Cherry Brady Visits Samantha 38G in Vegas Video

On my big tits visit to the Samantha38G site today, I noticed that sexy Samantha 38G herself had a voluptuous visitor of her very own when gorgeous ginger G-cup busty redhead Cherry Brady dropped by Sam’s Las Vegas hotel room! Much girl talk about sex and boobs ensued as curvaceous Cherry Brady began massive mammaries modeling some super sexy tops her big tits fit in quite nicely whilst soliciting Sam’s opinions on them. A bit later on, though, when our pretty pair of huge boobs babes got topless together, the two very well-endowed women waxed philosophical on breasts as they sought at Sam’s prompting to discover just precisely what the sound of four tits clapping might be!..

What is the sound of four tits clapping with big boobs Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady on video at

…so now we know! :~D Anyway, large natural breast philosophy aside although there is a Samantha 38G and Cherry Brady video gallery to provide a colossal cleavage chronicle of their Vegas visit, there are two really cute tits clips I felt big boob lovers would really appreciate. The first video is of 36G Cherry Brady getting her huge pendulous breasts out of a G-cup bra (‘though I must say her boobs look bigger than just Gs to me) and the second clip is more a big tits in tops video of Cherry Brady getting dressed and stuffing that substantial rack of big breast flesh in what may be the all-time sexiest cleavage revealing extreme plunge neckline very low cut top I’ve ever seen! Honest, between the sexy side-boob overhang and “udderly” wonderful extra wide cleavage stretching from cusp to the curve of her breasts at their base, this has got to be the most brilliant and best big boobs top a mega-chesty girl like Cherry could own since it shows off her tits to the max of their mammary gland glory. So much so that I want one and I don’t even have boobs (well, unless you count these)! Erm, sorry to go all girly on you, but you’ve got to admit it is a lovely top. ;~) Ok, I’ll stop gushing now so you can see what I’m talking tits about at

Cherry Brady taking off her bra big boobs hanging low in a G-cup on video with Samantha 38G at    Cherry Brady tries on her plunge neckline low-cut top big tits in on video with Samantha 38G at

…oh, and, last but not least, here’s the voluptuous video gallery that I mentioned earlier wherein the visit between our boobsome twosome all goes a bit busty lesbian hardcore from massive tit sucking breast play to sexy girl-on-girl mutual masturbation in this playful yet sensual Sapphic Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady video from

Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady video from    Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady video from

Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady video from    Samantha 38G & Cherry Brady video from



6 thoughts on “Cherry Brady Visits Samantha 38G in Vegas Video”

  1. I LOVE Cherry! what a GREAT body! (Sam’s awesome, too, but this is more about Cherry.) Ultimate Cherry and B.L.O.W. are awesome vids! Love those wonderful hanging tits and lack of gag reflex. ;)

  2. Christ, Cherry Brady is literally blowing Samantha G away. Look at that juicy body. That ass won’t quit, yum! That third pic when their butts are to the camera. It’s like filet mignon next to ground beef. Cherry for the win!

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