Kaytee Carter Hardcore + Porn Censorship

If you’ll allow me to mount my sexual soapbox on the boob blog today, I’d like to alert you to an alarming trend that’s been brewing within the adult webmaster community of late. Basically, it amounts to a growing movement of self-censorship wherein explicit hardcore content would no longer be permitted in the free photo and video galleries used to promote porn sites. What’s even worse, their rather relaxed definition of hardcore includes not only traditional penis pussy penetration pics, but anything showing nude genitals whatsoever!

It all comes down to erotic economics as, in the adult webmasters’ view, giving away so much free porn in hardcore form is preventing us pervy peeps like ourselves from signing up for membership to their websites wherein we can freely access all the hardcore porn we can handle. In my view, however, I believe this is misguided since, if I don’t get to see at the very least one graphically explicit example of what I can expect when sex ensues, I’m more likely to ignore the softcore segments of the series. In contrast, however, when I’ve seen a pretty pussy I particularly like or some steamy hardcore sex act that sends the blood pumping into my nether regions, I’m far more likely to be reaching into my pocket to pull out something other than my penis to gladly pay for the hardcore porn privilege of seeing the full series as has happened countless times in my perving past!

Big breast lovers needn’t worry themselves over this censorship trend too much, though, as naked tits, nipples and areolas remain unaffected and could still be shown in all of their bare boobs nude glory, but the impact upon female genitalia fetish sites like my vagina blog would be nothing short of staggering. I mean, however could we judge if we liked a given girl’s genitals if her pussy parts are censored from our vulva loving view? For example, if this whole hardcore censorship in porn party takes off, then even the following sexy solo medium-core pussy photo of spread cunt cutie Kaytee Carter from Scoreland would be banned from appearing on MyBoobSite forever…

Kaytee Carter naked at Scoreland.com

…and, yes, I did sign up to Scoreland on the sublime sexual strength of that one pussy spreading photo of Kaytee Carter nude with her big tits pancaking in the background alone, whereas the free hosted gallery provided for promotion of this series wasn’t nearly enough to pique my interest in plundering my pockets for credit cards let alone cock! So big kudos due to Score for having the generous genital fetish foresight to include these more sexually explicit hardcore thumbnails for most all of the promotional galleries they freely provide us.

The same holds true for their long anticipated Kaytee Carter hardcore debut in that, while there is hardcore content depicted in the promo gallery, the actual explicit incidents of graphic boy-girl sexual contact like tit-sucking or cunnilingus or fellatio or full-penetration fucking are tastefully obscured by face or hands. In fact, in the 13th photo below, it’s impossible to tell whether we’ve got a cock hungry Kaytee Carter giving a blowjob or just miming the act of playing some imaginary wind instrument with her mouth (hmm, her blowing the legendary skin flute springs to mind, thus denoting successful implication of the oral sex act portrayed thereby buggering my argument a bit)!

But enough of my rant on porn censorship regardless of how creatively or tastefully censored the sex may be and let’s take a lurid look at the rest of the gallery in question. Here’s stunningly beautiful 34I busty blonde Kaytee Carter losing her porn virginity for the first time ever in big boobs hardcore sex scenes at Scoreland.com

Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com

Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com

Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com

Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com

Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com    Kaytee Carter hardcore from Scoreland.com

…the thing is, as I’d mentioned earlier, it’s hard to tell if sexy blonde big boobs beauty Kaytee Carter is fucking or not in those last two pics, and we certainly don’t want another simulated sex scandal shocker on our hands! But don’t despair, as it’s said genitally graphic and sexually explicit hardcore thumbnails to the erotic rescue once again as shown through this nude Kaytee Carter pussy penis penetration pic to prove she’s actually enjoying a fuck rather than just cleverly concealing his cock outside of her cunt in this uncensored hardcore sample provided with coitus loving courtesy of Scoreland.com:

Kaytee Carter hardcore fucking with pussy penetration uncensored at Scoreland.com




P.S. Please note that Score is a thankful exception to this emerging rule, as other hardcore porn sites are not intending to be so giving in their generosity with genitalia in the future. So, horny hardcore porn fans, let’s make sure that our voices are heard in helping to call a halt to the false economy this silly self-imposed censorship would bring!]

9 thoughts on “Kaytee Carter Hardcore + Porn Censorship”

  1. I think your analysis is bang-on. If I go to a free gallery, and don’t see any pussy shots, I don’t bother, and so am never even remotely tempted to whip out my big, hard, (cash-) engorged credit card.

  2. I disagree, Reece. I have actually told Pinupglam this a few times. They give in-depth previews of each video. Why not just spank to those, they’re 1/3 to 1/5 as long as the real video and show some of the best scenes? I’m more likely to buy if I get teased into it, to be quite honest. I can see that a little bit of nookie action might be helpful for some, but on a dollars and cents basis the webmasters have to do what works best and I’m behind them on that. I actually told the pinupfiles guys they’re idiots and they didn’t listen… lmao.

  3. Pretty girl but no I cup. That must be marketing for the less trained young boys wank club fantasy as that will have no misleading affect on the more trained eye. My wife is a 34 I and she would dwarf this very pretty but nearer G cup honey. Not that G cups are to be sniffed at all…

  4. I see this has been happening already. Sites like ddfbusty have already scaled back. In their samples they usually have 16 pics and 4 vids. In a solo vid set you used to get a tease, stripping, full nudity , and ending with dildo play or something like that, but now sometimes you get teases on the first 2 or 3 clips and only showing their full breasts by the last clip and maybe a few second glimps of pussy. Hardcore sets you would get a tease, bj, penetration, and cum shot samples, but now sometimes you only get teases and a quick glimpse of hardcore. The pics are the same with the last few pics finally showing the goods. I think if these sites want more people signing up they need to lower their prices not take away free content so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. I think $30-$40 a month is too much to afford in this economy and if they would scale it back maybe they’d get more people signing up who can now afford to and in turn make more money based on more customers.

  5. I assume that what is publicly available as a tease is the ***best** they have. That usually turns out to be true. The vast majority of images and video are mere spins on one another. But some of those spins really hit the spot.

    If they continue to dilute the public content I continue to be less likely to run the risk of paying the exorbitant prices or hassling with the recurring memberships.

    What they need to do is come up with a way of reducing the amount of money I need to commit for what I get. They also need to drop the vampire billing BS. It makes me even less likely to buy.

    I’m guessing the smart business model will be something metered – a fixed (small) amount of content for a small investment.

  6. Tubesites steal our content.
    Fans join then post it all over the web for free.
    Economy has hit the adult industry HARD!

    Already companies are paying models way less than they used to and many have gone under. So there is less work for us in general.

    #1 reason- UNDER 18 year old can see sexually explicit pics & videos clips. That should be the main reason that stuff shouldn’t be FREE! 13 yr olds should NOT be able to watch alot of the porn that is on the web for free. Don’t even start with the arguement that parents need to monitor their kids on the computer. Not with every cell phone, ipad, gaming devises having access to the web at all times these days.

    Over the past 10 years releasing more xxx stuff to stay competitive with other sites has been crazy.

    An unhappy,

  7. Thanks Samantha. The first reason is why some news sites are going subscriber only. I’m also sure the 2nd reason is to blunt any additional regulation by govt types.

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