Dors Feline Blonde !

It’s exceedingly rare that I blog the same big tits porn site two days in a row – even moreso for the same busty porn model – but, today, I find I shall have to make an exception. You see, I received a comment from MyBoobSite regular Martin on yesterday’s boob blog simply saying with regard to curvaceous K-cup beauty Dors Feline, “She’s a hotty… Reese have you seen her new look? Long haired and blonde,” along with a link to some of Dors’ latest photos. And, I must say, although I find her sublimely sexy anyway, the difference between the short & sassy dark-haired Dors Feline and Dors Feline with long blonde hair is nothing short of “udderly” profound…

Dors Feline with Short Dark Hair    Dors Feline as a Blonde Long Hair

…what a difference a day can make, eh? Considering how distraught I was last week over over our lovely little Micky going dark, this busty blonde transformation revelation seems like chesty karma cum along to restore cosmic cleavage balance so that all is once again well in our big boobs universe! For me, of course, the big tits blondes always win out in the end and long-haired busty blondes even moreso, so I’m certainly hoping Dors does more with this super sexy new light-haired look. So thank you ever so much, Martin, for bringing this most delightful dairy development to my gentlemen prefer blonde tits attention and, for the rest of you large breast blonde lovers lingering out there, here’s more of the stunning long-haired blonde Dors Feline from (or, if you’d like to get Dors with more busty blonde babes, get to her site via instead!):

Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at

Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at

Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at

Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at

Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at    Dors Feline blonde at




20 thoughts on “Dors Feline Blonde !”

  1. this time I will agree with you about your blonde obsessions. when she is on her back covering up most of the ink — she is pure ferking temp-tation!! Her face is so cute. The blonde looks great.

  2. It’s weird I get a different feeling about her seeing her like that. I just hope she will not become a standard model where many have gone before.

    Her colorful hair, just like her tattoos really made her, her.
    I gues a better word would be unique.
    Don’t get me wrong I still love her voluptous body and her tremendous breasts and her lucious pussay. Just with the blonde hair it’s different.

  3. As hard as I find it to actually look at her HAIR, I actually think she looks better with dark hair. Either way, though, she’s got an amazing body!

  4. The 10th picture is amazing, truly great.

    Dors looks MUCH better blonde – though I did used to like the pink bits (combine both?).

    Interesting to use the England football shirt – should have been the England Rugby shirt (they actually achieved something…) – come on Dors, do requests :D

  5. The last pic is really cool…the breast cleavage starts the eye down her torso showing “sweetness” cleavage. Oh was I suppose to notice hair?

  6. I am kind of sad to see her like this. She looks so much like everyone else (aside from her tattoos, of course.) I liked her different punky look. She seems to have a bit of a washed out complexion without her dark and pink hair. If she keeps this look, I will officially lose interest. :(

  7. Who said pregnant? That WOULD be pretty cool is she got pregnant. I don’t think that’s a request she’s going to listen to seriously though.

  8. She needs to go brunette again. The blonde washed out her features too much. It’s sad. I was her biggest supported in the beginning.

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