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Hi guys & gals, Reese here, as Vix is out at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know she’s blogged the first Lexxxi Luxe / Anorei Collins hardcore video over on our BBW blog (with a nice set of sexy fuck photos as well)!

My only disappointment was with the Lexxxi Luxe hardcore video preview Plumper Pass provided. I mean, her sex scene has loads of huge, pendulous breast fetish fodder from tit sucking to breast smothering to a big boobs blowjob and titfuck with cum on tits to boot, but the four sample videos concentrate on the fucking too much. Meh, may have to make my own massive mammaries movie trailer paying more attention to her tits. ;~)

Still, the photos are brilliant and give a far better idea of what it’s like to fuck Lexxxi Luxe! Bear in mind that these photos & videos won’t be available on Plumper Pass ’til tomorrow (Friday, 18 May 2012) but, for now, here’s a taste of things to cum from having sex with Lexxxi Luxe hardcore on My BBW Site:

Lexxxi Luxe hardcore video plus titfuck blowjob sex fuck photos of Anorei Collins on My BBW Site


Lexxxi Luxe hardcore video on PlumperPass.com


29 thoughts on “Lexxxi Luxe Hardcore on My BBW Site”

  1. Oh my.

    I know I’m not the biggest Lexxxi fan, but damn. That is HOT. The smothering during fucking looks like heaven.

  2. I have waited for this since the first time I saw pics of Anorei/Lexxxi. Great, fantastic pics!! Just wish I had been there too… :D

    Lexxxi, I surely hope you’ll do more hardcore in the future! Thanks! ;)

  3. Christian is one lucky SOB! Lexxxi Luxe is officially my #1, I can already see myself blowing a load on my keyboard!

  4. You go Lexxxi! Really enjoyed these pics and clips. Can’t wait to see the whole video. Very hot. You look very natural. Been waiting for this for a while. Wish I was the guy!

  5. Hope she knows what she is doing, in future she will be appearing on more HC videos since her career has now gone that way. This happened way too soon, i can bet that her normal model career wasnt making too much money or she wanted more. Im ok with that, but is she?

  6. @Andy-let me point you to an explanation of sorts on her tumblr… “it’s my career- and due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s been sped up. I’m not upset about it”

    @Yutz-she’s still with her long term man I believe, who she recently quoted as being happy with her facesitting/boob smother shoot. So I guess he’s open minded enough

  7. wow she has a man that dosent mind her gettin banged by other dudes?!! lol wow., anyway excellent shoot jus wish she was more into it maybe because it was her first hardcore scene but either way the world is yours anorei get it baby!

  8. Love this set for the makeup and clothes. Makes a real change from the girl nect door look she often has. Would work great as a solo set as well.

  9. To me it is kind of sad that she is going this route with her career. She went from the nice girl next door type to this.

    If she is still with her BF, I can’t imagine the strain on the relationship. Would you guys want your GF fucking strange guys for a web site, and everyone knowing about it? At Lexxxi, I hope the money was worth it.

  10. I almost didn’t even comment on this post after all the comments above, but I did want to let people know I’ve read them.
    Also- my relationship is fine, thank you. If my fiance couldn’t handle it, he’d have told me.
    It wasn’t for the money, but if you give a damn, you can go read my tumblr, I don’t want to retype all of it here.

  11. @Lexxxi, If you love you BF and you didn’t do the hard core for the money, then why risk your relationship?

  12. @Former Anorei follower: Hmmm, if you truly love someone and they love you in return, how could you be uncomfortable with them experiencing all the wonders life has to offer, including those of a sexual nature? Why would you let your own insecurities jeopardise the relationship?

    Personally, I rather like watching my wife fucking other men. In photos or on video, all the better (as it lasts longer)! It’s not just that it’s horny as hell and I get to enjoy sex perspectives not normally visible when we’re fucking each other (such as the point of penetration), but there’s also my intense love connection in seeing how much she’s enjoying herself (sometimes in such 3rd-party sexual situations, I can get off just by watching her eyes (especially if she’s got a big mouthful of cock at the time!)). It’s like hardcore porn, but with an additional emotional element involved.

    @Lexxxi: Well done in finding a fiancé who doesn’t succumb to the totally useless “emotion” of jealousy. Seems a rare and precious commodity indeed, so I’d say he’s a keeper! ;~)

  13. I’m an exhibitionist, he’s a voyeur. As our relationship progresses, we’re each more and more comfortable being ourselves. You know how- when you write a word a lot and somehow it starts to not look like the word anymore? That’s how many times he’s already watched the video >.< lol
    Hardcore was something I wanted to do before my career ends, to bring it full circle- so I did.
    I'm not sure how much longer my career WILL last, and it's not because of the hardcore. Some things in life just make other things impossible. SO- I'm trying to make sure that everything is all packed up in a neat, nice package, in case everything comes to a halt, lol.

