Could D-cup Breasts Be Enough Sometimes?

Didn’t think a girl could be “my type” with just tiny D-cup tits and too small labia lips but, for some unknown reason, I find sexy little blonde Abby from MC-Nudes totally fascinating, especially in the two naked photos below…

Sexy little D-cup blonde Abby naked at    Sexy little D-cup blonde Abby naked at

Vix likes her. She thinks her boobs are just right for her figure, even though she says she could have a few more pounds on her frame. “Let’s be honest” she said “we wouldn’t throw her out of bed.” Hmm.

Here’s a video and more photos of Abby from

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Abby at    Abby at    Abby at



8 thoughts on “Could D-cup Breasts Be Enough Sometimes?”

  1. If the choice is between her & a hollywood skinny minnie for ‘permanent company on a deserted island’ the answer is yes…..

    But if I have a choice between her & my Misses in her Kcup+ adorned upper torso…….NO

  2. Meh. Women can be hot with even smaller boobs than that. But then again, I consider other factors as well (faces especialmente). Which is why I think d or dd should be the lower limit instead of f. But whatever the fans say. Nice nips, btw.

  3. In the porn world, especially now where many models can get enhancements, I understand that D might be considered small. In the real world, I think D is big but not big enough. My minimum size that I prefer is DD. If I’m on my back and her tits can fully wrap around my cock in a titwank position, then she is good enough for me.
    But I love Reese’s standards of what he considers big (and what I call HUGE). Bigger is better.

  4. shes attractive make no mistake and she got a teriffic ass on her,, i certainly wouldnt say no to a couple of hours with her but on the issue of her tits YES they are to small!!!! personely i struggle to get excited with tits any smaller than a DD,, my choice is E and F cup upwards…

  5. The thing about pornography is, it tends to work better if factors are exaggerated. So what might be considered too big in real life looks great during a shoot, with the women having big round breasts/buttocks and the men having chiseled abs and big members. Like with proper movies at a cinema, the slightly fictitious element of a world filled with beautiful people is part of the escapism and enjoyment of a piece. This is my opinion but I’m sure it’s a shared one for some people.

    Most of the women I’ve been with were slender and not really all that stacked, because I was going on them as a person, i.e. with feelings and conversation not just the physical aspect which in a relationship is less important – when Reese hooked up with Vix, for example, she was a B-cup and he was probably judging on her as a women, not just a sexual partner, so I’m sure they both know what I mean. When I was with a girl with J-cups, they were epic in proportions when they were right there in front of you – real weight and slosh to them, almost as big as your head. This was great but because of the personality mismatch it couldn’t last.

    In porn of course, the personality doesn’t matter because it’s more a case of personal gratification. Which is why I think anything from an F cup upwards is best. Exaggeration, as I mentioned. The girl here does nothing for me on the shoot, but I bet in real life I’d be bowled over by her beauty, and those D-cups would seem a lot bigger up close, of course.

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