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A Poem for My Love on Valentine’s Day

Of all that in our love I treasure
There’s one that turns me on past measure:
To hear recounts of past affairs
And sucking cum from long blonde hair
Left over from some brief conquest
Who came across your lovely breasts.
I live vicariously through
Erotic tales told by you
Of your life past- and present-tense
With photographic evidence.

There’s this one photo, I declare,
Which always serves to take me there:
You’re sitting naked on the bed
Beholding as you raise your head
A couple locked in sex’ embrace
Their cock and pussy in your face
As you perch there between their legs,
The voyeur, as she moans and begs
He drive it deeper every thrust
Until his balls are fit to bust.

His swollen shaft your fingers brush
Then, sensing he’s about to gush,
You yank his penis out mid-fuck
To give a pre-orgasmic suck.
He soon explodes within your mouth;
You swallow hard, it travels South;
And smile a sweet post-blowjob grin
As glistening cum drips down your chin
Cascading on to your big tits
His jizz within your cleavage sits.

I must with trembling fingers trace
The semen dribbling down your face
And feel the twinges in my dick
Just looking at that favourite pic
Which never fails to drain my nuts
My precious, buxom queen of sluts.
That is to say I am obsessed
A man in love and lust possessed
Forever, let our souls entwine
And be my sexy Valentine.

Vix - My Slutty Valentine

Hopelessly devoted to:

6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day from MyBoobSite”

  1. While I don’t usually grade poetry, you have driven me to do it with your swell rhymes in honor of your Valentine Vix.

    Both myself and my Queen of Sluts thought you rated at least five hard cocks for your efforts. Let Vix find something clever to do with all of them, and enjoy yourselves!

    ps take a few photos why don’t you

  2. Reese,

    You never fail to amaze. Your heartfelt rendition of your love and lust for your buxom queen is one that has touched me deeply. I wish you and Vix many more years of unbridled passion.



    P.S. The pic is well worth the hunt, of course! May we all experience such lascivious joy in our lives and loves. ;-)

  3. Thanks, all, for your comments. While I’m not generally prone to poetry apart from the odd song parody, that one was the result of sudden inspiration whilst sitting on the couch with Vix the evening before where I sat typing away at it on my phone. She asked what I was doing. “Writing a poem,” I replied, but wouldn’t let her see it until I was finished. Leave it to me to use her least favourite form of poetry in my efforts, rhyming couplets… :~P

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. to Sam: …the cock piercing belongs to Vix’ boyfriend, Timmy. Is a right nuisance, that is! :~P

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