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Just wanted to take a moment today, as 2007 rapidly draws to a close, to thank you all on behalf of both Vix & myself for being part of our on-line family this past year. We could have never anticipated that from our humble efforts would emerge such a cohesive and truly spirited community of big breast lovers – many of whom we now count as friends – and that’s all down to you guys & gals. So our sincerest gratitude to the many of you who continue to call MyBoobSite home and, for those of you who may be new to our little community, a glimpse of your grateful webmaster & webmistress as a means of introduction (I’m the one on the left – no, your left)…

Reese & Vix

…Vix & I also wish to personally thank Mason, Sam, Joey, Vadd, MaGnUs, Bryan & Carlos – the latter of whom enlightened us to that old Argentinian proverb, “Un buen par de tetas te alegran la vida!” – for extending your personal warm wishes for the New Year and wish you the same sentiments in return (plus the pair of big tits as referenced in the preceding proverb (except for Sam, perhaps, since he already has a beautiful pair of I-cups at his disposal by virtue of his lovely wife (am I jealous?!))).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to offer my humblest apologies to the many of you who have written to me over this holiday season. It’s been an “udder” madhouse, and I’ve simply not had the time to deal with the backlog. There’s one correspondent, however, that I feel especially bad not having got back to: my good mate Indy – webmaster of Ebony Boob Roundhouse – who’d posted the following public praise…

I’d be seriously remiss if I let the New Year ring in without sending a profoundly heartfelt thanks out to Reese – maybe the internet’s ultimate Big Breast Blogger and one of the main reasons for the success this year of my own blog, The Ebony Boob Roundhouse.

Back in February I took Reese up on his offer over at MyBoobSite to start a small blog on The Breast Files – and found I loved it. Of course, I’d always loved huge boobs!

Reese was generous and forthcoming with advice, technical answers, and overall guidance and suggestions about how to get a blog up and running. The EBR has since moved to its own domain, but Reese remains one of the biggest reasons for the success The EBR has enjoyed in 2007.

Thank you Reese – You’re the Best of The Best

…Indy, I just wanted to let you know that I’d not forgotten you and wanted to likewise thank you publicly for your kind words and extend our best wishes for the continued growth and success of Ebony Boob Roundhouse in 2008.

What does 2008 hold in store? I suspect it’ll probably just be business as usual here at MyBoobSite, with Vix & I simply continuing to seek out the most bountiful big boobs we can find (not to mention the BBWs, cocks & trannies for our other blogs). Vix will carry on getting her tits out, no doubt, whilst I redouble my own efforts at recruiting potential busty models interested in having their own website (as well as increasing promotion for the wonderful well-endowed women who’ve already taken us up on the offer!). In addition, I would really like to do something special here for the newly-emerged 30JJ Gentleman’s Club, but that’s still in the planning stages. ;~)

Well, that’s about all I have to say apart from wishing a Happy New Year to you all! Having exhausted my annual allotment of verbiage, I’d best start getting ready for the traditional village New Year’s fancy-dress party at our local pub (the theme for this year is any costume beginning with the letter P, so Vix is going as a piss-head whereas I’m being a priest). Thus, I’ll be off for now and just leave the lovely 38K Bianca Bloom to hoover up the remains of 2007 courtesy of her BreastFiles Playmate Site:

Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites

Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites

Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites

Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites    Bianca Bloom 38K at TheBreastFiles Playmate Sites

(note: actual photos on the site are 1024×682 resolution)


Bianca Bloom at TheBreastFiles


17 thoughts on “Happy New Year from MyBoobSite”

  1. I’d just like to add my Happy New Year’s wishes to Reese, Vix and the rest of you. Thank you all for making 2007 so much fun!!

    I’m looking forward to spending next year with you, too! :)

  2. And a special thanks to —

    Samantha38g, Jelena, Maria Moore and the other models who’ve joined us here for their thoughts from the other side of the lens.

    The 30JJ Gentlemen’s Club for striking a mark!

    Sam and the others for putting me in my place…

    and again, to Reese, for moderating out my REALLY stupid comments!!

  3. Reese, Vix and the Gang,

    I cannot believe how rude I have been!

    I forgot to thank the women who actually make this all possible and real!

    I take this opportunity to thank the Models each and everyone of them for their hardwork, some literally, and breasts. Truely, if it wasn’t for you guys, our world would be a very dull and uninteresting place.

    Please continue to give up the goods as you are the only currency that we choose to deal in.

    Thank you very, very, very,very much!


    Everyone from Myboobsite

  4. Hey,

    Been a reader for a long, long time now – never felt the need to comment. But I thought I would say that it is always a pleasure – both in terms of beautiful women and well crafted words – to read this site.

    Wishing both you and yours a wonderful new year.


  5. HAPPY NUDE BEER!!!! Reese, Vix, thank you both for that special mention, and have a nice party. Me, I’m going to see if my kid fell asleep so I can have new year sex with the wife.

  6. Reese, Vix,

    I wish you (and the rest of the gang) all the best for the coming year. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy MyBoobSite. You truly have created a community for big breast lovers. I thank you for that.

    To support Sam’s earlier comment, of course a major “thank you” as well to all the models who are willing to share their boobs with us. And now with Rachel Aldana as the official 30JJGC Bunny (thank you, Sam, for all your enthusiasm and persistence), 2008 is off to the best possible start.

    As my New Year’s resolution, I intend to take up Reese’s challenge to more actively promote breast-acceptance in 2008. As a big boob lover, I wholeheartedly agree that it is my duty to do so.


  7. Reese Vix,

    I would just like to say thank you again, from all of the gang, for all your hardwork. And, to say how proud the blog makes me, it is rather humbling.

    Sam (with tear in eye)

    Brusten Grosses Vor Evig…..

  8. Happy new year to Rachel Aldana, hope that the new year will bring more joyments, more lusty to this website for the viewers and you will expose your self in a new way of art and photograpy my best wishes with you that you will appear as a shining star on this site.

    yours pintoo

  9. Happy New Year’s to Reese and Vix! Thanks for running such a great site.

    Just one complaint about the pic of Reese and Vix: We can’t even see Reese’s tits!!! What a shame… ;-)

    Have a great 2008!

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