Czech Out Jola & the Politics of Masturbation

It’s a sweeping generalisation, I know – but such are usually true – that native English speakers are not good with foreign languages.

It’s a historical thing, I reckon. English being the lingua Franca* of the current era, English speakers typically presume that all others are the same.

Hence my confusion with other European language pronunciation.

Over here, we are forced to learn French, via verb-table which is bullshit, from a young age but as most of us have no daily use for this, or even business use, we soon forget, that is if we did not drop the class at the earliest given opportunity.

If our go to language lesson were to be more relevant to the modern world – no offence to the French – maybe being taught German or Spanish would be more useful.

Or Japanese, but there are only so many hours in ones school-life.

I expect that there are many more non-English language speakers in the US, than there are in the UK.

Thus I am assuming that this new to XLGirls tubby titty totty is called Yo-lah and not Joe-la which, I am sorry to report, is what my woefully lacking language skills make me see.

That being said, Czech is not a Spanish derived language, so it might not work the same way. She may indeed be Jola-with-a-Joe.

Anyone know? Anyone help me out here?

As sweeping suggestions go, I am not alone in making them though.

Jola likes a wank. A Jack- (Jill-?) off. Some manual manipulation. A clit tickle. A cunt caress.

She likes to masturbate.

Here’s Jola’s genereralisation…

Like most women, I masturbate often. I like to do it in the tub with my fingers or with a toy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that I like to toss-off and I assume that, being human beings, so do a lot of women.
I don’t feel able to say most women, as we (women) are still under a cloud of ignorance and guilt over masturbation.

It’s not mentioned. It’s not talked about between friends at school. It’s not something you were likely to catch a glimpse of, either on-line or in real life, if you are a – and I hate to use the term – normal woman.

Normal women don’t watch porn. They don’t masturbate infront of others or see another woman doing so. Yet we are all aware of the male equivalent.

Normal women don’t wank. It’s naughty. It’s dirty.

Of course, I am sure that all of you here that are a) women or b) partners of women, are open-minded and aware of their bodies, are inveterate wankers just as I am… but I am referring to normal women. Not us.

Jola, who I have no body-details for as yet is an ice-hockey fan. Her favourite team is from Brno. (We learned about Brno the other day.)

She plays the guitar.
She likes to check out mens’ butts.
She hasn’t had the chance to fuck a woman, but she would like to, given the opportunity.

This huge hootered heavier honey is excited to be jumping in to this new career and shows us so not only by bouncing her big boobs but by getting on her back and spreading her legs and labia-lips.

Jola jacks like a pro, and plays with her puffy pussy, all the while using a dick-dildo on her massive mammaries.

She is getting as much pleasure from jiggling her gigantic jugs as she is from twiddling at her twat.

I am also. Then, I am not a normal woman. :lol:

* Oh, the irony of the term!

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  1. I think that Jola is a short form of Jolana. You guessed it right, the pronuncation is like Yo-luh (the ending A is open like in the word Mud).

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