No, these are the biggest breasts on the ‘net…

Well, dear readers, today finds me totally re-thinking my concept of big tits. I blame this crisis wholly upon the luscious Liana of LushBoobs. A legitimate 38MM – and, yes, I’ve seen close-ups of her bras on the site to verify this – she’s definitely captured MyBoobSite’s award for the most massive natural mammaries available on-line.

Now, although I’m quite content immersing myself in Liana’s magnificent breasts, her perfectly voluptuous body and captivating smile, I do have one complaint: She never seems to show her lovely face in its entirety. That said, she’s got plenty of “guest breast” models on her site who do (but, alas, none of them quite measure up to webmistress Liana – the closest contender being a mere 38KK!). And, for the antique collectors among you, Liana’s site also hosts a 150 year retrospective of curvy erotica. Honestly, though, it’s worth joining her site just for the phenomenal tube top video!!

However can I go on blogging, now that I’ve found the definitive Holy Grail of big boobs?! My work here is done. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be making my way back to

Liana 38MM from    Liana 38MM from

Liana 38MM from    Liana 38MM from

Liana 38MM from    Liana 38MM from


36 thoughts on “No, these are the biggest breasts on the ‘net…”

  1. I’ve seen LushBoobs, and I agree that she’s really big. But I’ve read in your blog about, so I figured that you should have already seen the enormous breasts that Karola has. I saw her weigh them and the scale read 4.5 kg. which is 10 pounds! So those heavy hangers are a lot bigger than LushBoobs, in my opinion. Maybe you could do a writeup and get LushBoobs to weigh hers. Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Lushboobs is really a phenomenon in the boob size, but to say the truth, she is not my cup of coffee. The best feminine figure I’ve ever seen was the Milena Velba’s one. She is quite slim and so incredibly stacked…she wears 80J bra and her breast measurement is 122cm! I”ve seen her video on that she was weighting her breasts with the result of 5.5 kg!!

  3. Another vote for Milena Velba. Only once in a lifetime do you see a girl of such awesome proportions. She has it all. Great size and shape, large nipples, and the milking dvd of hers has to be seen to be believed. She is also very attractive.

  4. I have a question for you, I’m very interested in your very sexy body, yet I don’t know you and would you, as hot as you are, like to just go out on a simple date? Just a nice, friendly, happy date so I can walk around with a beautiful woman wrapped around my arms.

  5. At the present time,the first natural big boobs woman is Milena Velba
    with 122 Cm measurement and each boobs weight 5,5 Kg both 11 Kg 100 % natural.
    Maxi Mounds with her implants has the biggest tits all category in the world.


  7. Liana AND Milena are BOTH simply F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Their tits seem to be of comparable size, but – I repeat- they are EQUALLY out of this world!!!!!!!

    Dino, an admirer of both

  8. Again a note and a plea, if I may, to Liana: I would very much like to see you posed with a -say- C cup woman. I think it would be super-sexy!


  9. Can I just say wow and how would you ever get to see or touch such wonderful orbes!
    This site is fantastic the best site i know for real breasts lovers and above all natural breasts.
    please let me know if you ever arrange any trips with boobs involved!

  10. Surely the largest boobs are those of Norma Stitz. She has been recognised by Guiness records and is larger than anyone that you have shown. I guess that a lot of us would like the job of being the Guiness referee.

    Congratulations on the best big boob site – no exceptions. Your tireless efforts are appreciated. Keep it up (so to speak).

  11. First off Norma Stitz has NOT been recognized by Guinness for her big breasts.They have NO such category.And personally I think Melina Velba is the most fantastic big tit model of all time.She is just simply in a class by herself!

  12. For a trun genuine connoisseur of only the very biggest and finest natural boobs! My opinion is that although Milena’s boobs are a nice size in proportion to her smaller body and I might add I sure luv how they lactate which is bonus for any big boob luver!

    But she is not in the quite in the BIG league like Norma Stitz, Karola etc! They are real true wonders and the bigger and heavier they are the more they sag MMM.

