Faith’s new look…

Today seems to be the day for the young G-cup boobie queens to release new material: First it was Busty Merilyn with her new videos, and now Faith from has a new photo gallery! If only Princessa / Maria Swan came out with something new today, that’d cover all of the big-boobed teen models that share a 32G bra size! Wait, I have an idea: Why don’t we get the three of them together for a bra-swapping video?! :~D

In any case, with Faith’s new gallery, the first thing to strike me was that she’d seriously bleached her hair to a rather stark blonde (I know, I know – I’m supposed to be looking at her boobs). Is she deliberately trying to look like Agnetha Faltskog from Abba (albeit with actual breasts)? Not that I’m complaining, though, as I think the new look really suits her:

32G Faith from    32G Faith from

32G Faith from    32G Faith from


6 thoughts on “Faith’s new look…”

  1. Unbelievable!!!. You say that Jana, Merilyn and Faith are the GCup queens, just wondering ¿what do you think of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba?

  2. Gustave~

    I think Nadine & Milena are incredible! Trouble is, I’ve been trying since I started MyBoobSite to get permission to post their photos here, but no one from their publishing group will answer my inquiries. :~(

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. just give me your email i have all your pictures on the net and i think thah you are the most beautiful girl on the world

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