    Also: I hope you know- that nice girl next door? She's a freak ^_~

  14. so how would you rate your scene miss lexxxi?? also why are you hinting at your career being shortened if anything this is gonna boost your ratings and popularity amongst the followers

  15. It always amazes me when some guy, jerking off to an adult model on the internet, that he doesn’t know, has no relationship with, starts whining about mistakes she made in her career & how her choices will affect her BF/Husband, etc.

    You don’t know this person, it’s just a fantasy in your head.
    Maybe, in real life, she’s a swinger.
    Maybe doing hardcore, online, was a personal interest of her’s.
    Maybe they offered her great money.
    Who knows?
    Who cares?

    Anorei/Lexxi has been around for some time.
    It’s certainly not like she was just doing topless, only mere weeks ago.
    Time has passed, and maybe it was the next progression for her.

  16. I don’t really feel she is great porn material, BUT her breasts are stellar. I guess she had not other move to make in her career. She’s done it all. She even got pregnant for viewers to see!! What is next for someone this open about her body? Porn seems right for her. I hope she does some hot scenes, or even sets a record for biggest breasted bukakke ever, or something like that.

  17. Lexxxi, your body and your scene is fantastic and fabulous. You are such an amazing example of full blown WOMAN. I love your face, bodiciaous boobies, wonderous belly, smooth thighs, wonderous womanly part (pussy), full blown booty and your sexy girl next door look. You’re simply amazing and I want to thank you so very much for allowing us a peek at your sexiness!!! What ever you decide to do in life is your choice but I am forever grateful that you decided to share your ‘ASSETS’ with us. You basically leave me speechless, shaky, and quite HARD!!! LOL

    love ya sexy girl !!

  18. So nicely said everyone. I guess I was looking for a fantasy girl, and have not found one. If Lexxxi is truly happy, then great. I apologize for my remarks. I guess I don’t completely understand the life style. My late wife had a long time affair with another woman from London and it did hurt. I let her do her thing because I loved her and tried not to let on that it hurt. But, that was just me.

    I am not a fan of hardcore and don’t watch it anymore. There isn’t any passion. At least the old movies had a plot. For me hardcore always ruins the fantasy. Especially when I read that a huge percentage of these girls were molested at some point in their childhood and or have low self esteem. I just think “this is sad, poor girl”. I hope I’m wrong, but it still seems sad. Again, I apologize for my reaction.

    For Reese, do you know of any smart, sexy, classy models who will not do hard core? A modern Melena Velba?

  19. @Former Anorei follower: My humblest condolences re: your wife. :~(

    After reading your thoughtful post, I can totally see where you’re coming from, and now I feel should’ve made a distinction between “the lifestyle” and an affair. To me, an affair implies secrecy and deception, whereas swinging is something we openly share as a couple.

    Speaking as one who has been cheated on, you have my empathy. In my case, I wasn’t bothered at all by the sex, it was the secrets and lies that hurt. I cried for nearly five years over that, finding it easy to forgive, but impossible to forget and learned that trust, once broken, is not so easily mended. And, conversely, my greatest regret in life is having previously cheated on my former wife with Vix. Kharma’s a bitch, innit?

    I get what you’re saying about hardcore porn, too. I like it as I do enjoy watching other people having sex, but so much of it, especially in the mainstream, seems completely passionless. And, perhaps it’s partly due to my over-saturation from our blog work, but there’s only one highly specific type of porn that truly gets me off any more.

    Oh, and as for your question? Yes, there’s Abbi Secraa:

    Gigantic tits swinging in your face big boobs courtesy of the huge pendulous breasts of Abbi Secraa nee Nelli Roono at AbbiSecraa.com

  20. There are a lot of awesome girls that have not done hardcore…yet.

    Merilyn Sakova, Valory Irene (she did do a tit-fuck scene, though), Jaye Rose (She’s getting closer, though), Tanya Song, Megan Sweets, Brookie, Bea Flora (Goddess of all time, would love to see her do HC), Eden Mor, Karina “heartbreaker” Hart…

    I actually prefer my big boobs softcore or girl/girl.
    I think Christy Marks greatest material, was her early solo stuff with Score.
    I always find myself going back to 07/08 Christy Marks (wish she would
    come back!)

  21. Thank you Reese.

    I guess I was disappointed that Lexxxie (or any of the models for that matter) did hard core while being in a long term relationship. For my reaction, again, I’m sorry. My idea of a commitment is not universal. It wasn’t fair of me to post my concern here or anywhere. I’ve been angry and depressed ever since Natasha passed away last September. I’ll never find anyone like her again. You wouldn’t believe Natasha’s tango.

    Thanks for the tips Razorjules.

  22. One thing I still find funny, when I was in the middle of now where China, I met a 6’7″ buff Russian guy named Lexie. Biggest guy I’ve ever seen. He was a pilot for an Antonov 124 and I was there to fix an airplane from a bird strike.

  23. A few of my favorite models haven’t done hardcore either. I wouldn’t mind if they did, but it’s OK if they choose not to. Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba, Aneta Buena… and some retired ones, like Sharday and Via Paxton.

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