Eden Mor in Lesbian Hardcore Shocker

It’s amazing what the good people of Scoreland get up to! Just two days ago, I’d received an appreciative comment on my “Eden Mor Exposed” blog from a visitor who’d been waiting to see Eden’s pussy for some time. Well, wankmaster, I can do you one better now: I’ve just received a video of *gasp* Eden Mor engaged in a steamy big-boobed lesbian lick-fest! Although Ms. Mor’s Garden of Eden website is my favourite (featuring what I consider to be some of her sexiest photos & videos), you just can’t beat a little hardcore porn every once in a while…and hardcore Eden is a genuine rarity!

Eden’s bi-fem partner for this luscious lesbian sex romp in none other than the lovely Bozena. With measurements of 38H-30-39, I’m surprised that I’ve never blogged her here before (even though she appears on the Bang Bros’ Busty Adventures website). Eastern Europe tends to turn out some of the best big boobs in the world, and 33-year-old Bozena is no exception. And as far as busty bisexual women go (hmm, yet another definition for BBW!), she’s one of the hottest and horniest around. For those of you unfamiliar with her ample charms, here are a few pics from Bozena’s Score shoots:

Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H

Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H

Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H

Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H    Bozena 38H

Now, on to why I’ve gathered you all here: The following clips were taken from a video that, as far as I’ve been told, has not yet been released in its entirety on Score’s site (apparently, only the first portion appears there so far). Still, I thought it might be nice to give you all a previews of the glorious things to cum. There’s even a priceless shot of Eden’s spread pussy in the last clip; wherein she’s up on her hands and knees, doggy-style, whilst Bozena licks her fingers before stroking Eden’s meaty flaps. Now who said I never gave you anything? ;~)

Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video    Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video    Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video

Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video    Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video    Eden Mor & Bozena Lesbian Video



41 thoughts on “Eden Mor in Lesbian Hardcore Shocker”

  1. I wouldn’t be too suprised about what Eden might do. If you guys didn’t know, she used to be an escort before taking up modelling. i know cos I visited her :)

  2. Keep on giving us More of Mor! We could never get enough. Her big areolas remind me of Suzi Sparks. Thanks to one of Reese’s links, might have been Porn Access Network, I ran across some archive of pics of older models such as Roberta Pedon, but I didn’t notice any Suzi Sparks. I wonder what happened to her pics. Seems like there’s a prejudice towards the slimmer models with unnatural looking big implants and against the natural breasted, chubbier models such as Suzi Sparks. I’m glad to see that Eden has made up for Suzi’ Sparks’ absence.

  3. Bozena is one of my favourite, she does everything possible and her boobs are so huge. I saw her at a casting and the producer has hallucinate for the side of her boobs !
    Eden is also great, i hope she’ll make porn!
    Thancks a lot for this vids !

  4. I think Eden Mor is fantastic i’ll be joining her website soon, i can’t wait for her to do hardcore porn, she would have a much bigger fan base. I also have an idea, if Eden takes the plunge why doesn’t she auction the occasion among her fans, in other words the highest bidder gets the chance to do the hardcore shoot with her. I hope she reads this!!!!

  5. I have just talked to score group’s representative and they told me that video is called knockin nipples and it will be on sale sometime in the fall…I can not wait to purchase the dvd version soon. I will be able to see bozena and eden mor over and over and over again.

    Rememer the title of the DVD is knockin nipples.

  6. John r you can find this DVD for long time now at double d production goole on it and you’ll find the title it “big boob summer break”
    good luck

  7. its all very well and good one of the most georgeous girls out there showing herself off for our enjoyment but how the hell am i gonna justify marrying her to my mum if she is a porn star? :)

  8. Does anyone here know if Eden is living here in the United States? I was just wondering because I was concerned about her.I was watching the news today and saw the conflict in Northern Israel.

  9. Maria, get in line I’d love to be in that pool with her all day enjoying those huge scculent tits feeling ehr do mine like she was doing that other girls!!!
    She is a really hot I’d love being that girl!!!

  10. Man would I love to stick my cock up her big boobs and then…UP HER PUSSY AND GIVE HER THE TIME OF HER LIFE!!!!

    So now I just need to cut out that other girl…

    *Cuts out other girl and puts me in*

  11. ilove y bozena toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  12. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Eden Mor in Lesbian Hardcore Shocker. Thanks for informative article

  13. Hi!
    What can I say about eden, words are not enough. She has very innocent looking face and huge atom bombs on her chest. I would like to see her vedeo at least one complete scene and will be the most luckiest man in the world if she make direct correspondence with me. I have many still photographs of this gorgous babe. I like to request to send me some of her videos.
    waiting for her response.

  14. Hi
    When I say that she has huge atom bombs on her chest I mean that she has huge tits on her chest. My request remains the same that if it is possible for eden to please directly chat or correspond with me.

  15. Oh my, what can I say! Watched the clip 4 times on “repeat”, I myself am a bi-fem and I know how good it feels to have a huge fleshy tit between my meat flaps and then to receive a good tongue lashing. My fleshpot is salivating profusely. Magnificent performance Bozena and Eden. More please.

  16. Eden, I love u so much..u re my favourite girl in this world..i really loveu..please if u read this message, send me a message, just a message to my box ..u re my god..kiss

  17. Eden, baby, my juice is about to explode for you !!!
    I’m gonna finish my hand-job right here with you, honey.
    God, I wish that were my prick fucking your pussy.
    Love you sweetie. Now to unload my balls.
    Just for you I’m,
    pullin it

  18. I thought for sure we’d see Bozena fisting Eden since Bozena really enjoys having her hole and ass fisted. I love big-titted fistfuckers that are weight proportional and all natural.

  19. i survived even nelli roono but the huge tits rubbing in the pool, Eden and …hands off shooting a weeks hot load in my jeans at work, drained, damn…those tits

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