Faith renewed…

A couple of weeks ago, I made a plea to Faith that she come up with something a little more adventurous for her website. Well, my prayers were finally answered in video form: It starts out with Faith chilling out on the couch by rubbing an ice cube all over her glorious 32G tits, her aureolae and nipples puckering to the cold of her touch as rivulets of water sensually cascade down her cleavage. Then, as if in an effort to restore warmth to her benumbed boobs, Faith reaches her slender, icy fingers downward into her panties and begins masturbating. All in all, it gets rather hot, considering the Siberial subject matter. Keep ’em coming, hun, and consider my faith renewed.

Here are a few clips from Faith’s video:

32G Faith from - Ice Cubes Video - Clip 1    32G Faith from - Ice Cubes Video - Clip 2

32G Faith from - Ice Cubes Video - Clip 3    32G Faith from - Ice Cubes Video - Clip 4



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