Large Areolas In Your Face with Lorna Morgan

Nowt to say about big tits today but, still, I couldn’t resist popping in to share some nice, big areolas and nipples with you simply because they took me totally by surprise. You see, I opened a mammary message in my boob mail box this morning only to find the following pair of big breasts in my face with huge areolas staring back at me (assuming that tits can see, that is)! Clicking the link, I found that it was lovely busty Welsh lass Lorna Morgan giving herself a big oily boobs massage with the video camera close-up so that her amazingly large areolas of saucer-sized proportions dominated the frame. And so, in the spirit of sharing my big tits surprise, here’s the ever beautiful Lorna Morgan with her oily areolas & nipples in your face courtesy of

Large areolas and nippes in your face with a baby oil big breast massage from Lorna Morgan at



10 thoughts on “Large Areolas In Your Face with Lorna Morgan”

  1. Been looking at this video on and off for 24 hours. Absolutely georgeous!!! Would love to be set free on a set like that …. the mind boggles!!! ……

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the broken links, guys. I’ve switched them over to a working FLV gallery from the same video series…

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. One of the hottest women alive. Ya know, she also has a terrific voice. Very soft and sexy. Total package and on par with Chloe as far as I’m concerned. No doubt. And I don’t make a habit of heaping praise like that around all that often. She’s just that amazing.

  4. She must be getting tired lifting those heavy boobs over and over. I’ll gladly take over for her so she can rest her arms. It would be one workout that I would make sure I did lots of extra reps! :D

  5. This is one of the most beautiful women i have seen.
    Apart from her obvious assets i love her very nice smile!
    You can drown in those eyes.

  6. First Nadine, now Lorna… keep it up, my friend, I’m getting wistful …And by wistful I mean super fucking hard!

  7. Lorna gets more beautiful as time goes on! By the way is she still updating her website? Do you have any newwer pics of her?

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