Micky Bells Rings In the New Year

Well, there we have it. The end of 2012 and we’re all still here. What better to do than celebrate with a peal of bells… Micky Bells, of course!

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Micky is looking quite svelte in this blue tummy clincher, isn’t she? Well, when she lifts those KK cups, you can see she does have a neat waist hiding behind them, corsetry or not. Either way, here she is in all her soft, sumptuous, squidginess on XLgirls.com:

Micky Bells Soft Curves for Hard Men photos from XLgirls.com


Micky Bells at XLgirls.com


1 thought on “Micky Bells Rings In the New Year”

  1. serious hangers guys!!!!!!! nice way to see out 2012… so heres to a great new year to both you and reese and may 2013 be good to you both and all that read this blog…. PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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