Lorna Morgan 30JJ (and sometimes 34G)…

Remember how in the first paragraph of my last Rachel Aldana blog I had chided the esteemed membership of the 30JJ Gentlemen’s Club by saying they had yet to find me a girl with JJ-cup breasts at a 30-inch band size as referenced in their club name? Well, I find that I must now eat a slice of humble pie since 30JJGC member Jes took up the challenge I’d issued and his quest brought him right back here to MyBoobSite. *blush*

Jes observed, “Did you know that since you added the 30JJGC banner to your site that all of my search engine efforts to find such lovely ladies lead me right back here?” Bugger. Sorry ’bout that! However, Jes, you cannot imagine my embarrassment when you merely had to point me in the direction of one of my earlier Lorna Morgan blogs to discover that we’d had a genuine 30JJ representative here all along! *double-blush*

Yes, our very own well-endowed Welsh wonder Lorna Morgan did indeed sport the JJ-cup measurements in question. It’s a confusing one, though, as I seem to recall from my last XX-cel blog of Lorna that she was a G-cup at the time. Even more confounding is Ms. Morgan’s model entry on Cel’s site, listing her as “Lorna Morgan – 34G” but then going on to reference her “J-cup chest on such a tiny frame” in the description that follows! Hmmm.

Eh, no matter. I don’t care if her big boobs balloon up and down at the drop of a hat, Lorna is lovely regardless of her cup-size (and she does have a terribly nice pussy as well!). I do have a bit of a thing for Welsh girls, too, as the women of Wales do seem to have unusually large breasts as a rule (second only to the Scots, in my experience). But perhaps the most endearing quality our luscious Lorna possesses is the uncanny ability to terrify Cel with her tits, and anyone capable of that earns big bonus points in my book! ;~)

Thus, here’s the beautiful and somewhere between 34G & 30JJ Lorna Morgan in her office, measuring her breasts and then photocopying them (obviously for documentation purposes) at XX-Cel.com:

Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com

Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com

Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com

Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com    Lorna Morgan 30JJ from XX-Cel.com

(Note: Actual photos downloadable from the site are 1600×1200 resolution.)


30 thoughts on “Lorna Morgan 30JJ (and sometimes 34G)…”

  1. I was looking at Lorna’s xx-cel stuff only recently. I personally think they’re probably the best photos she ever took.

  2. Lorna is my all-time favourite big bust model. Her breasts, whatever their exact size, are a matter of perfection. Charming personality, gorgeous face and body, she is that highly desirable blend of smart and sexy. She also seems a very down-to-earth woman, which makes her even sexier to my mind.

    So is she the ideal 30JJ Kitten? Doing a bit more research, I found that Reese wrote on 23 October 2006 (‘Lorna Morgan at PinUpFiles’):

    “…Ms. Morgan began her topless modelling career in 1999 at the age of 23 and, within two years, found herself enjoying international acclaim for her large, natural breasts (which she recently revealed as having grown to a 30JJ from her original G-cup measurements!)…”

    Lorna announced the increase in size on her own website on 28 July 2006. There has been no note since that she has reduced to a G-cup again, although this is entirely possible after she gave birth to her son.

    On that note, Lorna has recently announced (6 December 2007) that she is expecting again, twins this time. She states that she is shooting as many sets as possible for her site before she gets too big again. Lorna also notes that she does not intend to retire, but will continue modelling for as long as possible.

    I wish she’d reconsider and continue shooting throughout her pregnancy, but I appreciate her wish for some privacy. So once again no lactating either. We will just have to imagine it.

    Lorna, should you be reading this, you are a wonder. You are one of the most stunning women I have ever been fortunate enough to witness. And you have my total admiration for continuing with modelling while taking care of your family.

    Were I near Cardiff (or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter), you are the woman I would love to meet – accompanied by my wife, of course!

    Gentlemen, while I am aware that we have only recently added Faith as a 30JJGC Kitten, I hereby officially nominate Lorna Morgan for the same honour. Anyone to second the motion?

  3. She is, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen. I agree with Riviera, she IS even hotter since having her baby. Talk about a milf!!!

  4. Guys,

    Even if Lorna didn’t have those perfect breasts I’d still want to marry her simply because she is so beautiful. The breasts just make the package perfect. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. She is one of the models who can get out of bed and walk straight in front of a camera and possibly look better than she would after the war paint had been applied.

    And there will always be a special place for Lorna as she looks almost identical to my wife: body and colouring. And my wife is still breast feeding and fell pregnant the same time. I could easily make a mistake on a dark night in my bedroom. The fact that she is Welsh only makes her more attractive to me. The Welsh have really beautiful women from time to time.

    And thats coming from a Sassonak (Englishman)….

