Eng-a-land swings like a pendulum do…

Apologies for rambling on incessantly about Britain today, but, as a transplant from “across the pond”, I’ve encountered a few things here that have come as a pleasant surprise. Indeed England, as well as most of continental Europe, has a far healthier attitude toward the human body and more openness when it comes to sexuality than us comparatively-puritanical Americans. There seems to be a greater opportunity to live out one’s fantasies over here as well.

When I spoke of my first threesome experience at the tender age of 16 (and, more importantly, my first exposure to the sublime wonder of big boobs), I’d never dreamed that I’d ever get to do it again…and despite being an overtly sexual person, Vix had never had sex with more than one partner at a time in her life! Then, about a year-and-a-half ago, Vix & I sort of “fell into bed” with a friend of ours whilst on holiday in Amsterdam…and never looked back.

Yes, we’re swingers, and thoroughly enjoy sharing ourselves with others. Since our first unexpected menage et trois together, we’ve found that there’s a rather extensive swinging community here in the UK. In fact, the party where I was so popular with my bra sizing tape measure was a swingers’ gathering, more commonly known as a “munch”. For Vix & I, swinging is something that we only do as a couple, and we share a number of regular partners whose company we enjoy very much (and as often as possible). The unnecessary emotion of jealousy doesn’t even enter into it…on the contrary, I get quite turned on to see Vix expressing her natural sexuality and having so much fun at it!

I’m sure I’ll be adding details of some of our more notable (or sordid, or amusing) swinging adventures here as time goes on. For now, here’s a gallery of a steamy session between Vix and her steady girlfriend & boyfriend, Jas & Dave – one which definitely answers the age-old question: “Does she swallow?” ;~)



P.S. Of course, I’m the one taking the photos here (well, someone has to!), and it wasn’t long after the “climax” of the shoot that I took over with Jas & Vix where Dave left off! Isn’t home-made porn wonderful?!


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