Happy Birthday Samantha38G !! :~D

Please join with me in offering a big MyBoobSite Happy Birthday to the beloved, ever beautiful and ever bountiful Samantha 38G! Since age is totally irrelevant to someone as sexy as Sam, I won’t tell you how old she is (hint: think “band-size”)…but I will say that she’s just one of those women who just gets hotter and hotter as time rolls on.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Sam through the copious comments she’s posted here, granting us an insight into the truly amazing woman behind the big breasts. Although she’d had me from “hello” simply by virtue of being a voluptuous, busty blonde with a most sensual disposition, I’ve since gleaned a lot more about her: I’ve found Sam to be a warm, friendly person with a wicked sense of humour; someone who cares enough about her fans to share those bits of her life that matter to us. She’s also highly intelligent and a shrewd businesswoman (so much for the “blonde” stereotype!), knowing what she wants out of life and not afraid to pursue it with persistence and determination, serving as an inspiration to everyone in the business.

And so, by the powers vested in me as blogmaster of MyBoobSite, I hereby proclaim this to be Samantha38G Day! Happy Birthday, Sam – and may we have the privilege of sharing many more with you in years to come. In order to set the tone of this most festive occasion, here are a few lovely pics of our birthday girl in her bathing suit (as opposed to a bathing girl in her birthday suit), courtesy of Sam’s own SexySamantha38G.com

Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com

Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com

Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com    Sexy Samantha 38G from SexySamantha38g.com

…and what better way to celebrate one’s birthday than with a nice oily boob massage? Granted, I’d rather be the giver than the recipient (the true gift is in giving, eh?), but that’s probably because I don’t have big tits of my own (that’s really just as well, though, as, if I did, it’s highly doubtful that I’d ever get any work done). Thus, quite frankly, I’d much rather be in the position of Sam’s girlfriend Eden as administrator of said mammary massage in the videos below (although Sam does reciprocate on the tit-sucking and nipple licking). Once again, here’s Samantha 38G – this time enjoying the tactile attentions of 38DD Eden – at SexySamantha38G.com:

Samantha38G Videos from SexySamantha38G.com    Samantha38G Videos from SexySamantha38G.com

Samantha38G Videos from SexySamantha38G.com    Samantha38G Videos from SexySamantha38G.com




36 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Samantha38G !! :~D”

  1. Happy Birthday Sam! Sam is my ideal woman – very large breasts, bbw, and blonde! I just hope she doesn’t try to lose weight and become some skinny minnie. Also, keep that blonde hair short. It’s so incredibly hot! For some reason, it make those huge boobs look even bigger. I love it!

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! You are one of my all-time favourite big boobed and curvy ladies in the world! Keep looking spectacularly sexy and keep up the great work. Boob on!

  3. Happy Birthday Sam!! I have a present for you too, I think it would look lovely between your gorgeous big tits. Love and lust always. 8~}

  4. She does look amazing in that swimming costume! Her breasts just get better and better.

    The bar, lately, is being raised really high by all the bloggs. I wonder how Reese is going to top this.

  5. Happy Birthday Sam! May ALL your hot wishes & dreams come true!
    WOW! Stucked on pic # 3 … *Tongue out* ;-)



  6. HBD Samantha! You are luscious. Id like to kiss you all over, but thats probably more of a present for me. I think you’d like my special kisses though…. HBD you curvy delicious vision of lovliness.

  7. Happy Birthday Samantha
    My birthday is tomorrow, so we’re both aries … only I’m a few years older. But just a few. You’ve given me an awful lot of enjoyment over the past several years – thanks very much. Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

  8. Happy, happy birthday. From now on this day will be the Samantha Day where beautiful, big boobed women with wonderful eyes and sexy short blonde hair are celebrated.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.

  9. Happy Birthday Sam. You get more and more beautiful every Time I see you. I have been a fan since the moment I saw you. Why can’t I find a woman like you. I hope you still around when cloning is made legal and and are willing to do it cause I just cant get enough of you.

  10. Happy Birthday Samantha!! You are really fantastic. You make me reach the boiling point EVERY time!! Here’s to you looking better with each photo shoot! Love that swimsuit!

  11. Sam, Love ya lots, but try to tone down the photoshopping a bit. I’d love to see you let your natural beauty shine through a bit more.

  12. Well, it seems most of the gifts ya’ll suggested would be more for your enjoyment than mine. LOL A spanking, not my style.
    It is more makeup than photoshop. I went back and looked at the originals. And remember it is a lot of hardwork to be a natural beauty.
    All the birthday wishes warms my heart.
    Got into a bit of trouble the day we shot those pictures on the yacht. Even though I was in a one piece suit, the coast guard did stop by and ask me to stop posing. Can you imagine. Here I am in a one piece, not a bikini. And I was upseting all the other boaters. All I was doing is cheesecake type of pics, not even over-the-top sexuality.
    Makes me wonder, if I were to do a photo shoot in NYC Central Park. Would I get arrested?
    If I were to shoot in a bikini?
    Do my curves make a conservative outfit on normal females obscene? I am just a girl. I want to wear clothing like all the other girls.
    After all, god made me this way? Not my fault you men think sinful thoughts everytime you see a great set of boobs.

    Forever: 38G

    Forever: 38G

  13. whats wrong with a sexy good looking lady such as your self, posing in a swimsuit….the shots were great by ther way

  14. oh man ur giant breasts turns me on. i wish i could come and give u a special suprise on ur beautiful breasts

  15. happpy birthday sam;ı’d like 2squirt ur gift on ur nice tits:)reallly it would be nice if ı could cover ur sexy tits wit my sperm :):):)

  16. ur tits are sooo big, i’d like to suck all the warm creamy milk from ur juicy nipples in my mouth – be my mama baby – please!!!

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