  5. I love Lorna. Alot of models are the stuff of fantasy and wank material, but Lorna looks like relationship material. Like the type of girl you would want to marry. The only thing that makes me sad about her pregnancy is that she wasn’t impregnated by me!! Lorna is wife material. Something about her demure personality seems so honest, down to earth and approachable. She looks like the type of woman who can kick back with chips, a beer and watch a game with you and not fuss over the small stuff. More Lorna please!!!

  6. Sam,

    You say your wife looks like Lorna and is still breastfeeding? You lucky sod! Isn’t she a 34I or something similarly gorgeous?

    Then again, I’m more than happy with my own big breasted (36F) beauty. Still, you’ve got me on a mission now to discover which model she looks like most in terms of body and colouring. I feel days of intensive research coming on…

    But that’s for another time. For now, Lorna Morgan requires more worshipping!

  7. It’s only been recently that I’ve realized that I was lucky enough to witness a group of busty adult models that will probably never be equaled. The Score and Voluptuous Magazine models of the 1990’s were a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and Lorna was at the front of the class. She’s probably aged better than any of those women (no offense intended) because when I looked at those thumbnails I thought that Reese had dug up some classic Lorna pics from his archives.

  8. First, of course- Lorna should be a Kitten. She is more than worthy!

    Secondly, I just love this girl. She has something that makes her even hotter than she is physically: personality. Great expressions, amazing smile, and she looks to be a lot of fun.

    On top of all that she is, of course, hot as hell. She was actually one of my first introductions to the world of big breast models. I saw her (along with a few others like Ewa Sonnet, Ines Cunda, and Nadine Jensen) and knew that the kind of woman I like is out there!

  9. Joey,

    You mirror my sentiments exactly but, you have just described Welsh women. They are so down to earth and are great as friends in a relationship as well. But, there is one downside Welsh women have a temper; a bad one. Other than that every man should have a welsh wife or mistress. And yes, I think she is actually relationship material. And I suppose that is the highest compliment. There are the women you want to look at, those you want to fuck and even those you want to fuck you. But, the best compliment is the woman you want to keep to yourself in your home just you and her forever and share your genes with. Lorna Morgan, to me anyway, falls into this category. I could wake up with her every single day and know that life is just too short!

    What lucky fella had the pleasure of getting her pregnant?!

    Oh, and Lorna if you married me you wounldn’t need to change you name too much I have a noble Welsh Name Williams. Hint, hint!

  10. What is the deal with Cel? He has a much more hands on approach to his work. Can you find out if he needs an assistant? Why don’t you take a more hands on approach to your work?

    I’d love to do that for a living!

  11. Sam,

    I would love to date a Welsh woman, but i’m in New York. There seems to be a shortage of Lorna Morgan clones around here….hehe.

  12. I absolutely adore Lorna. I remember a set she did a while ago with Chloe Vevrier… oh man. Unbelievable. The two of them together is pure heaven. Lorna is and will always be a Big Boob Goddess in my books, and I’m sure many others.

  13. Wow!! amazing Lorna!
    I vote her for the second place in Kitten’s podio, without questions!!
    Oh guys! I want to live in England (whales whatever) if there are women like Lorna!!!! hard to find a woman like her here in Buenos Aires…
    PERFECT boobs!!
    and she’s in a good shape after her baby, love you baby!


    Rachel, Eden, Faith, Who else? I think now Lorna… HELP!!!!! Reece….

    Frank put it this way. If I was going to leave home Lorna wouldn’t have to ask twice. The only thing left to do would be closing the door behind me, on the way out!!!

    Lorna if you ever felt the need for an affair I only live up the road in London sexy. You bear that in mnd sweetness!!!!

    I wonder if she has any public outings where the boys can go and see the models?

  15. Joey,

    One of the best looking Welsh Woman on the planet now lives in America. Her name is Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas. So, you’re not that hard done by.

  16. Hey there…

    About 5 years ago I got hold of a copy of a video where a Welsh model called “Randy” interviewed what looked like a security guard about joining a Swinging club. She was dressed in a red hot office uniform with suspenders and her accent was a big turn on for me, but not as much as her unbelievable tits, which she got out for him to “have a nibble, have a suck… no problem!”

    They proceeded to have sex in a variety of positions (softcore), but I’ll never get over how fantastic her tits were. Like a dumbass I lost the video, and despite endless Googling (and oogling) I’ve not found it since.

    Does ANYBODY have any ideas???

  17. Lorna is in class with Bea flora, Traci Topps, Linsey. But now she is the lead. Everything is perfect except her pussy. I like clean and sharp pussy with occasional hardcore. Hope she listens for her fans……… Lorna is just mine.

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