Jana Defi in the dark as Maria Swan returns…

It’s great to see G-cup glamour queen Jana Defi back at Busty.pl (one of the first sites upon which I’d originally encountered her). Granted, she’s been doing some exceptional work lately with the Pin-Up folks – not the least of which was establishing proof positive that her 32G breasts were 100% natural – but, personally, I’d always felt that her Polish Busty work as alter ego Maria Swan made her look more “organic” (i.e. less of a supermodel and more like a real woman).

That said, there does remain an inescapable elegance about Jana. Take her most recent appearance as Maria Swan at Busty.pl for example, wherein we’re drawn into the fantasy of encountering this stunning specimen of well-endowed womanhood within a darkened lift (that’d be an elevator for all my fellow Americans). Poor Jana simply can’t help dripping with glamour, not to mention the sweet scent of sex oozing from her every pore. Oh, the trials and tribulations of supermodeldom.

Whatever happened to that gorgeous G-cup girl-next-door that Jana Defi used to be; the relentless tease who’d pull her top down just enough to reveal her copious cleavage and just a hint of areola (honestly, if only she’d had braces on her teeth in that last shot, she’d remind me of an old ex-girlfriend, albeit with bigger breasts), and only taking her shirt off completely to show off her stunning topless form when she was facing away from us (although I do love those “big breasts from behind” shots); the busty young angel whose radiant smile as she cast a backwards glance my way before departing would inspire me to write long run-on sentences peppered with photo links and parenthetical expressions?

Alas, she appears to be gone forever, replaced by a “new & improved” version which switches to seductive smouldering temptress mode whenever there’s a camera within eyeshot. All things must pass, I suppose, and I certainly can’t fault Jana for adopting such a super sexy persona for her modelling work. Like the fleeting recollections from my adolescent years, I can still hold on to the fond memories of my pre-glamorous G-cup goddess by virtue of her archived photos & videos at Busty.pl. *sigh*

Here’s Jana Defi – oops, make that Maria Swan – in her latest from Busty.pl:

Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl

Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl

Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl

Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl    Jana Defi aka Maria Swan at Busty.pl



35 thoughts on “Jana Defi in the dark as Maria Swan returns…”

  1. Eh eh, I bet that after these very ellegant and nostalgic comments of yours, reminiscing about the old natural and innocent look of the Busty.pl Maria Swan persona, she will definetely consider the hypothesis of a come back, with a new photoshoot recapturing that innocence…! Hey, perhaps even with braces…! ;)

  2. ManOfAction Says:

    Hey, perhaps even with braces…! ;)

    Erm…hopefully not with braces, as I’d likely suffer a touch of spontaneous combustion.

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. I like the “boobs from behind shot” like pic 10. I think there should be more of this type of shot if you please Reese!

  4. Makes me feel kind of bad it’s unlikely I’ll be on the same continent with a woman who looks like that… well unless I move…. hmmm moving ;-)

  5. I love this girl. She needs to get together with Alexandra Moore and see who’s more stunning. Maybe ‘boobs-from-behind-shots’ standing side by side!

  6. love the new pics of maria. would have liked to see more of the set though if there are more to it. possibly a front shot of her without the top on :)

  7. I completely agree about Maria’s early clips. I had two of her fully dressed in a leotard and jeans, slowly walking toward the camera during a long, slow zoom. I think I found them on YouTube, but one of them went away. So sad, ’cause it was reeeally sexy.

  8. Please excuse the abrupt post. Reese I recently “discovered,” Milena Velba and she is absolutely amazing. Not that finding pics of her is difficult by any stretch, I was just surprised that she’d not been featured on your site.

  9. Maria Swan is not fooling anybody. Here surgery scars are obvious, though sometimes hidden with makeup or Photoshop. She’s beginning to get those “Busty Dusty” style skin stretches, which only happen with oversized implants. You can’t believe anything you see on video. Her sonogrm could easily be faked by having a “natural” woman off camera, receiving the real sonogram. That said, Maria still looks great!

  10. I must disagree. Yes, the sonogram could be faked. But women with natural breasts have stretchmarks on their skin too, and those supposed surgery scars are really more like folds in her skin than a scar. Now, I admit those folds are a bit odd, suspect even (maybe the result of implants, or simply her glands). But consider too the evidence for the defense: her boobs are pendulous, not sticking straight out; when she lays down, they flatten right down. I admit, some boob jobs are worse than others, but if she’s fake, it’s about the best boob job in the world.

