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Big thanks to all who commented on my last Jenny Hill blog (including Jenny herself!). I suppose I should also apologise for not crediting the many folks who’d been begging for Jenny since December of last year but, honestly, there were just too many of you! In the end, Jenny told me that it was Studio B who at last prompted her to get in touch with me (thanks, Dave!).

In answer to a couple of the questions you’d posed in your comments: Yes, it just so happens that I am from the American South – Florida, specifically, before I upped roots and moved here to the UK. When I did live there I was always particularly fond of both Hispanic and black women because they invariably seemed to have the biggest boobs (which I suppose is a form of discrimination in and of itself, but in this case against the lesser-endowed Caucasian women). As for asking you some months ago whether you all wanted to see more beautiful black breasts and falling a bit short of the mark, the only excuse that I can offer is that I tend to blog those models who correspond with me and send me pics…of which, at the moment, happens to be an overwhelming majority of white women. But fortunately, as of late, I’ve been able to count Jenny Hill & Ebony-Princess amongst my busty e-mail mates, so hopefully the balance will begin to shift!

And, speaking of Jenny Hill, she just this morning sent me a nice little note along with a lovely packet of photos of her stunning Nubian goddess-ness lying in bed! I have to admit, when previewing the pics, that I could scarcely tear myself away from the second photo below to look at the rest of the series. The sight of the voluptuous Jenny propped up on her pillow with her massive Q-cup breasts hanging heavily down below her imminently cuddly belly with one succulent chocolate nipple appearing enticingly erect had me rigid in my seat (in more ways that one ;~) (and, Jenny, I must admit that the intensely erotic yet teasingly playful look you’re giving drew my amorous attentions even more than your tits!)).

But seeing as Jenny’s almost too gorgeous for words, I might as well just stop now and show you the pics that she sent. Thus, here’s busty black BBW Jenny Hill and her 38Q breasts sharing a bed at

Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from    Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from    Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from

Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from    Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from    Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from

Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from    Busty Black BBW Jenny Hill 38Q from


17 thoughts on “More of 38Q Jenny Hill”

  1. way to go reese !!!! ya caught jenny in bed ,now only if i had a way to tolk jenny into letting me into that bed with her . i likes the idea of chocolate and vanilla together … ok ok enough rambling ,jenny love the pics ,

  2. Finally the Hottest hangers got herself a “shortcut” in the modeldirectory of the best site on the net for titloving guys like myself, or titloving girls ofcourse.
    Ref. Jenny Hills comment about other models having different qualitys. I totally agree, but when it comes to ms. Hill she got ALL the qualitys…
    Except for I would love to see her in boy/ girl action.
    However, when just looking at the few latest blogs on this site..Cherry Brady, Sapphire, Eden Mor…..hmmmm. Thank God for the different sizes and qualitys. And not to mention the “internet”, thank everyone for sharing sexy pictures of hangers like mr. Reese.

    Harald “the titloving viking”

  3. Loove her bod, on the verge of passing out just thinking about those tits. It’s too bad she has her hands over them in the frontal shots. It would be great to just get a clear frontal viewing, some vid clips would be pretty amazing too.

  4. Incredible! I always knew that Jenny Hill has incredibly beautiful tits but I also had here with a bigger belly in my mind. These pictures are awesome.
    I’d wish to see those packages in real life down on the street. How would that be?

    Congrats from Germany

  5. she is a lovely lady too sends me nice emails from time to time
    gorgeous full breasts and a lovely smile
    would love too pour warm babyoil all over her

  6. Great set of pics. I find it incongruous for Jenny to say that she is especially fond of Hispanic and Black women when she refuses to do a video with Miosotis who is both Hispanic and Black. Miosotis would dominate Jenny the same way that Jenny dominated Sammie Black. Jenny knows that her domination of Sammie destroyed Sammie’s modeling career and may be a reason why she avoids a matchup with Miosotis.

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