J-cup boobs, what more can be said?

Good news! I received an e-mail this morning from MyBoobSite’s hosting company – DreamHost – informing me that they’ve octupled my monthly bandwidth! So, in addition to 20GB in storage, unlimited domains and a free install of WordPress (the software I use for my blog), I now get 1,000GB in bandwidth all for just $7.95/mo! What does this mean for you, dear readers? Well, more videos for a start! I’d cut back on hosting movies here recently because the 14,000+ views per day were sucking up over 320GB per month, resulting in around $50- in monthly overage charges. So, now that I’ve got 3x more than we’ve been using, I can host even more movies of massive mammaries!

Anyway, back to breasts: In celebration of this marvellous and unexpected gift, I figured it was time to revisit Nicole Peters, the 22-year-old Yorkshire lass whose huge 32J tits put our trio of G-cup goddesses to shame. She originally went to a photographer because she was interested in modelling. However, once the good folks at Score saw her photos, Nicole’s fate was sealed. At first she was uncomfortable with the prospect of appearing nude, but, lucky for us, she’s since overcome her shyness (and the dildo action on her website – NicolePeters.com – provides the prurient proof!). It’s easy to see why both Score and Voluptuous readers voted her the best big boobs newcomer for 2003…

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

…and here are the vids:

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J


19 thoughts on “J-cup boobs, what more can be said?”

  1. The info about Nicole is quite an old one I think. She is perfoming in the big-boob entertainment for more than 2 years and they declare on her website she wears 32J cup bras. I saw her video where she took off her 34GG bra and put the label of her bra to the camera to see the size. Personally I think her best photo shoot was the first one. The later shoots the worse ones.

  2. Oh man she is a sweetie. It’s her eyes that are amazing as well. She’s got that sweet innocent girl-next-door look. And those breasts are amazing! Wow!

  3. I second Johnny H’s comment! They said that Helen of Troy’s beauty could launch a thousand ships, so it takes a milliHelen (1/1000 Helen) to launch a single ship. Well, in by mind, Nicole is right up there, at least a thousand milliHelens, maybe a whole lot more. She launches _my_ ship! She really plunks my twanger!

    Another one I like is Denise Davies. I sure wish those “Biggest British boobs” “Guinness Boob of Records” girls would do some modeling for Score or whatever. They look like they have the potential.

  4. She is amazing and those eyes are to die for, so you know i might just kill to have someone with a pair of boobs like that. ¡¡¡WOW!!!. Denise Davies is beautiful too, i also like Yulia Nova and Shoko Goto, but isn’t Denise Davies married?

  5. Big flop tits, and big browned aureolas, oh god, in that way my dick gone be hard and my mouth wet, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  6. wow ! those tits are mazing !!!! we need to get a few guys together and a ton of beer n’ get wasted and creme those tits til’ yopu can’t see em’ no more ! that kinda job will take about two dozen of us ! I’m in ! Anyone else ?

  7. Gear up for grub with a tripleheader of pigskin, including a meeting of brothers in Dallas. Everybody knows it’s been a rough year for her, but find out who else had issues

  8. she is really nice;and hot some1 must put out her fire wit a hard cock;yep ı can do that cos when ı looked her body her bigtits pink pussy my cock gettin hard;so nicole wanna bang u babe ı want 2 bend u ova and fuck ur pink pussy and grab ur bighot tits:):):):)

  9. Que maravilla de mujer, me la imagino desnuda en la cama debajo de mi mientras meto sus pezones, toco con mis manos sus enrmes pechos..al mismo tiempo que mi dura polla entra en lo mas profundo de su vagina¡¡..buff¡¡ dios¡¡

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