Nadine Jansen Returns to MyBoobSite

It was just over a year ago when I at long last explained the reason why I can’t feature Nadine Jansen here (and sadly, by virtue of association, those conditions apply to Milena Velba & Miosotis as well). :~( I’ve always been terribly fond of the lovely 38H Nadine and her massive mammary mates, so this pained me greatly – even moreso when I’d receive countless e-mails on the issue (which still persist today, btw).

Sure, there was some old content available on sites like Scoreland

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

…but that’s old news and I wanted to bring you something more recent from this heavenly H-cup angel (and of higher resolution, I might add).

However, I’m pleased to report that the tides are turning! As luck would have it, Nadine Jansen has been voted Score’s Voluptuous Magazine Model of the Year, which consequently means we might be seeing a lot more of her there in the future (in fact, rumour has it that she’ll be featured as the covergirl of their June 2007 edition)!!

The upshot of this is that I’ll get expanded access to Ms. Jansen out of the deal… *mmmm, expanded access to Nadine* …and thus be able to share more of her here on MyBoobSite! :~D Although she’s got a new series coming out on Scoreland tomorrow (May 22nd), I just couldn’t resist passing along the good news as soon as I received it.

So, whilst we watch and we wait impatiently for her new material to arrive, here’s a bit of 38H Nadine Jansen from a photo shoot she did late last year for

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at

Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at    Nadine Jansen 38H at



P.S. I was just putting the final touches on today’s Nadine Jansen blog when the first comment rolled in: Sam was wondering if I could feature the stunning redhead upon whose website Nadine used to appear. Although he couldn’t remember her full name, it was Bettie Balhaus to whom Sam was referring. So, rather than making him (and the rest of you) wait, and seeing I was still in blog editing mode, I decided to append her to today’s post. Here’s Nadine Jansen’s friend Bettie Balhaus at

Bettie Balhaus at

24 thoughts on “Nadine Jansen Returns to MyBoobSite”

  1. Reese,

    Nadine is just lush! Great all rounder! Very pretty!

    BTW Reese, do you think you could feature her friend the ginger beauty I cannot remember her name. I am sure you’ll know who I mean. They used to feature on her website together until she went solo. This will be a blast from the past. Betty something


  2. Hiya Sam~

    It’s Bettie Balhaus of whom you speak. Erm, give me a moment and I’ll add her as a postscript to today’s entry…(see above). ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. Mmmmmm Nadine is super yummy. Beautiful cute face and fantastic boobs… and some sweet hips and ass to boot. :) All around awesome. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her. She’s got a great smile.

  4. I wish Milena were able to be here, she is my fav………..Im over nadine. but i understand the problem you have. Nice work as always Reese.

  5. She kind of has that girl next door look… a girl next door with really, really, big tits. That would be an awesome neighborhood if that were the case. Hope to see more of her in the future.

  6. She must be due to give birth any day now so I wouldn’t expect a huge volume of new material in the next few months (unless Score have a cache of new sets they’ve been saving for a rainy day…which would be nice :) ).

  7. I love busty brunettes and Nadine is one of my all-time favorites. She looks even more stunning now that she’s pregnant! Her breasts have grown even larger and her nipples have turned a lovely shade of brown.

  8. Shes at the 9 month mark now, and i dunno, I liked the pre-pregnancy Nadine much more then how she looks now. Though Sunny made a recent return which is always welcome.

  9. Nadine hasn’t done many photo layouts for her website over the past 8 months whilst she’s been pregnant, so I expect the Score photos are probably a bit dated… which is typical for Score. They had a layout of Eden Mor last August which I would say was at least 2 years old.

    By the way… Nadine has gone from a HH to a J cup whilst pregga’s!

  10. this is great news. nadine jansen is my favourite model of all time and she is looking sizzlingly hot right now in her preggo stage :D

  11. Those photos of Nadine (and I mean the photos below) are old. I’d say 2-3 years old, at least. Another problem with Nadine’s photos on Scoreland is the make-up they give her. She looks much better on photos on her own website.

    And yes, it’s true she should give birth any day now. There have been new photo sets every month of Nadine and her breasts are of course even bigger than before the pregnancy… J-cup or something… :)

    We already know Nadine is the cover girl of the June 2007 Voluptuous (just like we know April McKenzie is the cover girl of July) but I’m sure those pics are old, too. Wonder if she’s been shooting any new stuff with Scoreland since 2003/04…

  12. dreyfuzz~

    Thank you so much for your enlightening editorial. That being the case, I shall vow never to feature Nadine or any of the models mentioned above of whom her webmaster has made to swear an oath of impenetrable exclusivity ever again. It was obviously premature of me to express such hope that she’d made a genuine bid for independence, and I promise to withhold such fanciful dreams in the future…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …I am nonetheless thankful to sites like Scoreland for providing accessible content and galleries to the masses, and not restricting the access to such beauties as Nadine Jansen only to those who are able to pay for the privilege.

  13. Oh Reese please, we can’t give up hope yet, can we? I haven’t seen the June number of Voluptuous so who knows, maybe they do have pics of Nadine that are less than three years old. I just doubt it… but if I’m wrong this time? But we all know that Scoreland is never afraid of publishing old photos, yet calling them “new”. Ask Samantha, Sharday…

    My point is that you can always find a way to feature Nadine here on your site. And please do it, Nadine is such a gem… :)

  14. I have been a long-time fan of Nadine. She is absolutely stunning and presents the perfect case that hardcore is not necessary for the seriously breast-obsessed. Her face and boobs alone do the trick for me.

    As for Scoreland or anyone else publishing older photos, I am not sure that this is something that worries me. That we are not presented with a model’s true-to-life timeline seems a little naive. I just want some well-produced original content.

    With that in mind, the series that Scoreland have just published of Nadine is excellent in my books. It even includes some headshots to emphasise how beautiful she is.

    Having said all that, I agree that the 9-months’ pregnancy pics on her website are wonderful. And the thought that those magnificent boobs will be lactating…

    I’m afraid that I will have to excuse myself now!

  15. Just to remind you that Nadine has been pregnannt lately and should have delivered her babe by now. It would be fine to have some of her pregnancy pics on your blog here.
    Please go on wit your excellent work

  16. It wasn’t my mention to be naive or anything. I simply think Nadine looks (even) better now than she did three years ago. Which means: new photos -> better photos of Nadine. Even before her pregnancy, she had gained some weight just in the right places. And she started shaving her pussy just a few years ago. Of course any photos of Nadine are good – you just can’t go wrong with Nadine, she’s so beautiful.

  17. Although plenty of the stuff on her own site is excellent, IMO the very best photos and vids of Nadine are the ones she did for I don’t know when they date from, but she was at her curviest, and with her hair/makeup done properly she looks absolutely stunning.

    The main problem with the Score photos- and this applies to much of their output, not just Nadine- is that the photos are too contrasty and look unnatural. It’s not a fashion shoot, I want the models to looks like a real, soft, sexy woman.

  18. Score is scientific. Its style is like a science book. All the prospective are considered. This aspect could like or not. But it’s… usefull.

  19. Shame on you Reese, That first set of pics of Nadine are from when she practically started to model band the 2nd set are at least 6 years old too.
    This girl is so genial I know she would have given you a loadof recent pics if you had contacted her for she is that kind of girl…

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