Sha Rizel 32H

For about a week or so now, PinUpFiles has been playing the big tits tease by posting this erotic nude image of huge boobs from behind on their new slim and stacked massive mammaries mystery model…

Sha Rizel 32h at

…well, leave it to them to wait until the end of the world to get this sexy ass and sideboobs naked hottie with a perfect hourglass figure (if said hourglass had H-cup breasts, that is) to turn around and reveal her busty full frontal nude glory! So Happy Solstice, everybody, with all our very breast wishes for a Merry Mammary Christmas to come as we welcome the sensually stunning 32H Sha Rizel from

Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at

Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at

Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at

Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at

Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at    Sha Rizel 32h at

(note: full-size photos available for download at the site are 3000×2000 resulution)



30 thoughts on “Sha Rizel 32H”

  1. This annoys me to no end. She clearly has a great shape and fantastic boobs. So why all the trickery with the camera lenses? Look at the size of her hands in the 6th pic! The size of her boobs varies widely between different poses based upon the lens or maybe even after effects. She probably has great assets, but I just can’t appreciate any of it due to the lying.

  2. Doesn’t look like the body and head match to me. Any chance they are grafting 2 or 3 girls together to make one “perfect”. Sure looks photoshop to me.

  3. Regardless of the lens used, this girl certainly has one of the most spectacular body that I’ve ever seen. Absolutely oustanding curves from every angle.

  4. Awesome, UNBelievable, almost too good to be true, but I bet she is 100% all natural! And her face is at the same time far prettier and far more attractive than Leanne Crow’s… of the obviously fake boobs and plastic smiles.

  5. Spot on, Srsly! I can’t stand the camera trickery. She clearly has an awesome body – why ruin what God gave her with “special effects?”

  6. Oh.My.F’king.God Reese.. She is absolute total body perfection. Exquisite shape and gorgeous massive big boobs. Will have to keep an eye on her…

  7. Yeah I really wish pinupfiles would lay off the wide angle lenses. So many of their models are awesome, but I’d rather appreciate them with realistic shots than with those distorted waist-level wide-angle shots that make their heads look tiny and their boobs twice the size of their heads.

  8. very impressive and just the sort of build that i really preffer,, looks a little like shione cooper in the face but im gonna be honest im not sure if those titties are real of fake?? not gonna complain either way but anyone know more about her???

  9. Hot damn! Skinny girl with big boobs and ass and pretty face. This makes christmas and probably end of the year as well!

  10. Leanne is 100% fake, and she has said so on the web, she did it to try to look like some comic book heroine in the hopes of making a movie.

    Not that her fake boobs are not utterly unconvincing and ridiculously shaped, violating all laws of gravity etc.

  11. Leanne is totally fake in my book. She is similar to Julia Miles, it means that she already had some boobage and then got them enhanced. I guess it’s pretty obvious to the looker.

  12. What “srsly” said. I’m really fed up with bubble/wide angle lenses and photoshopping. The girls look fine on their own!

  13. You guys always find a way to foul up a debut …this girl is automatic amazing we should be so lucky to see such beauty but to see her in full nude!! Thank pinupfiles for the effort no other site has fearured this fox. Can’t wait to see her movies. Btw thanks reese and or vix for the awesome post and pics

  14. @goldenking,, no ones fouling up any debate were just making it even more interesting… how boring if we didnt challenge opinion..

  15. @goldenking – we’re not fouling up anything. We’re not ragging on the girl, we’re upset that pinupfiles feels the need to photoshop and distort what is already beautiful.

  16. Another pin up file massacare. As if screwing up September Carrinos photos wasnt enough. Such horrible photoshoping. On one of the photos her nipples and hands look bigger than her head. Thanks pin up files!!!!

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