Montgomery’s Glands of the Areola and Nipples

Being someone who suffers such a severe case of breast obsession as I do, my thoughts turned the other day to what I would choose as my absolute favourite fetish aspect of the female breast anatomy. The nipple? The areola? The cleavage? The tantalising, telltale flaps of breast flesh extending around the side, under the arms and to the back providing anecdotal evidence of a girl’s ample endowments when viewed from behind? Nah, far to obvious for my tastes and, considering the vast variety of compelling physical features present upon the erotic topography of mammary glands thus comprising the pendulous playground of pulchritude they present for our pleasure, you’d think it would be nigh on impossible to select but a singular aspect of big tits that in fact and fantasy fuels the fires of your F-cup & up fascination the most.

However, my considered conclusion came quickly: When playing with a nice pair of big tits close up, I find that my sexual attention soon turns to focus upon one erogenous region in particular – that of the Montgomery’s Glands…

Big Breast Close Up detailing Areola, Montgomerys Glands & Nipple

…named after Dr William Fetherstone Montgomery, the Irish obstetrician who first described them back in the 1800s, Montgomery’s Glands or tubercles are those tiny bumps populating the surface of the areola surrounding the nipple (as well as on the nipple itself ) ranging from 4 to 28 in number which help keep the nipples & areolae lubricated & protected most prominently during pregnancy & lactation. When stimulated, the underlying muscle fibres contract, the areola puckers, the nipple becomes erect and the Montgomery’s Glands to swell to prominence, lending a bumpy “goose flesh” texture to the areola – and, as a special boon to us insatiable big breast lovers looking for a little more, this particular physical phenomenon of the female reproductive anatomy further results in a splendid but temporary bout of breast expansion during the course of sexual stimulation!

Fair enough, but why do I find these elusive little sebaceous glands breaching the otherwise silky smooth surface of the pigmented skin that is the areola so “udderly” fascinating? Well, the secret of my glandular obsession lies solely in their sexual responsiveness. Far less obvious than the nipples and more challenging in terms of stimulating erection, the light, measured and gentle touch required to get the Montgomery’s Glands going can be an extended exercise in eroticism providing the big breast lover (and, hopefully, his or her mate) with endless erotic entertainment.

I really wanted to close today’s favourite breast bits blog with some videos showing closeup areola & nipple stimulation slowly giving way to the sensual swelling of the Montgomery’s Glands but sadly discovered to my dismay that big tits porn just didn’t get that specialised. And so I turned to MyBoobSite’s lovely breasts in residence to help fulfill my fetish. Trouble is, Vix’ tits are far too easily aroused with the slightest stimulus resulting in spontaneous erection and so a slow progression was out of the question (i.e. she only remained flaccid for the first six seconds of filming), but at least I got the Montgomery Gland closeups I wanted and a somewhat sneaky Vix got to have a go at her new-found favourite surreptitious sport of “hole baiting” (tm Derren Brown) under the clever guise of nipple flicking.

And so, if you’ll kindly permit me to indulge in one of the more personal aspects of my extreme breast fetish – specifically, that erogenous region of the breast causing goose bumps on the areola when stimulated – here are a few brief DIY video clips of what I consider to be the most magnificent of mammary manifestations, the Montgomery’s Glands in these closeup breast videos courtesy of Vix’




11 thoughts on “Montgomery’s Glands of the Areola and Nipples”

  1. Absolutely superb. You have just re-confirmed my own extreme breast fetish, if the erection I am sporting is anything to go by. Thank you both for sharing such a wondrous sight.

  2. The undisputed queen of Montgomery’s glands has been Daria vel Aksana featured on MC-Nudes and Digital Cover Girls. Until now that
    “mywifelover” presented his wife. :-o OMG … Now, they’re queens ex aequo. To “mywifelover”: You should make Your wife do modelling !

  3. great article, and totally agree on the awesomeness of those montgomery glands, specially when a woman lays on her back with her breasts between her arms.

    mywifelover: you sir are extremely lucky, those are very beautiful breasts. thanks for sharing, please don’t hesitate to keep sharing :D

  4. At last! Someone who is also obsessed with everything about the boob. I switch back and forth between pics to see the “bumps” grow, good for you!

  5. As a young woman with these glands being rather prominent at the slightest stimuli, I always wondered if something was wrong with my boobs as I always heard of smooth areolas. So thank you so much for the information that you posted here, it truly helped to change my perspective.

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