Fuck Me Shoes – Literally!

I first encountered the term “Fuck Me Shoes” (or “Fuck Me Pumps”, as had been the more common derivation in the ‘States) back in the ’80s. Vix, on the other hand, first heard of “FM Shoes” courtesy of actress Shelley Winters’ autobiography, so the term’s been in use at least since the 1940s. It refers to the somewhat impractical feminine footwear with stiletto heels presumed to be an overt indication of one’s willingness to engage in casual sex.

I’d never put much stock in this rather presumptuous portrayal (but that’s probably because most of the women I knew who wore such shoes didn’t want to fuck me) and merely considered it to be a fashion statement rather than a declaration of sexual decadence. However, something I’d encountered the other day over at the PlumperPass family of sites suddenly gave Fuck Me Shoes a whole new meaning…

Fuck Me Shoes with Leah-Jayne    Fuck Me Shoes with Leah-Jayne

…yes, it’s that splendidly slutty British blonde BBW Leah-Jayne who appears to have taken the term literally! After working herself up fondling & suckling her HH-cup tits, sliding her hand through her colossal cleavage and then tit-fucking her forearm, Leah-Jayne turns to her long red stiletto heels for some much-needed sexual relief.

Now, for all of my years as a fan of female masturbation and having seen horny women fucking everything from aubergines to bottles to cucumbers to dildos to eggplants (honestly, if I took the time, I could probably progress through the whole alphabet in terms of such impromptu pussy penetration substitutes), but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone masturbating themselves with a shoe! And, forgive me, but I’d think that a woman of Leah-Jayne’s voluptuous proportions would want something of far greater girth than a mere stiletto heel to fill her voluminous vagina.

Eh, to each their own, and the fact that Leah-Jayne is able to achieve orgasm from her funky fetish footwear makes viewing this video all the more satisfying. Not only that, but it’s nice to see someone promoting safe shoe-sex through the use of a condom! And so, here’s 34HH Leah-Jayne masturbating with her fuck-me shoes at PlumperPass.com:

Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com    Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com

Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com    Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com

Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com    Leah-Jayne in fuck me shoes video at PlumperPass.com




9 thoughts on “Fuck Me Shoes – Literally!”

  1. I used to work for an Irishman whose preferred exclamation of amazement was “Well, fuck me old boots!” I don’t think he meant it literally, though.

  2. A fabulous post, Reese- Leah Jayne is one of my all-time favorites. As you say, she is beautifully slutty, and has such a supremely lush body. More of her is always welcome.

  3. Hi Reese: This is off topic for this particular blog but I didn’t know how else to contact you. I looked at the xx-cel site that you frequently mention and was pleasantly surprised to see that tit sucking (one of my favorite activities!) is mentioned as appearing in the photo sets, but unfortunately not shown in the preview/tour. I was curious as to whether you might do a blog dedicated to tit sucking featuring some of the more dramatically busty models like Merilyn/Anya, Diana (love her interracial work), or Tristal. I’m sure it would blow away most of your viewers (me included). Thanks for your efforts! They’re greatly appreciated (I check your blog everyday)!

  4. Thanks Reese! Leah Jayne is my all-time favourite; just so gaddam gorgeous!

    By the way, I heard that Leah Jayne is getting married, and good luck to her! but whilst this means she’s curtailing her escorting activities (oh how I would have loved to…) will this also mean she’ll be doing less and less photo and video work :(

    It wil be a sad day in te bazmeisters’ house if this happens…

  5. Hi Reese,

    I’m quite surprised that this is the first time that you have seen a high-heel used as a dildo! This is not a rare phenomenon and women have allegedly been reported as doing this for centuries, perhaps ever since heels were fashionable.

    There are certainly some early twentieth century photographs of women doing this and high tapered pre-stiletto late 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s heels seem particularly suitable to this. Heels are also often described as being phallic.

    I had a girlfriend in the 60’s who admitted to having done it with her mother’s early fifties shoes that she used to use for playing house as little girl. She admitted that she had used them a few times when she was 13 and 14 to bring herself off. She knew I had a thing about girls and women in heels and she showed them to me one day when I was round at her house; we ended up having sex with her wearing them after she had invited me to use the heel on her clitoris and in her vagina.

    I suppose that we only tend to be aware of our own kinks/fetishes and not other peoples; it just so happens that I have both a tit and a high-heel fetish!


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