  11. Reese-
    That comment of mine that’s awaiting moderation on the implant/real issue, talking about the folds of skin and how they look lying down? Feel free to delete it. When I wrote it, I hadn’t realized how much people have written about the whole business in your comments sections. However, in light of that, I do want to say something else about the issue, which I sort of think is worth posting. And it’s this:

    You know, people who chime in on the Jana real/fake question tend to talk about whether the doctor/sonogram can be trusted, but mostly whether or not the physical evidence supports their case: how the boobs look, how the skin around them looks, how they look in different positions, etc. I’d like to go to a more philosophical level here, and raise two questions.
    First, not to be mean about it (I think she’s mighty cute), but honestly, if a girl was going to spend a bunch of money on plastic surgery so she could be a model, don’t you think she’d alter her nose before she’d have implants so huge they’d confine her to nude work?
    Second, it’s a big, big world. There are all sorts of people with all sorts of unusual physical conditions. Is it so hard to imagine that there would be a woman somewhere who would be skinny yet have huge tits? Because if such a woman existed (especially if she was from Eastern Europe), chances are she’d capitalize on them by doing nude modelling.

  12. I agree with peeb. If Ms. Defi’s breasts are in fact implants, they look more natural than most natural breasts. She’d be like a photorealistic painting that somehow looks more real than the subject. Another good argument on the all-natural side is that PinupGlam pretty much put their reputation on the line with the proof piece they did, and they don’t come across as a site that would lie to their customers. I believe, anyway.

    Now as for the plastic surgery issue, it’s possible that rhinoplasty would be infeasible for various physical or psychological reasons, thus making nude modeling a good alternative choice, and breast augmentation a sound choice of procedure. But like I said, I believe.

    That’s one thing that bothers me about the modeling industry, even more than their “busty is bad” attitude: the rule on a model’s face generally seems to be “attractive but uninteresting.” There are exceptions of course, but it seems like most any unusual feature is deemed a flaw. If Jana/Maria had gone for regular modeling, you know some agency clown would have told her to get a nose job. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I think her nose is cute, and it’s right for her face. She’s about as pretty as you can get, and any change just wouldn’t be right.

  13. Based on the few (sadly) clips I’ve seen of her, they certainly move like the real thing. She’s such a complete goddess, I frankly wouldn’t careone way or the other. Always nice to see Jani/maria/pick one and stick with it. Any chance of Ewa making a long overdue appearance as well?

  14. I’ve heard that Jana just contracted to a major lingerie company, she will staring in advertising and hopefully commercial films soon.
    Good news that she will be seen in the “mainstream” biz more often now.

  15. I’m not really a big fan of Jana, but i’ve just seen her on the Loaded DVD – man, she blows the others away – she just knows how to use her body, especially the ‘special ones’ !

  16. Please stop showing her pics. I cant stop cumming to her. I am addicted to that thin body, perfect tits and teasing smile

  17. I love garter belts. I love Maria/Jana.

    The two together?

    Pure awesome.

    I seem to remember her in a WHITE garter belt shoot once, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe someone has a link?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Also, for some reason I find her nose very attractive. I normally don’t like big noses, but I absolutely LOVE Jana’s.

    All she needs is glasses and a love for technogeekery, and she’d be my perfect woman.

  19. I love Jana. And the whole real-fake debate might as well come to an end. You can’t prove it, and if someone believes they are real, or someone believes they are fake, and they are still going to rely on the possibility that the sonogram was possibly faked, you are not going to convince them otherwise. Those are the kind of people that have a particular belief, and they are going to stick with it no matter what. Just learn to respect people. For those who believe they are real, you’re right, and those who believe they aren’t, you’re wrong, but it doesn’t need to turn into a debate. She’s beautiful, they’re beautiful and that’s all that really matters, anyway. Everyone in the modern industrialized world is faker than they are real, anyway.

  20. To me, Jana is one-of-a-kind. Where else on this planet does there exist a woman that pretty with such impossibly huge, perfect, delicious breasts, who also owns such a long, lean, sexy body that in on its own would make her worthy of international pin-up fame. Just look at her flat, firm, sexy tummy–if she worked out a bit she could easily have a six pack And her bum is is to die for. there’s nobody out there who can touch her IMHO.

  21. life is third world and no one is better than anyone else-my life is about dreaming of having a slim big titted beautiful women-there just to busy learning with rich men

  22. it makes no sense for a young model to get absurdly large implants. Jana could have just as easily done regular, not big-bust modeling if she had wanted to.

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