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Upon returning from a long dirty weekend away, I decided to check my web stats to see what had been happening over the past few days. When I discovered that “Brandy Robbins” had been the second most popular search term for people finding MyBoobSite through Google, Yahoo & MSN, I felt bad because my first blog of Brandy only featured one measly photo… :~( …but, to be fair on myself, it was all I had at the time.

So, I immediately set off to see if I could find more of Brandy for these intrepid searchers. Trouble is, there’s precious little available on this new arrival to the big boobs scene, with everything being locked away safely on her website. Still, persistence paid off and I was at last able to locate a handful of photos, the first several of these being in the classic pin-up style from which the site gets its name…

Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of

Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of

…lovely photos though they may be, I couldn’t help but thinking that Brandy looked a touch artificial, almost as if computer generated. I could just imagine the exchange between two tit technicians as they conceive their new creation:

“Those tall skinny chicks with G-cup breasts certainly seem popular these days. We should build one!”

[calls up the latest version of BoobieShop 3D]

“Ok, but let’s make her a blonde. They’ve already got Jana Defi & Merilyn Sakova in the dark hair market, and that Faith Nelson could surely do with a little competition.”

“Done. What bra size should she be? A 32G like the other three??”

“Nah, give her a 30G – that’ll confuse ’em – not to mention filling a gap in the low end of the band-size spectrum.”

“Done. Presenting our new G-cup goddess, ‘Brandy Robbins’! Her name’s an anagram for ‘darn nobby ribs’. Pretty clever, eh?”

“Heh. Don’t forget ‘bonny bra birds’! Wait, can we give her an impossibly long neck, too?!”

Thus, I was pleased to see some more candid photos as well, proving that Brandy is indeed a real woman…

Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of    Brandy Robbins 30G of

…and, last but not least, I found the following Brandy Robbins video clip, provided as a preview trailer to one of her videos at

Brandy Robbins Video Preview from


45 thoughts on “More of 30G Brandy Robbins”

  1. When I saw her, so slim and stacked, and a blonde, too! (sigh..) I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! She’s got the figure of a goddess! Of course I wouldn’t want to hassle with the jewelry, especially the pierced navel. And then the thought hit me upside the head like a swaying tit! TUBA.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on the subject this weekend. And I had seen what tall women with normal breasts look like, and Brandy doesn’t look like one. Tall, slim women look like this:
    / \
    o o

    where Brandy looks like this:

    So I went back to the website and found this set of before and after pics.
    The woman is 5 foot 9, or 1.75m tall, and had boobs that I would expect a tall, slim woman to have. They’re tall and slim, too. But notice how similar her after photos are in shape and size to Brandy’s boobs, especially the one where Brandy is bending over. The surgeon gave this woman a full two pints in each breast, twice as much as most of the other implants had. But she’s got a taller, larger frame, so those big tits look real good on her. (A U.S. liquid pint is 473.2 ccs.)

    You can go to the photo gallery at this site and peruse the other before and after photos and even some additional pics. Number 06 had a TUBA for hers, that’s where they make the incision at the belly button, so there’s no scars – it’s much more difficult to tell if she’s had implants.

    Anyhow, I’d bet that Brandy has had implants, maybe even a bit bigger (a liter or more) than the ones on #39 on the website. But she really looks fine whatever she has. I’ll have to watch the video to see what her tits look like in motion. That may help to reveal the truth. Not that there’s anything wrong with implants, just that I really would like to know the truth. Don’t we all?

  2. Just by the shape I thought it obvious these were not home grown. Watching the video clip confirmed my initial thought because the natural, supple movement is lacking, instead her breasts exhibit that artifical look of a stiff blob under the skin. This is what I dislike about implants is the absence of those wonderful jiggle motions of nature’s best. Gone is the sway and wobble that is so mesmerizing.

    I’m not sure it is a TUBA though. Enlarging the pictures and looking closely, it appears there is a very faint periareolar line visible.

    I still don’t believe that at 5’9″ she is petite enough to wear a 30″ band.

  3. Brandy Robbins is great! 2006’s version of Penelope Peaks! I don’t care whether she might be enhanced. You have found another winner in the slim, stacked and sophisticated category.

  4. Oh let me tell you that this girl is simple perfect. I think I have just fall in love… Nice body and really really good boobs. Simple gorgeous and busty. I have just recently discovered this girl, where can I find more samples and videos ?!!?!

    Thanks :D

  5. Yeh they look fake to me but they move really well so I dunno. If they are fake it’s about the greatest job ever.

  6. I think they are obviously fake. However, Johnny was correct in saying that they move very well – almost like real ones. If you have ever been with an older woman who’s had an augmentation for a number of years, and maybe even a child, they tend to sag more and have more jiggle and movement. I actually like it because then they really are more like real boobs, rather than a couple of grapefruits underneath their neck!

