In praise of normal-sized women.

Although the wife & I both share the same affinity for large breasts, I tend to prefer a more voluptuous body to balance out the bust size (in fact, Vix often refers to me as a “chubby chaser” because of this). Call me unconvential, but I just think it looks far more natural than the usual “tits on a stick”.

I say “unconventional” because it’s so rare to find examples of “my type” of big-boobed, well-proportioned women in popular culture. Large breasted women are typically exploited in the media for their titillation factor – yes, pun intended – and, more often than not, these are nothing more than skinny, top-heavy glamour models. It’s sad, really, because this implies a public perception that naturally curvy women are undesirable. What’s worse, this attitude does nothing for the self esteem of those “real women” who have a bit of flesh on their bones!

Unfortunately, this media-centric attitude seems to permeate life: Walking down the street on a nice Summer’s day, Vix & I frequently engage in the practice of “boob spotting” (I highly recommend wearing sunglasses for this sport). It’s easy to find the “sticks with tits” flaunting what they’ve got about town in revealing clothing, but most of the generously-endowed larger ladies cover themselves up. Where’s the fun in that?! Again, I blame the media for giving these women the impression that no one wants to see them.

That said, I’m please to find “normal sized” women getting a bit more well-deserved attention on the ‘net nowadays! Heather Michaels is a fine example of what I’m talking about…

Heather Michaels 44G    Heather Michaels 44G

Heather Michaels 44G    Heather Michaels 44G

…this buxom British blonde has been blessed with natural G-cup boobs and a body to match! With measurements of 44G-33-39, Heather epitomizes my ideal of a big-breasted, yet natural, woman.


16 thoughts on “In praise of normal-sized women.”

  1. I must say that I really enjoy your site, it is the first one I look up when I get online. Being a large breast man myself, I’m never dissapointed. If I may suggest, you might check out, it’s an american magazine I’ve enjoyed for years. Also, high marks on the “big boned” women, of whom I’ve always been attracted to. Oh, by the way, the site I recommended does have alot of augmented breasts which are’nt as good as naturals, but I’m one who likes all big breasts.

  2. I don’t know why but i seem to find slim women more attractive than fat ones. I love big tits, especially the “stick with tits” as you call them, only if the’re natural, but i sure love em.

  3. Michael: we’re talking normal sized, not “FAT”, there are shades in between. You are probably one of those men who think if you aren’t reed-thin, you must be “FAT”. How sad for you. I bet you have a hard time finding your stick with tits. It occurs very rarely in nature. Cheers. Erika

  4. You are 110% correct. Women are not supposed to look like a 12 year old boy with tits… they’re supposed to be curvy, cuddly and soft. Big tits, real or otherwise, just look silly on a very skinny woman.

    Frankly, I’d rather put up with a few too many pounds than too few.

  5. Come on people, my first sexual experience was with a hot curvy Puerto Rican goddess! From then on, that time forward, I could never get over the desire for a juicy, full figured woman in my arms!! Voluptuousness RULES! (And silicone ain’t no match!)

  6. I have been looking for women’s tits on the internet. I can’t find anyone, who isn’t a transexual. All one needs to do is look at the boyish or manly faces. They obviously are manufacturing hanging and sagging tits that look real, but they all go with male faces. They also have “Make Believe Pussies” that go with the male faces. I can only guess, that the ROTTEN PORN PRODUCERS are paying for their transexual operations and female hormones, in exchange for appearing in porn movies. If only, I could find a real woman. One, who was born female. A woman can not be reproduced with operations and hormones. I feel bad for those, who were born feeling, that he should have been born female, but I would like to see a real woman. The internet is saturated, with transexuals. Just look at the faces. All, that I want to do, is see real breasts, because I think they are beautiful and very exciting. Someone help. Where can I find–just breasts—not porn.

  7. How I hate those guys who deem themselves “unconventional” for liking big boobs on chubbier women. Of course guys do like chubby women, of course they guys like big boobs coming with a well rounded body. Dont you think it is you who makes women insecure if he implies that other guys wouldnt like them anyway but you would ? Shame on you sir !

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