Nicole Peters

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for Nicole Peters. So I visited her website – – and instantly began to wonder why I’d not featured her here before! The all-natural 32J Nicole is an ideal model for MyBoobSite, and her measurements of 42-28-38 make her a true picture of voluptuous beauty (rather than a mere “stick with tits” like Busty Merilyn or Princessa / Maria Swan). In fact, Nicole first unleashed her generous J-cup juggs in the April 2003 issue of Voluptuous Magazine, and, shortly thereafter, she was voted best boobs of the year! Now that I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time on Nicole’s site, it’s easy to see why…

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

Nicole Peters 32J    Nicole Peters 32J

…oh, and did I hear someone say “videos”?! ;~)

Nicole Peters 32J Video - Clip 1    Nicole Peters 32J Video - Clip 2

Nicole Peters 32J Video - Clip 3    Nicole Peters 32J Video - Clip 4


44 thoughts on “Nicole Peters”

  1. nicole peters was my first love in the world of internet and magazine boobs. she is so amazing and such a sweet girl, too. good post!

  2. yes! the close up nipple shot of Nicole looking down at the camera must rank as one of the greatest boob photos of all time—Nicole is in my top ten.


  3. I think we’ll definitely be seeing more of Nicole on MyBoobSite in the future! But, try as I might, I’ve not found anything apart from her work at the Score family of websites.

    As for Nadine Jansen, however, as much as I’d love to feature her and Milena Velba on my blog, I’ve never had a reply to my inquiries to her promoter. :~(

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. I have a movie of her ( it’s about 65 min long ) under the name of “The Best of Nicole Peters” and i didn’t see the Score logo anywhere, that’s why i asked if anyone knew about any other video or website she may be appearing on. I would join her site but here the conversion of money makes it a little expensive…
    Too bad to hear that about Milena and Nadine, they belong here without any doubt!!!

  5. she’s my lil queenie, the big boob princess of all times!!!
    so cute and jubbly….hmmmm…
    i dream of tonguefucking her shaven asshole while fondling and juggling her thick tits :)

  6. Gustave~

    I’ve taken a good look around, but so far haven’t seen her anywhere else. The movie you’ve got there – “The Best of Nicole Peters” – is from Double D Productions. Curiously, Double D was started by John Graham, one of the three original founders of the Score Group, and maintains a very tight connection both with Score and their models. Thus, I’m beginning to get the impression that Nicole is in fact exclusive to Score. Will keep you updated, of course, should I learn more…

    ~Reese! :~)

  7. my favourite ever!!!!!My Love,my girl.I’m fall in love of her!!!I have 60 mb of her.All of her.I love!!!!THANK REESE.

  8. Nicole is so hot but she has been inactive for a while. She left Score over a year ago and has not been seen since. just keeps recycling old material of her. Nicole, please make a comeback as your fans miss you.

  9. …i wanna shake her boobies, squeeze, fondle, hug and jiggle em and slap her sweet nasty ass…
    she’s the most gorgeous juggbabe of all times, please, nicole, cutie, come back!!!

  10. oh boy! what a sweeeeet juicy heavyhanging pair of milkbags she is!!! does anyone know if theres hand signed stuff of hers around…???

  11. i just absolutely adore her!!!
    does anybody know if there is autographs or worn bras and panties of hers around??!!
    yummhhh….. ;)

  12. the only thing this girl is missin’ is the jizz of about two dozen guys to cover those massive lucious beautiful tits. damn, i think i came . . . ;) Damn !

  13. she is soooooo wonderful – i would suck on her socks and eat her panties if i could! LOL – beside chloe vevrier and sharday there arent much beautiful hugebreasted women like that i adore……..or are there?

  14. sie ist einfach anbetungswürdig!

    immer wenn ich ihre prächtigen dicken titten abschlecke und vollsabber, abgrabsche und durchknete und an ihren verwarzden saftigen euterzitzen nuckel, schnurrt sie wie ein kätzchen…

    wenn ich dann in ihre flaumig feuchten schamlippen greife und mit dem finger ihr haariges, rosiges sahne-vötzchen ficke, gurrt sie wie ein täubchen…

    wenn ich mein gesicht in ihre klitschnasse, geschwollene, schlammige, muffelige muschi presse und auslutsche, quiekt sie wie ein meerschweinchen! ;)

    und wenn ich sie dann mit meinem dicken schwanz tief in ihre enge feuchte pötervotze ficke, wobei ihre fetten schlampigen titten wild umher zappeln und plantschend aneinander klatschen, fängt sie tief an zu stöhnen und zu jammern wie eine schmutzige englische hafenhure. :cool:

    ich liebe sie! :D

  15. This beautiful GORGEUOUS girl’s HUMONGOUS luscious fat fleshy KNOCKERS are JUICY and PLUMP like a cow’s UDDER!
    Her FUZZY meaty creamy SNATCH must smell FISHY like a cow’s CUNT and taste like sweet CHEESE!

    for sure this foxy British young SLUT is the cutest BIGBOOBIE BIMBOBUNNY ever so far! :)

  16. this is the sweetest little weenie with the biggest pair of thick, succulent, heavy hanging tits that i have ever seen! simply amazing!!!

    does she also hardcore?

