Massive Mammary Massage from Miosotis

I’ve always said that it’s better to give than to receive (although my idea of giving all my friends orgasms for Christmas due to the impact of the credit crunch upon present gift buying ability went over like a brick dirigible), and the thought of treating a busty girl to a big tit massage has always gone a long way to prove that point. However, I just saw one extra large breast massage video Miosotis Claribel did for Score wherein said sensual act is performed from the reciprocal perspective which has me reassessing my stance on giving versus receiving when the tits serious matter of massaging massive mammaries is involved…

Miosotis gives a cock milking titfuck in massive mammary massage video from

…(oh, and isn’t it nice to see Miosotis smiling in the adorably cute boob massage video thumb above? perhaps the fact she’s tit smothering her massage victim with a face full of breast flesh has something to do with it). Anyway, watching this preview trailer reminded me of an early and all but forgotten large breast fetish fantasy from my tit loving teens. You see, an older mate of mine had this unbelievably busty wife and, knowing I had a thing for big boobs, he used to regale my with stories of her falling asleep spooning him naked at night with those massive breasts pressed against his back. He’d then take this cruel big tits tease even further by recounting how her soft nipples would erect spontaneously in the night, the feel of which prompted a spontaneous erection of his own. He’d then begin slowly sliding her hand down into his crotch, gently wrapping her fingers around his engorged member and quietly whisper the magic words stimulating erotic wet dreams to invariably encourage her to start giving him a handjob in her sleep!

Although I was well aware the whole somnambulistic handjob scenario was most likely complete and “udder” bollox (even though I have since experienced otherwise, but not through any subliminal encouragement on my part), I couldn’t help but formulate a fantasy involving my mate’s extra busty girl rubbing her tits on my back which, of course, naturally progressed to her rubbing her boobs all over my body until she found her most ample breasts in the perfect position for a titfuck of massive mammary masturbation proportions! And, despite the fact I never even got the chance to touch her tits, I could imagine the sensual massage of big breasts on my body in sexually explicit, graphic detail (alas, the big tits trick my horny mind could play on me). But enough reminiscing on my fond mammary memories since we can actually see magnificent Miosotis Claribel and her giant boobs giving a sensual breast massage much in the manner I’d imagined (erm, albeit without the unbelievably enormous tits bit) all the way through a cock milking titfuck in Miosotis’ massive mammary massage photos and videos from

Miosotis massive mammary massage photos from Scoreland

Miosotis massive mammary massage photos from

Miosotis post-breast massage fuck videos from Scoreland

Miosotis fucking with massive mammaries in videos from



7 thoughts on “Massive Mammary Massage from Miosotis”

  1. eerrmmm, Surely if you’re going to simulate sex, it’s best not to have the guys cock flapping around, when it’s supposedly inside her….

  2. The example pictures don’t do this shoot any justice. Seriously; I avoided it until I got tired of the other Mio videos I have. But as it turns out this is one of the best big breast fetish flicks I’ve ever seen. My only problem is that it’s too short, but quality over quantity eh?

    Mio really makes the most of her tits here. Oiled up and draped all over his body (which he clearly enjoys; obviously a titantic tit aficionado, unlike some) she works those things. Unlike her earlier shoots she’s given plenty of room to dominate which she clearly gets off on. There’s this inimitable shot about seven minutes through where he pulls one of her leviathans back and has a good suck on the nipple, something only a woman with her endowments could do.

    You really get a taste of how enormous and natural they are towards the end too, as they jiggle away when things move off the massage table. It’s a bloody good watch if you like malleable, sagging breasts which many of us who frequent this site do. I’d recommend watching it at half speed after initial viewing to really savor the mesmerizing unique udder undulations, and the expressions of unrestrained joy on her face as she gets into it.

    Like I said, if whopping racks are your thing this clip will not disappoint.

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