Callie or Cassandra?

Getting desperate for boobs, just like me?

Sorry about that, but the BoobMeister is up to his eyes in other shite – yeah, priorities, right? – so I have taken it upon myself to find us a little titillation to tide us over till he comes to his senses.

Now, you may hate me for this, but we’re downsizing, here, as I do prefer my women with a little less cushion for the pushin’ than Reese does. And that does tend to mean slightly smaller norks, right? (Unless you throw augmentation into the bag, and I know how much some of you explode {and not in a good way} about that).

Well, these are boobs that are bigger than average women on the street may have, even if they are smaller than you might normally see here on MyBoobSite. But they’re nice titties, so, well… bite me.

You may know her as Ariel Jordan, Tanya, Tania, Kassandra, Busty Ariel or Callie Jade. But in her latest work, with she’s Cassandra Calogera. Which is odd, because she has been quoted as saying:

“the Cassandra Calogera part of her life is over and it is now time to start over fresh.”

Photo of Cassandra Calogera from

Photo of Cassandra Calogera from SCOREland.comPhoto of Cassandra Calogera from SCOREland.comPhoto of Cassandra Calogera from

Photo of Cassandra Calogera from

Topless photo of 36 E-cup Cassandra Calogera from SCOREland.comTopless photo of 36 E-cup Cassandra Calogera from SCOREland.comTopless photo of 36 E-cup Cassandra Calogera from

Naked photo of 36 E-cup Cassandra Calogera from


So, tattoos, piercings and E-cup breasts? Surely this will get Reese to listen when I say “I need boooobs!” and get us back on track, right? :lol:

Fess up though, surely some of you can see the filth in this alt. girls eyes and the loveliness of her boobs – and sweet, tight-looking little pussy, too?


12 thoughts on “Callie or Cassandra?”

  1. Nice to see someone appreciates E cup girls too..
    MMMM, they are purrfect and most women would love
    to have them. Cassandra is incredible..

    your Seattle shemale.. xoxo

  2. do like cassandra from her score shoots and whats not to love about those titties?? ok so i do like em bigger than this but there nice and firm and certainly ample to give a comfortable tit wank…. just for the record vix im pretty keen on augmented breasts aswell as natural juggs… there i said it…

  3. Kinda late in the game for her to re-invent herself.
    Cassandra has been a regular in porn for years and years.

    I dunno, i just associate her with regular guy/girl porn.
    For my boob fix i prefer the Leanne Crows, Merilyns, etc.

    I think Score should focus on Felicia Clover.
    That girl is a rising star, if ever there was one!

  4. @razorjules

    I agree 100% regarding the ‘boob fix’ models :D

    As for Felicia, I was unaware of her :O Thanks for bringing her to my, and hopefully others, attention!

  5. She is hot. What’s the difference? Cassandra was a hardcore actress who had done anal and once swallowed 30 loads of cum straight. Callie only does softcore solo pics I believe.
    Again, she looks amazing either way but I like the fact Cassadra did hardcore. Even if there was no other guy in the picture, she always looked great with a load of cum on her chest. Find a good pic of that and compare and people will see what I mean.

  6. I’m sorry, but she’s just plain icky. No hips, flat can… blah Whoever did the photos over at score should find a new job.

  7. It is hard (literally) for me to look at her without seeing copious amounts of fresh man gravy dripping off her chin.
    If she had started out doing glam and then went into hardcore porn perhaps it would be the other way around.
    Either way she is worthy of my seed thanks Vix

  8. I would think that Score could publish the pictures under any name they choose, and they’d go with Cassandra because she’s a known quantity in big-boob porn. Would make sense to get the biggest bang for their buck.

  9. I love her new choice in look. She’s actually done quite a bit in lesbian stuff as well. She’s even dabbled in the BDSM realm as well. I personally find her very attractive. Espically with her new hair style. It’s a good fresh look for her.

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