :)

  9. She is just amazing. I love the sticks with tits AND the big, curvy girls with big boobs. And Jack hit the nail on the head: The appeal of girls like her is that they are pretty, petite, skinny AND have HUGE tits. That is why I like them, anyway. Great post!

  10. VF: Sorry for the delay but ¡¡hell, yeah!!. If i had a chance to have Merilyn ,i wouldn’t hesitate at all, it seems to me that a chick that slim with a cute, little ass and those gigantic melons must be very hard to find in the real world. I totally agree about Devon Daniels and Chloe Vevrier: the first has beautiful, naturals breasts and Chloe, despite being a tad petite, has a fantastic pair of legs.
    Mad Dog: It’s quite true, the porno industry appears to be taking the “natural vs fake” thing a little more seriously, there are more natural breasted women than before and, as you pointed out, they are pretty chicks as well.
    Reese: Hello, ¿what’s your opinion in the “FAB” article about Jana’s breasts?. Needless to say, i’m looking forward about reading your “angle” in this. As usual, i just say “¡¡keep up the good work, mate!!”. I can’t be away of this blog for long, it’s those boobies that are SO addictvie ;)

  11. Holy crap. I just clicked a random link to Merylins site and shes doing the untinkable. Smiling in almost every picture I saw. As an added bonus her mouth was closed. I was in shock. Kinda wish I remembered where I clicked the link however. I rushed here to comment before I saved the pictures. ; ;

  12. Merilyn Sakova is absolute perfection! I don’t join sites,I’m too busy for that. I just want to buy a few of her videos.
    Whats my best bet?

  13. some of these photos she looks like a meth addict, not very classy at all. Mind you it can slide she’s put out plenty of other good sets…

    But those sweater puppets, gets me every time…

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