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Off and on throughout the coming month, I shall be occasionally featuring busty models who also do live videochat on webcam as a sideline. Why will I be doing this? Well, quite frankly, their cam chat hosting company – ImLive – is paying me exorbitant sums of money to do so, which will in turn go a long way in helping to fund some of the other exciting big boobs projects I’m working on at the moment (and, besides, I love the models involved)! ;~)

Our first pair of big tits porn star chat hosts are the ever-popular Samantha38G & busty BBW Shugar. While Samantha Anderson has been a regular on MyBoobSite nearly since its inception and even posts comments every now and again, the only time 40JJ Shugar has appeared here was briefly in passing a year ago when I took my first Boob Site Holiday. Thus, what better way to get Shugar formally recognised as a genuine feature model for my blog that to team her up with the familiar face (and breasts) of sexy Samantha 38G from – you guessed it –!

Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at    Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at    Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at

Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at    Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at    Samantha 38G & BBW Shugar at



But on to the webcam bit: In addition to her appearances as a BBW big boobs model on sites like Sam’s & Plumper Pass, Shugar and her JJ-cup breasts are also known to make regular appearances on webcam to chat with her fans under the host name of “Texas Shugar“!

So whyever would this established veteran of nine professional and over 200 amateur porn movies as well as numerous magazine shoots venture into the world of webcams? For the money, of course, as Shugar shamelessly admits on her profile page (and, for the record, ImLive is wont to shower their top cam girls with luxurious gifts like Dior sunglasses, Gucci bags, Versace dinner sets & iPods in addition to the money). Thus, it’s a great way for a model to supplement their income!

Ah, but what point would there be if she didn’t enjoy it? Well, the fact that Shugar has already earned herself a hallowed Hall of Fame award from her chat fans just goes to prove that she does! But don’t take my word for it – go have a chat with Shugar and you can see for yourself. Here are a couple of photos from Shugar’s fan site at ImLive:

Busty blonde BBW Shugar live on webcam at    Busty blonde BBW Shugar live on webcam at


Busty blonde BBW Shugar live on webcam at

Likewise for the lovely Samantha38G, who’s been getting into the webcam chat craze so much with her fans that she recently posted the following entry in the blog on her website

Sam wrote:

“I am such an EXhibitionist

“As I get older coming more and more out of my shell…..LOL

“Used to hide my toys and such, even though I am in porn from my boyfriends and stuff. Never would masterbate in front of them. (yes, I am weird)

“Now discovered that I love being watched while I masturbate. And love watching in return. Such a turn on. I am such a SLUT…….”

…good for you, Sam!! :~D It’s great to see that you’re enjoying your webcam work as much as we enjoy watching you! And, speaking of watching, it’s well worth a visit to Sam’s ImLive fan site just to see the free preview clip in her Video Library and listen to that sexy Southern drawl which hearkens back to the seductive, horny heroines of a Tennessee Williams play. ;~)

Here are a couple of studio shots from her Samantha38G site on ImLive:

Sexy Samantha 38G live on webcam at    Sexy Samantha 38G live on webcam at


Sexy Samantha 38G live on webcam at

(more big boobs cams from ImLive)


13 thoughts on “Shugar & Sam chat live on cam…”

  1. Wait till you see what’s coming up next featuring both Shugar and Sam
    Lots of good big tit action coming your way soon

  2. Samantha looks great with those hair extensions in the pictorial with Sugar! She’s cute with it short, but she looks gorgeous with long hair. I guess if she poses for pics with extensions or wigs we could have the best of both Samanthas!

  3. I love Samantha. She is absolutely gorgeous. And as for her 38G jewels, the superlatives escape me to even begin to describe how perfect they are!

  4. I actually talked to Sam last week. She was great. She’s so nice, personable, and gave me a hell of a virtual titfuck.


  5. Awwwwww, what a bunch of sweeties ya’ll are. I have a great time doing the live cams shows.
    Can’t put up a schedule because not at home and shooting more hot content for my site. But will try to go on for an hour or so on days I don’t shoot.


  6. sam is the beautiful lady of the world I see your’s big juggs and my cock is hard and harder in my pant then……………u know what happend sam i love u and wanna enter my long bar cock in your boobs and your mouth if i can this i m the greatest man of the world i wanna chat with u

  7. sam u read my comments plz give me answer plz…………………i m thinging every time in your boobs and porn and ass how i fuck u ****my every masturbation is about u …………i fuck u in bath tub some time in jungle some time ripe u i m confused because u possessed my mind with your greast boobs do u have some treatment for me Dr samanatha

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