Eight maids a milking…

Apologies to those who feel they’ve been misled, finding this particular entry via search engine or having read only the title, but I must confess up front that it only features one girl: the exceptional Eden Mor from her “Garden of Eden” website. In my defense, however, there are eight photos of her featured below and I have seen Eden dressed as a maid. Then again, she’s not lactating (as per the titular reference).

Truth be told, it’s been extraordinarily difficult coming up with suitable Christmas-themed titles for these holiday blogs. Whilst I was agonizing over this one, Vix sprang to assist: “How about ‘Deep and Crisp and Eden’?” she offered, referring to the line from Good King Wenceslaus. Clever as it was, we both agreed that Ms. Mor probably wouldn’t have found it very flattering.

It used to be so easy when I was young. My father & I would incessantly come up with alternative lines and lyrics for various Christmas carols and poems. My all-time favourite from those days had to be from our adaptation of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: “Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up – kersplash! ” But, alas, those days are gone.

Be that as it may (and it very, very well may be), my failures certainly can’t detract from the beauty of today’s selection of Christmas boobs: the incomparable 80HH (that’s metric, mind) Eden Mor. For some some reason, I found the photos wherein Eden bites off the head of the disturbingly dildo-shaped chocolate Santa unusually erotic, and shall probably suffer wet nightmares from this for the remainder of the season:

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH


22 thoughts on “Eight maids a milking…”

  1. Being from Israel, I would assume that she’s Jewish, so why would she dress up in Christmas clothing :S

    but nice set nonetheless

  2. EDEN I only want to be your Bra b’cuz it holds your lovely natural big BOOBS. I love your BOOBS very much and specially your NECK which is very glamarous to me. Your NECK is BEST that I have ever seen. I just want to KISS your NECK and keep my HEAD on your BIG CHEST and SLEEP a beautiful night.

    I LOVE YOU …… …. ….

  3. Eden you are the most sexiest lady i ever seen, i wanna share your lovely boobs and also wanna eat your nipples and pussy. I am also a girl but i’ve lost control over myself since i ‘ve seen you.

  4. Eden your boobs has litters and litters of milk.. I want to drink it fully. I want to fuck and suck at the same tiime…

    Eden pachii kodudi.. un palla kudikanum pola irukkuthudi.. enakku pachii venum… unpallu nalla irukkum..

  5. hello eden u r my fav sex ball in whole world .if i get the chance to sleepwith u a night i will be the most lucky in the world . i love u r huge boobs i will suck u r boobs and fuck u r boobs and my head will be on u r boobs whole night

  6. eden i love you so much and your breasts and your wide spread nipples and i want to rotate my tongue on your breasts for one hundred trillon years and i want more one hundred trillion years for sucking and kissing every inch of your boobs and to press and squeez them and i hate the boys who gave you teese for your growing boobs the women with small breasts are like eunuch the fulli women are like you with big/nice/juicy and delicate breasts

  7. eden i want to suck,squeeze,press and kiss every centimetre of your boobs for ten thousand trillion years your breasts are enough to make crazy any person

  8. eden i want that your breasts should have milk and i want to drink your tons of milk in your breasts by sucking your huge boobs and what enjoyable life during sucking of your boobs and drinking your milk i become crazy when think about this

  9. She’s the girl next door who’d i like2 be the Logging neighboor appraise with frequent 69’s Babe why don’t put that choco bar an make a delicious mess IN YO PUSSY PLATE !!!!

  10. She is not Jewish, she couldn’t be.

    We are the choosen ones, and rest are all doomed to a terrible fate yet to come.

    Our women are far more beautiful, and they would never lower themselves to the filth and likes of you.

    The rest of you losers need to get a life and move the F*(* off, don’t ever think of Jewish people as being so low.

    [mod edit: racist comments removed]

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