Eden shows us Mor…

Remember the old days, when Eden Mor was young and innocent, and you had to go elsewhere if you wanted to see her stark bollock naked? Well, those days are gone (at long last!). I’m happy to report that Ms. Mor is becoming far more adventuresome with her Garden of Eden website, much to the delight of long-term fans like myself!

Her latest “Mistress Eden” video shows just how far she’s come: After tearing through the top of her fishnet bodystocking to reveal even more of her huge HH-cup boobs (shame, too, coz I thought it looked really good on her), she reaches down and begins seductively stroking her exposed pussy. Then there’s the leather riding crop titfuck that just leaves you aching to substitute choice parts of your own anatomy for the rigid lifeless rod pumping through Eden’s colossal 80HH cleavage. *mmmmm*

It’s obvious from her most recent offerings that Eden is truly listening to her site’s members, fulfilling our every desire by giving us exactly what we’ve been asking for. Faith, take notice! If you really want to expand your horizons and please your fans, have a look at Eden Mor’s site to see how it’s done. And, Eden, keep it up! You’ve really got my attention with that one (as if you’d ever lost it!), and I can’t wait to see what exquisitely horny erotic indulgences you’ve got in store for us next… ;~)

Mistress Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Video Clip 1    Mistress Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Video Clip 2

Mistress Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Video Clip 3    Mistress Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Video Clip 4


19 thoughts on “Eden shows us Mor…”

  1. I may get flamed for this, but much as I love her tits she’s too fat for me. I much prefer Faith. Let’s face it, Faith is so pretty and has such a hot body, she could make it modelling even without huge boobs. I don’t think the same could be said for Eden. Just my opinion…we all have different tastes

  2. eden is beautiful, but i agree with ayrton, i like much more faith than eden’s body. that’s why we have mybbwsite and myboobsite :)

  3. Well I see what you mean about Faith- that girl is just fucking perfect. She is in my top 5 for sure. But i don’t agree about Eden. she has a great face and even though she has some weight on her, she is incredible. She has the best tits I have ever seen and that goes a long way! Fucking gorgeous.

  4. Well, ayrton, I think you’re in the minority when it comes to preferences. It seems that Eden is much more popular than Faith among to boob nuts like ourselves (not saying anything is wrong with Faith, though). I’m not flaming you, just stating what seems obvious by the number of pics of Eden and Faith that can be seen on the web. I see Eden ‘Mor’ than I do Faith – muxh ‘Mor’.

    OTOH, Faith is a blonde, and that seems to hold a lot of weight here – at least I think so. Nothing wrong with brunettes. But then a lot of blondes come from a bottle, and Faith has such a nice tan that I suspect that her natural hair may be darker than blonde. And then it might be nice to see Eden with blonde hair; she could even wear a wig just to see how people like her with a change of color.

    But I have to agree with you on your taking into consideration not just their breasts, but also the rest of their female anatomy. I think that the rest of their anatomy should be weighed along with the boobs. I think you have good taste when it comes to Faith: she’s got one helluva bod. Maybe a little on the slim side for my tastes, but still really nice. Eden tends to be a bit thick around the middle, but she admits to gaining a few pounds in the recent past. I like her that way, but that’s just because of my own personal taste. Faith has more of the tradisional female hourglass figure – 36-24-36 measurements, except Faith is probably more like an eye-popping 44-22-32 or so. Dont’cha just love it? :-)

    But I digress. Let’s get back to the tits. Those CD sized areolas of Eden’s boobs are second only to Suzi Sparks. And I’d guess that Eden has as much breast tissue in one breast as Faith has in both. So what can I say? There’s no comparison: Eden takes the prize. She’s gor ‘Mor’ boobs, and that’s what we’re discussing here.

  5. Eden looks great. It’s good to see her get a liitle more revealing in front of a camera. I look forward to the day she’s spread eagle using a vibrator as well.

    Faith does have a more classic body type, which is nice, but I find that if you want a girl with huge – real- breasts, you generally have to accept the fact that they have curves everywhere on their body, bigger hips, ass etc. and that’s all part of their beuaty. I’d gladly take a night with either one!

  6. I agree with Lesbo about a night with either one. That said, I’m a lover of all around beauty not just big tits so Faith is about as good as it gets. Nice ass, nice legs, beautiful face and a nice tight body with unusually big tits for that kind of body. I’m sorry but I find Eden kind of sloppy fat and no matter how big her tits are it kind of takes away from them . Some guys like big girls and more power to them…I like petite with big tits…very hard to find, so Faith is perfect. Plus you can kind of tell the body type that is going to go to fat with age…I think 20 years down the road Faith will still look good.

  7. Eden Mor one of the TOP 3
    No 1 Jenny Hill
    No 2 Eden Mor
    No 3 Kerry Marie
    I just have to write to say Edens juggs (and rest of the body) is the most sexy thing on this planet. I have seen a lot of pics of her and some vidclips and I think her body, tits and face is just incredible.
    Harald “the heavy hanger lover”

  8. Eden is spectactularly amazing. Her tits are just phenomenal. They are huge, but don’t look bloated or nasty like ohter girls with roughly the same size breast. Faith is hot, I really like Annie Swanson and Sharday. I wish Sharday would follow Eden and do some video and stuff

  9. Wow. Holy Fuck. Major Hard On. I’d be her slave any day. Eden Mor should do some more Gothic and Mistress pics. She looks hot as fuck.

  10. Eden is HOT!!! I’d like to say more……..but can’t……right now…….I’m busy……..doing……..something…….

  11. Eden Mor is one of the most beautiful and erotic women I have ever seen. I think her body is incredible and I love her a little chunky, VERY hot! Everytime I look at her I get so fucking hard that I can not keep my hands off myself. I blow the thickest wad and shoot out at least 5 HUGE loads everytime I masterbate to her pictures and videos.

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