Breast stimulation, the female perspective:

There’s no doubt that the breasts are a powerful erogenous zone, and their stimulation can go a long way in helping to bring a woman to orgasm. The question is, how can we best pleasure a partner while we’re enjoying the immense turn-on of fondling her boobs? In order to get the female perspective on this, I conducted an impromptu poll of 29 well-endowed women to find out what they liked best. Here are the results:

Preferred Method of Breast Stimulation
Rubbing nipple 14%
Rubbing aureola (but not nipple) 24%
Massaging the whole breast 21%
Pulling or pinching the nipple hard 7%
Pulling or pinching the nipple gently 10%
Licking and sucking the nipple 17%
All of the above and more 7%

So there we have it! Rubbing the area surrounding the nipple without touching the nipple itself wins hands down – although “hands down” might not be the most practical way to accomplish this – while pinching or pulling the nipple hard loses out. So be sure to remember this next time you’ve got a nice pair to hand. ;~)

One respondent, who had presumably checked the last option, went into greater detail: “I love to have them squeezed, sucked, licked, caressed, everything! I especially like this: When a guy cups his hands around my boobs, presses down hard with his palms on my nipple area, and kinda rolls them in circles, squeezing them against each other. That feels SO GOOD! Of course, I like to have it slow and nice at first, then going faster (really fast) and squeezing very hard. Oh my, I’m getting horny just thinking about it (goes to play with her boobs)!”

Despite said respondent’s fondness for fondling and my expressed willingness to oblige, she graciously declined my offer to assist in her endeavours. Oh well. Being the sucker for big tits that I am, I’ll take them any way I can get them – suckling, licking, rubbing, nibbling – whatever she wants! Indeed, I’d do anything to have a voluptuous vixen straddled atop me, dangling her pendulous pulchritude in my face, as is so capably demonstrated for us here by the lovely Heather Michaels (and some very lucky bloke) from

Heather Michaels 44G    Heather Michaels 44G

Heather Michaels 44G    Heather Michaels 44G


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