    For eg If you had Milena stand next to Norma or Karola you would instantly see Melba’s boobs look only like a pair of perky DD’s in comparioson to Norma’s massive mammaries or Karola ultra saggies :P Mmm Go you super sized ultra saggy massive mega milk makin mammaries cow girls of the world Yum…and Yeeeeehar :) LOL

  13. the biggest is KOBERTI and TINAKK at TOP HEAVY in the potentiel model … take a look ! its enormous and real no strange photos to advantage is breast ( like maxi and eden and to many others … ) TAKE A NORMAL ( REAL ) LOOK !… Rick

  14. I think we all know the difference here………a slim trim good looking woman like Melina Velba compared to a woman like Karola or Norma…..while it is true that Karola or Norma may have bigger breasts than Melina we all know that Meliana is the hotter woman because even tho her breats are slightly smaller they are actually larger when you figure in breast size in relation to body weight.Even tho I like huge breasts they arent the whole woman….and Ill take a Melina Velba or Nadine Jansen anyday over a bigger busted but sloppy looking and grossly over weight Norma or Karola.And speaking of Nadine has anyone seen her pregnant pics?WOW!!! Titties bigger than ever and her areolas are dark dark chocolate colored!WOW!

  15. You guys are all wrong, Milena Velva is not the biggest at all, and she’s not tiny no big breast woman is tiny they’re all fat. And Milena Velva has no ass, the tiniest and smalles ugly ass i’ve ever seen. Her breasts are ok, really big and natural but… Miosotis is cleary the biggest, there are complete photosets with Miosotis comparing her breasts against Milena Velba and Nadine Jansen both are killed by this black girl if we talk about SIZE. I would say regarding size, Miosotis 1st place, Milena and Eden 2nd. And cute girls, Ines Cudna will be the one, Faith (inbedwithfaith) 2nd.

    Misiotis vs Milena Velba, see for yourselves:

    And sure there will be bigger girls we dont know but there’s serious back problems when charging such big boobs during several yrs and most of them have to do a breast surgery in order to get smaller and lighter boobs to carry

  16. i love u, u r such a sexest, hot and beautiful woman. i love to see u in great motions. alaaaas it were posibal to see u, meet with u and ……….. so on. love u baby.

  17. Regarding models not showing faces,the Topheavy site has a number of such and I, for one, am not in the slightest bothered; as is well known in pubbing/clubbing circles (which I requented in long-lost days) “You don’t f**k the face!

  18. i acknowledged with thanks, please this very site is the very best of all site. my question is , how do i marry of your anglic models? less i forget , i my name is Thompson Abasika, a nigerian, and i based in nigeria. i sincerly love biggest boobs to marry and to enjoy it the way i wanted,
    please i look forward to hearing from you, soonest what ever contrbution i will redeem it for the progress of this very site and the your anglic models.
    kind regards,
    Thompson Abasika

  19. Hi Thompson, I’m based in Nigeria too and think we have a lot in common. Are you in lagos? I can contact you and we can exchange links. Let me know.

  20. I think that sometimes obesity is mistaken for naturally large boobs. If a woman was to slim to her optimal weight I am sure she would find that her boobs are no longer of such gigantic proportions. I EXCEPT obviously naturaly large breasted women like Liana whose proportions are perfect and in keeping with her optimal weight. Slightly aside; I am a lover of breasts and as far as I am concerned the truly big breast is composed predominantly of glandular tissue. I have squeezed the breasts of enough girl friends over the years to be able to tell whether they are mostly glandular or mostly fat.

  21. Liana is so amazing! Such an excellent body. Huge natural breasts as people will notice, but a good figure as well. So she is 38 inches in the chest, but a respectable 58 inches in the hips/ass. If these are true, that means that her hips/ass is 1.5 times the size of her chest. Now that is a good figure. I seen some videos of her from a few years ago and she has a really attractive body. That pear shape is very appealing, the big round belly, and those huge natural breasts are addictive!

  22. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely comments and interesting perspectives! Addict – My 38″ bust measurement that you mention is UNDERBUST – the full measurement is an additional 14″ bigger including my breasts so.. 52″ is my bust measurement, depending on the week. 52-38-55 – i just measured. In a bra with bigger cups that fit properly, probably a 54 or 55″ around the bust – hard to say in this bra.. so there you have it!! If anyone is looking to enjoy a Private Cam show with me, where I can model my huge nursing cup bras and tiny overspill bras -please email or Skype or Yahoo instant message me at Liana38MM xo thanks!!

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