  17. Mon Dieu! quelles grosses mamelles magnifiques!!!
    Cette putain va meugler comme une vache si je la baise dans sa manchon mouillé et suce de lait de ses lourdes poitrines juteuses!

    Nicole, je t’aime!

  18. FRENCH KISS on Nicole Peters german style:

    i’d press my mouth into her yawning rosy snatch and lick it good, then give her a long FRENCH KISS, smearing her lips and face with my slobberish mouth….then again wallow wild in her sweet luscious twat, deep slurping and licking it out, and again give her a soaky FRENCH KISS on her aroused wet lips, petting her lustful tongue, letting the juices drip into her mouth… and then again sink my face into her soggy fishy pussy and again give her a fat sloppy FRENCH KISS on her filthy spittle- and pussy-juice-covered lips and face….and repeat the procedure several times – until her mouth finally smells as delicious as her sopping wet swollen snatch…then i’ll do the same on her uDDerly large cuddly tits…and then her butt….and then….i start it all again from the start….some hours later i will have no more ink at all in my dick after hours of pleasing, sucking and schmatzing that sweet gorgeous little boob-goddess… ;-)


  19. She has very cute eyes and yes her legs are beautiful :)
    She has beautiful honest smile and her body is soo nice :)

    May the good spirits protect her :)

  20. The first time I saw Nicole I thought I was in heaven. She was my first internet love and she made my adolesent years wonderful. My heart still holds a place for her and to this day I still cannot get enough of her. She is the most beautiful big breasted woman ever!!!

    I love you Nicole…

  21. Nicole’s marvelously large nippled tit bags literally cry out to be jacked for! I have pumped penis and spent my sperm for her delicious mams a dozen, dozen times and NEVER tire of stroking and cumming for her!

  22. Bet on the fact that if she liked you – she’d get after it fast. First, setting you down and bending over and taking your boing! hqrd-on into her mout, gently stroking the shaft up and down…up and down…taking more of you into her mouth…rolling her eyes to get a rise out of you and then just some serious vacuum action – sucking like a silly sweetie on your dong until just the right moment when she holds your dong aloft and sprays herself with your get ready baby! volcano of cum all over her face, neck, arms, and those super-nutty jugs. She knows how to use that hose like nobody else.

  23. GOT to blow my load those magnificant tits…shooting, shooting…..what a mess of cum on my jeans, my hand…

  24. Thank you, Nicole…it’s too much. I’m pumping my cock to your fantastic tits right now.You fill the screen and I start to spray everywhere. And then I start again, again and again. It feels too good jackin to your tits… Oh, Nicole…I can’t stop…

  25. I agree with evets and with bigbooblover, there are several beautiful women in the world but Nicole is the most beautiful and the most exciting. I just don’t tire of looking at her photos — her films are not so good, because they were done by wankers — saving them, contemplating them and cumming to them. She is so wonderful I convinced my wife to let her in to our bed! She is my inspiration to remove my wife’s panties and go on top. With photos of Nicole in front of me and Nicole on my mind, what sex could even come close?!

  26. I believe that Nicole has given up modelling, I haven’t seen anything new
    from her for a couple of years. I joined her website but was very disappointed because of lack of new material. Pity that the Score Group have got her exclusively. Anyone out there found any new stuff?

  27. The most beautiful & perfect woman in human history.
    To bad Michelangelo is not still alive so he can make a
    statue of “Natalie” aka Nicole Peters and we could put it
    some somewhere in Italy with all the other fine art.
    God bless her.

  28. i love nicole peters i like to meet someday i like her to e-mail me [mod edit: No personal contact details, please.]

  29. i love her big tits and hairy pussy i wish i had her in my arms tonight in my holding in my arms and fucking her pussy

  30. I would do anything for this White woman. I love White women and Nicole’s tits are absolutely miraculous. I would empty everything in my balls inside of everyone of her holes.

    More White women please!

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