    Judging by her loose-appearing skin in the abdominal area, I’d say that Brandy has had a child a number of years ago. She’s worked off the post baby baggage very nicely and looks smokin in my opinion. I don’t know if she had the augmentation before or after her pregnancy. I say, who cares? I think she is a very hot, polished model.

  7. Perfection!!!….with some enhancements of course. “We can rebuild her.” No one can be that perfect in nature. What else do we know about Brandi the 6-million dollar babe? Where is she from, where does she live, her height, etc. Can she be the next Danni Ashe. Best of luck to her.

  8. Real or not, I don’t care..she’s the most beautiful, alluring woman I’ve seen yet on this site. A real ‘site for sore eyes’.
    Hubba-hubba {followed by a Bob Hope ‘grrrr’)

  9. Lotsa people jumpin around with the real, fake argument.

    Seriously, who the fuck cares?!?!?

    She’s stunning, she’s got a killer body, and the tits (implanted or natural) are FANTASTIC!

    Bottom line: Incredibly fuckable, and I’d give my soul to experience that total piece just once!

  10. She is so absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. Oh yeah, and her tits are…. damn. I think I’d die a happy man just to have just a taste of her.

    There’s a new vid up at pinupfiles of her in fishnets.

  11. I admire her soo mutch, she is soo beautifull, Probaly the most beautifullst on this planet… damn that figure… omg…. OMFG!! SHE’S SO HOT!!

  12. ehh . . . she aint that hot ! c’mon ! I love big tits, but those nipples are all outta wack ! I’m a certified boobologists guys and them tits aint good enough.

  13. I think she’s stretching the truth a bit on her band size. Her frame size is probably 30 inches, but for band size, one should add 5 for an odd-numbered frame size or 6 for even-numbered one (ending with 36 in this case).

    On top of that, since cup size is figured by subtracting the band size from the bust size, then that means she’s got a smaller cup, which is more likely the case. I’ve seen some G-cups in my time and they were gigantic (definitely bigger than Ms. Robbins). She’s got a bust that reminds me vaguely of Petra Verkaik, who started show-business as a 34DD (more accurate to her real size) and magically ended up as a “37FF” due to marketting fibs.

    Seeing how Petra is about as tall (5′ 8″) and built roughly the same as Brandy (except all natural and a little bit thinner), I would say that Brandy is more likely a 36DD or 36E and definitely has trans-umbilical type implants.

  14. Beautiful woman, certainly has implants, but she’s so gorgeous that I’d never begrude her for it. I thought everyone on this site was supposed to be au natural. But, like I said, she’s too hot to argue about it.

  15. Mr. Unnatural~

    Blimey! I don’t know where folks get the impression that MyBoobSite is only about big natural breasts. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Time and again, I’ve extolled the virtues of a well-done surgically-enhanced pair (especially where tit-fucking is concerned) and really don’t mind if they’re real or fake. Thus, kudos to you for truly appreciating the beauty of Brandy Robbins!

    ~Reese! :~)

  16. The implants gave given Brandy Robbins one of the top shapes online.
    If we see implants from her point of view- it washer decision to make a cosmetic move. Her shape is more voluptuous. And she feels more attractive than before.

  17. Ms.Robbins, you are extremely and naturally beautiful young lady. I don’t know why you are on this type of website? You should be doing Professional modeling or acting! Good Luck and GOD Bless.

  18. For God’s sake I’m gay (but still curious about the human physique in general.. and I’m amazed to read some of this blog with people debating over whether tits are natural or not… Just open your eyes it’s most of the time very easy, you look at a pic (or a lady on the street and son on) and you just know. Like this brandy Robbins… I would never for even a split second think her tits are natural. So what, she created a more sexual figure… she had everything else before, now to top it all she’s got big tits (well-done actually… good surgeon).

  19. very sexy and nice boobs

  20. I’ve got to say…. All of you out there see only the outer shell, and not very accurately I must add(real/altered). Brandy is a true beauty on the inside as well as the obvious. Very intelligent and a ton of fun to be around. You should all be so lucky to have the opportunity to meet this true dynamo!!

  21. Beard55 says:

    You are a gorgeous creation! You have amazing eyes, wonderful legs, and quite a pair–I’m not real picky about real or fake as long as they aren’t hard, and those aren’t in the videos I just viewed. How someone with a face like yours has flown under the radar is a mystery. I’d probably buy anything you would tell me to buy in an ad!! Haven’t heard your voice, but print ads work well, too…and all advertising pays. Brandy, you are premium eye candy!!

  22. i love white bitches,but this is something that makes me want it I want it to fuck, just a black man can do and cum in her

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