Malina May – How can I resist her?

Wow. It’s amazing to witness the simple power of saying something nice about someone. To wit, in my Boobs-Garden blog a while back, all I did was mention that new model Malina May stole the show in the lesbian romp video she did with Kora & Aneta Buena and I come home from trick-or-treating last night to unexpectedly find this gracing my e-mail inbox…

Malina May Loves Reese! Woo Hoo!!

…see? Flattery will get me everywhere! Now that I know Malina loves me, I shall take my strategic ingratiation campaign to the next level in hopes of garnering her further favours. This should prove to be a relatively easy task as well, considering she’s just started her very own website – – and could probably do with some publicity!

So I logged on to download some blog-fodder and was surprised to see that, for a new site, it already included over 2,500 photos with each series complemented by videos (so, in addition to having good taste in men, Malina also knows how to launch a website in a big way!). She’ll be updating the site twice a week, too, which is quite generous compared to others. My only complaint was that she didn’t provide much in the way of personal information about herself (well, that and the alien sex thing, but I’ll get to that later). Indeed, a little more of a bio and some stats would’ve gone a long way in helping to flesh-out our budding relationship. ;~)

We do know a little bit about Malina, though: She was born and lives in Poland. She recently came of legal age (thus the commencement of her nude modelling career). She claims to be a virgin, although she does thoroughly enjoy necking and her “small finger”, the latter of which has brought Malina and her sundry girlfriends to many an orgasm. And then, of course, there’s the obvious: She’s got rather nice tits with well-proportioned areolae and a remarkably tidy, tight little pussy. Oh, and she’s a blonde, which always helps in my book.

But it’s what on the inside that really counts, innit? To that end, Malina has hinted that her fantasies and thirsts have been becoming more and more perverse over time, and that she’ll be featuring precisely such on her website! Being one with a particular penchant for horny little blondes, I will most definitely be following these developments quite closely!! But, for now, I feel that a brief introduction is in order. So, without further ado, here’s lovely little Malina May from her all-new website…

Malina May from    Malina May from    Malina May from

Malina May from    Malina May from    Malina May from

Malina May from    Malina May from    Malina May from

Malina May from    Malina May from    Malina May from

…and remember the “alien sex fiend” thing I’d mentioned earlier (ok, perhaps I didn’t say “fiend” at the time)? Well, later in this self-same series, it seems that Malina decides to employ the stuffed extraterrestrial lingering in the background for a little alien cunnilingus (I’ve heard of a fetish for “plushies” before, but they do not give good head)! Eh, once again, to each their own. She does seem to bond with the little fella, though…

Malina May and a sex-crazed alien at    Malina May and a sex-crazed alien at    Malina May and a sex-crazed alien at

…as for the videos, I must admit that I felt a twinge of jealousy whilst editing video clips for today’s movie preview. I mean, in addition to Malina’s recent amorous admission, didn’t Wanessa Lilio profess her undying love for me not three months ago (really, I have proof! )? Having dwelt upon this at length, as well as on the wonder that is Wanessa, I finally decided to “pop the question” – in her native language, no less – in my recent Boobs-Garden Party blog!

And now, scarcely a week later, I see my Wanessa going tit-to-tit with Malina May! I just don’t know about these Polish girls. If they’d have just informed me of their intentions for a lesbian liaison, I’d have been more than happy to participate! Hmmm. Perhaps they’re merely “practicing” with an aim towards a menage et trois with me in the middle! They both love me, after all. I’ll hold that thought while you enjoy these videos from

Malina May & Wanessa Lilio videos from    Malina May & Wanessa Lilio videos from

Malina May & Wanessa Lilio videos from    Malina May & Wanessa Lilio videos from


8 thoughts on “Malina May – How can I resist her?”

  1. Nice tits! Like you said, well-proportioned, but to me they don’t look like they’s big enough to make her a card-carrying member of myboobsite. But since we don’t have a bio with her actual stats, I’ll reserve judgment until later. She’s a really cute little package, though.

    Speaking of a twinge of jealousy, it looks like green with envy to me. The clips of the videos have a decidedly greenish cast to them.

  2. hi my name is john noel cleary form ireland!over the last few weeks i saw it by acidently about malina-may website!!in about amile second i had a stiff “whopper”!!!as just for the “intrest”is she “SINGLE”??????Like “popping”her wouldn`t be the intrest for me,but to like get to know her,or write her a letter or email,so if anyone can help…PLEASE!!i`ll even pay,any hint or email or adress would do!!!i mean she does look HOT,better then any other PL girl!!!

  3. Hi.. Iam from Australia.. I love malina may very much.. She look damn sex wit her wide hips and plump and sweet belly.. I wound just like to kiss her yummy tummy and eat it.. She is really hot!!

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